Spell Saturdays

Established back in August 2015, Spell Saturdays is a weekly spell published here at This Crooked Crown. Spells are usually original creations of This Crooked Crown but sometimes they are sourced adaptations from spell books.

Last updated: June 8th, 2017


Candle Spell (7) Money Growth (Spell Saturday #1) – To grow your money and reach a monetary goal using basil.

Protection Wreaths (Spell Saturday #2) – A how to and discussion of using wreaths as protection spells.

Anti-Nightmare Workings, Spells, and Cures (repost) (Spell Saturday #3) – A collection of spells and charms to get rid of and avoid nightmares.

Basil, King of Herbs, Continuous Money Spell (Spell Saturday #4) – A gardening spell that can be used to boost your financial growth for the length of the plant’s life.

Break That Luck Candle Spell [tumblr repost] (Spell Saturday #5) – A candle spell that can be used to break bad luck cycles and encourage new good luck.

Lirenne’s Hex (tumblr repost) (Spell Saturday #6) – Inspired by a hex presented in Dragon Age: Asunder, Lirenne’s hex is a great all purpose curse for those who have failed to uphold their end of the bargain or to do their job.

Vanish Spell (Spell Saturday #7) – A candle spell to remove something from your life and send it into the world. Requires a bit of set up.

Good Luck Knot Spell (tumblr repost) (Spell Saturday #8) – A simple knot spell that can be used anywhere to increase your luck.

Sand Trap Spell [adapted] (Spell Saturday #9) – A jar spell that can be used to “trap” energy. Adapted extensively from Scott Cunningham.

Happy Home Jar Spell (Spell Saturday #10) – A jar spell to keep the peace and bring happiness and unity to a household. Great for the holiday season.

Item Summoning (Spell Saturday #11) (tumblr repost) – A simple summoning spell that can be used for lost items or to bring new items into your life.

Silence That Tongue (Spell Saturday #12) – An easy enchantment that can be done anywhere and can be used to silence that vile person speaking.

A Spell for Revenge (tumblr repost) (Spell Saturday #13) – A simple candle spell to give the people that have wronged you a taste of their own medicine.

Crown’s “Fuck All the Things!” Cleansing and Banishment [tumblr repost] (Spell Saturday #14) – Two spell variations used for cleansing and banishing both spirits and humans.

Safety in Love Spell (Spell Saturday #15) – A spell to protect against love spells cast upon you and other dangers one encounters during dating and nights out on the town.

Attract Affection and Romance Jar Spell (Spell Saturday #16) – A spell jar for attraction romance, friendship, and affection into your life.

Money Spell via Spirits (Spell Saturday #17) – A spell to ask spirits of the local crossroads to bring more money to you immediately and reduce debt.

Love By the Moon Spell (Spell Saturday #18) – A love spell to bring you a potential lover by the next full moon.

Fiery Fertility Ritual (Spell Saturday #19) – A ritual to encourage passionate sex and fertility with a consensual partner.

Charm for Victory (Spell Saturday #20) – A simple herbal-based charm to bring you victory.

Fire Guardian (Spell Saturday #21) – A spell to create a fire guardian servitor and magical construct. Can also be used to meet a fire-based spirit guide.

Invisibility Glamour Spell (Spell Saturday #22) – Sometimes you just need to not be seen by people. A glamour’s the solution for a little invisibility.

Personal Party Boost Spell (Spell Saturday #23) – Ever go to an event that you don’t want to go to? Ever have to attend a party that’s going to suck and you know you’ll feel awkward at? Or join a conference for work only to realize that it’s boring? This is the spell to ensure you have a good time on your terms.

Be Brave (Spell Saturday #24) – An elemental spell to gather courage and strength.

Spell to Study Harder (Spell Saturday #25) – Studying can be hard. This should make it a little easier.

Doll Spell For Employment (Spell Saturday #26) – A poppet spell to gain employment at a certain location or company.

Know What You’ve Done (Spell Saturday #27) – A spell bordering on a curse so someone knows the reality of what they’ve done.

