For all services, please visit my shop This Crooked Crown. Please read my policies as they explain a great deal in addition to the following FAQ.


Is this your job?


Will do a reading or cast a spell for me? 

You can purchase a reading online here. You can contact me for a spell or other arrangements.

ALL requests will be considered. I have the right to refuse a request at any given time.

Do you do parties?

Yes. Contact me to make arrangements.

Do you have a newsletter?



Find out what meet ups, road trips, and events I’ll be at. Or what holidays, festivals, or days of honor I’m participating in.

General Event Rules: 

  • Absolutely no harassment of any kind will be tolerated.
  • Please refrain from taking person photos without everyone’s permission. Same goes for giving out someone’s personal information.
  • Clean up. We should leave the area as neat as we found it.