Household Spells

These are spells designed to help out at home and with family matters.


Attract Affection and Romance Jar Spell (Spell Saturday #16) – A spell jar for attraction romance, friendship, and affection into your life.

The Awakening Spring Ritual – A ritual to encourage and celebrate spring.

Bewitch Your Holiday Shopping (tumblr repost) – A list of witchy tips to magically upgrade your holiday shopping.

Blessing & Ensorcelling Your Plants – Magical and mundane gardening tips for making sure that you can sow plants to the best of your ability.

Burn Those Winter Blues (Spell Saturday #48) – A spell to give you a boost during low energy times and change your overall mood.

The Dark Moon’s Invitation (Spell Saturday #43) – A new moon spell to increase more of what you want in your life. An all purpose spell.

Foundations of a Happy Home (Spell Saturday #37) – A spell to place at the foundations of your home to bring blessings and happiness.

Friendship Knot Spell (Spell Saturday #45) – A knot spell to bring more friends into your life.

Grace Under Fire Charm (Spell Saturday #31) – A spell version of the Grace Under Fire Potion.

Grace Under Fire Potion – A potion to help keep your cool during times of vexation and confrontation. Great for public speaking, Q&A sessions, interviews, and the like.

Happy Home Jar Spell (Spell Saturday #10) – A jar spell to keep the peace and bring happiness and unity to a household. Great for the holiday season.

Home Construction, Witchcraft, and You – Helpful tips on how to survive and adapt your witchcraft and life around a construction project or home renovation.

Home’s Energy Dedication Spell (Spell Saturday #54) – A spell to dedicate your home’s energy to a particular emotion or atmosphere, such as happiness or peace.

How to Adapt Your Sacred Offerings For Every Season – Tips and suggestions for adapting your offerings to spirits, deities, gods, faeries, or anyone else for all seasons

How to Make A Poppet House – A way to create a poppet house.

How to Shovel Snow & Other Snow-Related Tips – Mostly mundane tips to deal with snow but there are some witchy tips too.

How to Witchify and Clean Out Your Closet at the Same Time – Tips for to make your closets cleaner and more magical.

I Want to Go There Spell (Spell Saturday #41)  – A spell to create opportunities to travel to a specific destination or event.

Item Summoning (Spell Saturday #11) (tumblr repost) – A simple summoning spell that can be used for lost items or to bring new items into your life.

Personal Party Boost Spell (Spell Saturday #23) – Ever go to an event that you don’t want to go to? Ever have to attend a party that’s going to suck and you know you’ll feel awkward at? Or join a conference for work only to realize that it’s boring? This is the spell to ensure you have a good time on your terms.

A Petition Ritual For the New Year (Spell Saturday #39) – An all purpose spell that petitions the elements to bring your desires to fruition in the new year.

Sand Trap Spell [adapted] (Spell Saturday #9) – A jar spell that can be used to “trap” energy. Adapted extensively from Scott Cunningham.

Silence That Tongue (Spell Saturday #12) – An easy enchantment that can be done anywhere and can be used to silence that vile person speaking.

Starter Plants for a Witchy Garden – A selection of plants for your beginner witchy garden and why you might want to include them.

Study Buddy Spell (Spell Saturday #58) – A spell to find a study buddy for classes, lab, school, or even a personal research project.

Think of Me (Spell Saturday #44) – A spell to have someone think of you, whether a friend, lover, or anyone else.

Wish Bringer, Bring Me A Wish (Spell Saturday #47) – An all-purpose spell for wishes and dreams.

Wishing Stone (Spell Saturday #40) – A simple crystal spell to manifest long-term goals, dreams, and wishes.

Witchcraft Checklist – A checklist for witches and magical practitioners to make sure you’re ready for the new year.

Yule Candle (Spell Saturday #38) – The step by step creation of a yule candle, perfect for any kind of winter holiday tradition.