Spells, Rituals, Ceremonies, & Spirit Workings

With witches comes spells, right?

Want something to happen and the normal measures aren’t working out for you? Want find love or get a better job? Or how about a way to boost your health or luck? Need to protect your family or curse your enemy? You can tip the scales in your favor.

Knot Spells

Knot spells are a basic, low-key form of magic. Simple but powerful, knot spells are ideal for spell casting as a magical object, a talisman, that can be worn or carried to further connect you to the spell and enhance the spell itself with your own emotions and wishes.

The following spells are all knot spells. The talisman produced will be a long cotton cord that can be worn as jewelry, tied to your keys, tucked under a pillow, or stuffed into a desk drawer. Your talisman will be physically mailed to you after the spell has been completed.


Beckon Me A Lover    

This is an attraction spell, not a love spell, but can be used to bring a potential new lover into your life. This spell cannot and will not be cast to bring a specific person to you but rather someone who will be attracted to you in some way.

Your lover should appear in 3-6 months from the time the spell was cast.


Raining Money   

This spell encourages financial gains within a month of the spell casting. This means you get a rebate check in the mail, a bonus at work, or even a sudden windfall of money.

You should see an increase in your finances within 1 month from the time the spell was cast.


Employ Me   

This spell endeavors to bring your new financial opportunities and new job opportunities. So you may get an opportunity to invest in a business or get a chance for a promotion. Or you can land a job that you want or need.

You should start seeing job or financial opportunities in 1-3 months from the time the spell was cast.


Custom Spells

Custom spells vary in prices and some types of spells can only be performed as a custom spell. Custom spells will also create a magical talisman but the object itself depends on the spell cast. Additionally, custom spells require more information and more research to cast the spell.

Contact me to discuss the kind of spell you’d like to be cast. Examples of spells include: protection, luck, healing boost, banishing, curses and hexes, cleansing rituals, handfasting, and spirit work.

What happens when a spell, ritual, or spirit working is purchased?

Within three to nine days the spell, ritual, or working will be cast. Ceremonies and some rituals will need to be schedule in accordance to various celestial associations or calendar importance.

Once agreement and payment is met, I will research the best technique and method for your request, gather and procure the ingredients and materials needed, and set up the ritual space as needed to perform the casting.

During the spell, working, or ritual process a small object will be created that links the magic done to you. This object will be sent to you to solidify your personal connection to the spell. These objects are usually some type of jewelry, keychain, charm bag or bottle, or even an herbal powder or candle.


All spells and spell requests must obey the following rules.


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