Protection Spells

Protection and safety is one of the essential needs of all living creatures from plants to human beings. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Look for protection correspondences? Go here.


3 Tests to Strengthen Your Protection Spells – Worried if your protection spells are strong enough? Here’s a few methods to figure that out.

Alarm Spell (Spell Saturday #53) – A protection and warning spell used when you need to be alerted to something.

Anti-Nightmare Workings, Spells, and Cures (repost) (Spell Saturday #3) – A collection of spells and charms to get rid of and avoid nightmares.

Charm for Victory (Spell Saturday #20) – A simple herbal-based charm to bring you victory.

The Curse & Blessing of the Sun (Spell Saturday #49) – A spell that can be used as a curse or as a blessing, using the power of the sun.

The Dark Moon’s Invitation (Spell Saturday #43) – A new moon spell to increase more of what you want in your life. An all purpose spell.

Fire Guardian (Spell Saturday #21) – A spell to create a fire guardian servitor and magical construct. Can also be used to meet a fire-based spirit guide.

How to Make A Poppet House – A way to create a poppet house.

Invisibility Glamour Spell (Spell Saturday #22) – Sometimes you just need to not be seen by people. A glamour’s the solution for a little invisibility.

A Petition Ritual For the New Year (Spell Saturday #39) – An all purpose spell that petitions the elements to bring your desires to fruition in the new year.

Protection from Spirit Spell (Spell Saturday #29)  – A simple, low-key protection spell from spirits.

Protection Wreaths (Spell Saturday #2) – A how to and discussion of using wreaths as protection spells.

Safety in Love Spell (Spell Saturday #15) – A spell to protect against love spells cast upon you and other dangers one encounters during dating and nights out on the town.

Still Waters Protection Spell (Spell Saturday #34) – A solemn protection spell invoking the blessing of a water spirit.

Wish Bringer, Bring Me A Wish (Spell Saturday #47) – An all-purpose spell for wishes and dreams.

Wishing Stone (Spell Saturday #40) – A simple crystal spell to manifest long-term goals, dreams, and wishes.

You Hold No Power Over Me (Spell Saturday #52) – A spell to protect against and disperse illusions and glamours.

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