Begin Again (Spell Saturday #28) – A spell and ritual that gives you a fresh, new start. We all need to hit the reset button sometimes.

Protection from Spirit Spell (Spell Saturday #29)  – A simple, low-key protection spell from spirits.

Spirit Summoning Spell (Spell Saturday #30) – A spell to summon spirits to communicate with them.

Grace Under Fire Charm (Spell Saturday #31) – A spell version of the Grace Under Fire Potion.

Scrying Spell for Inspiration (Spell Saturday #32) – A spell for inspiration using a crystal scrying technique.

A Spell for Courage And Wonders (Spell Saturday #33) – Inspired by The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland On A Ship of Her Own Making, this spell is great for people who are starting new ventures and want some courage and wonders along the way.

Still Waters Protection Spell (Spell Saturday #34) – A solemn protection spell invoking the blessing of a water spirit.

A Cleansing Ritual For House & Home (Spell Saturday #35) – A walking cleansing ritual for your house and physical spaces.

Cash & Fortune Money Spell (Spell Saturday #36) – A money spell to bring cash and good financial fortune to you quickly.

Foundations of a Happy Home (Spell Saturday #37) – A spell to place at the foundations of your home to bring blessings and happiness.

Yule Candle (Spell Saturday #38) – The step by step creation of a yule candle, perfect for any kind of winter holiday tradition.

A Petition Ritual For the New Year (Spell Saturday #39) – An all purpose spell that petitions the elements to bring your desires to fruition in the new year.

Wishing Stone (Spell Saturday #40) – A simple crystal spell to manifest long-term goals, dreams, and wishes.

I Want to Go There Spell (Spell Saturday #41)  – A spell to create opportunities to travel to a specific destination or event.

Strengthening Love Spell (Spell Saturday #42) – A crafty knot spell to strengthen love between consenting partners.

The Dark Moon’s Invitation (Spell Saturday #43) – A new moon spell to increase more of what you want in your life. An all purpose spell.

Think of Me (Spell Saturday #44) – A spell to have someone think of you, whether a friend, lover, or anyone else.

Friendship Knot Spell (Spell Saturday #45) – A knot spell to bring more friends into your life.

A Plant’s Curse (Spell Saturday #46) – A long-term curse for your enemies. The older the spell is, the more powerful it is.

Wish Bringer, Bring Me A Wish (Spell Saturday #47) – An all-purpose spell for wishes and dreams.

Burn Those Winter Blues (Spell Saturday #48) – A spell to give you a boost during low energy times and change your overall mood.

The Curse & Blessing of the Sun (Spell Saturday #49) – A spell that can be used as a curse or as a blessing, using the power of the sun.

Forge Through the Fire (Spell Saturday #50) – A spell that is something of a kick in the butt; allows you to stop procrastinating and makes you go do the thing already.

Sand Healing Spell (Spell Saturday #51) – A healing spell for chronic or long-term illnesses and diseases. It may not cure your illness but it may help help manage it.

You Hold No Power Over Me (Spell Saturday #52) – A spell to protect against and disperse illusions and glamours.

Alarm Spell (Spell Saturday #53) – A protection and warning spell used when you need to be alerted to something.

Home’s Energy Dedication Spell (Spell Saturday #54) – A spell to dedicate your home’s energy to a particular emotion or atmosphere, such as happiness or peace.

Modern Check Money Spell (Spell Saturday #55) – An updated version of the classic ‘write a check to yourself’ money spell. Because when’s the last time you wrote a check?

Friendship Candle Spell (Spell Saturday #56) – A simple candle spell to draw new friends to you.

Stone Energy Spell (Spell Saturday #57) – A spell to program a stone to give you energy.

Study Buddy Spell (Spell Saturday #58) – A spell to find a study buddy for classes, lab, school, or even a personal research project.

Eyes of Truth (Spell Saturday #59) – A spell to increase your ability for second sight and to see what lies beyond physical sight. May allow you to physically see things with your eyes but will also allow you to “see” things within your mind’s eye.