Healing Spells

Healing spells are some of the oldest and most common spells in history. Healing spells should always be combined with proper medical treatment!


7 Ways to Conquer Soul Tiredness –  Several different ways to overcome that lethargic restlessness that comes when your soul is tired and no amount of sleep can help.

Begin Again (Spell Saturday #28) – A spell and ritual that gives you a fresh, new start. We all need to hit the reset button sometimes.

The Dark Moon’s Invitation (Spell Saturday #43) – A new moon spell to increase more of what you want in your life. An all purpose spell.

Dealing with Spirit Induced Trauma and Injuries – A discussion on what to do when dealing with injuries and trauma caused by aggressive spirits and how to avoid such wounds.

Enchanting Your Weight Loss – Some magical tips and spells to help you reach your fitness goals.

Mental Reorganization – Shadow Work? – A discussion on mind palaces, shadow work, and self introspection.

A Petition Ritual For the New Year (Spell Saturday #39) – An all purpose spell that petitions the elements to bring your desires to fruition in the new year.

Shadow Work: How to Love All Of Yourself – A discussion on shadow work and learning to love yourself.

Wishing Stone (Spell Saturday #40) – A simple crystal spell to manifest long-term goals, dreams, and wishes.