This Crooked Crown started as a small but scrappy blog with a teeny tiny shop and is steadily growing beyond all hopes and dreams. Writing and social media – and witchcraft! – is a major focus here. Connecting my audience to products and companies that really get them is important. I want to support companies I believe in, especially independent artists, authors, and creators!

If you’re a divination deck creator, new age-y book author, mystical shop owner, witchy brand, paranormal con planner, or fellow tarot card reader, we might be able to work together!



I’m available for guest posts, product and book reviews reviews, shop reviews, sponsored posts, interviews, podcasts, workshops, and guest speaking.


All affiliated or sponsored posts will be disclosed within the text of the post and within tags. I believe in absolute transparency with my readers! I don’t work for exposure and will not review products or brands that I do not believe in.

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