Sustainability Report

This Crooked Crown is heavily conscious of environmental sustainability and endeavors to recycle or offer sustainable materials with my products. I also want to be completely open about where I are when it comes to sustainability.

Last updated 06/25/2017

Herbs – Most herbs are grown, wildcrafted, or purchased from organic producers. I try for local sources first and foremost.

Beeswax – Purchased from an organic apiary in the Pacific Northwest. Currently seeking local producers.

Containers + Jars – Purchased new for sanitation reasons. All jars and containers can be washed and re-used by you.

Personal Order Note / Cards – 100% up-cycled. All notepads are given to me from various people and organizations.

Business Cards – Actively seeking a 100% sustainable alternative. Expected changeover to occur in 2017.

Product Labels – Comes from a printer. Actively looking for alternatives.

Boxes + Mailers – 50% up-cycled. Boxes are all up-cycled but the mailers are purchased new. Looking for an alternative. Expected changeover in 2017.

Tissue Paper + Thread – Bought new. Can be reused by you. Looking for alternative or sustainable sources. Expected changeover in 2017.

Packaging Material – 100% up-cycled. Products are often packaged in kraft paper. I save all packaging materials such as shipping peanuts or bubble wrap from my own shipments and re-purpose them for your orders.

Printer Paper + Shipping Labels – 100% sugar cane paper. I recently switched to emailing PDFs for salves in order to really save the trees.

Packaging Tape – Actively seeking sustainable sources. Expected changeover in 2018-2019.

Electricity Consumption – High. If things go well, I expect to lower electricity consumption by as much as 75% by 2020 by using alternative energy sources within the next 5 years.

Carbon Footprint – Low. Packages are picked up at the same time the local post is delivered or dropped off while running errands.

Have a question about This Crooked Crown sustainability? Let me know by dropping me an email or commenting on social media.