Personal & Beauty Spells

This collection of spells is geared towards you. Spells for beauty, confidence, charm, eloquence, and wit can all be found here.


7 Ways to Conquer Soul Tiredness –  Several different ways to overcome that lethargic restlessness that comes when your soul is tired and no amount of sleep can help.

A Spell for Courage And Wonders (Spell Saturday #33) – Inspired by The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland On A Ship of Her Own Making, this spell is great for people who are starting new ventures and want some courage and wonders along the way.

Be Brave (Spell Saturday #24) – An elemental spell to gather courage and strength.

Begin Again (Spell Saturday #28) – A spell and ritual that gives you a fresh, new start. We all need to hit the reset button sometimes.

Charm for Victory (Spell Saturday #20) – A simple herbal-based charm to bring you victory.

The Dark Moon’s Invitation (Spell Saturday #43) – A new moon spell to increase more of what you want in your life. An all purpose spell.

Enchanting Your Weight Loss – Some magical tips and spells to help you reach your fitness goals.

Everyday Meditation for People Who Can’t Stay Still – A simple stretching and meditation technique for people who have restless minds or restless bodies.

Invisibility Glamour Spell (Spell Saturday #22) – Sometimes you just need to not be seen by people. A glamour’s the solution for a little invisibility.

Friendship Knot Spell (Spell Saturday #45) – A knot spell to bring more friends into your life.

Grace Under Fire Charm (Spell Saturday #31) – A spell version of the Grace Under Fire Potion.

Grace Under Fire Potion – A potion to help keep your cool during times of vexation and confrontation. Great for public speaking, Q&A sessions, interviews, and the like.

Know What You’ve Done (Spell Saturday #27) – A spell bordering on a curse so someone knows the reality of what they’ve done.

Personal Party Boost Spell (Spell Saturday #23) – Ever go to an event that you don’t want to go to? Ever have to attend a party that’s going to suck and you know you’ll feel awkward at? Or join a conference for work only to realize that it’s boring? This is the spell to ensure you have a good time on your terms.

Scrying Spell for Inspiration (Spell Saturday #32) – A spell for inspiration using a crystal scrying technique.

Shadow Work: How to Love All Of Yourself – A discussion on shadow work and learning to love yourself.

Spell to Study Harder (Spell Saturday #25) – Studying can be hard. This should make it a little easier.

Tarot Emulation Attraction Spell – Ever look at a tarot card and think “I wish I could be like this card?” Here’s how you can make that happen with a glamour spell.

Think of Me (Spell Saturday #44) – A spell to have someone think of you, whether a friend, lover, or anyone else.

Wishing Stone (Spell Saturday #40) – A simple crystal spell to manifest long-term goals, dreams, and wishes.