Spells, Rituals, Ceremonies, & Spirit Workings

With witches comes spells, right?

Want something to happen and the normal measures aren’t working out for you? Want find love or get a better job? Or how about a way to boost your health or luck? Need to protect your family or curse your enemy? You can tip the scales in your favor.

Types of Spells, Rituals, Ceremonies, & Workings performed:

Attraction spells are cast on you specifically designed to draw something towards you such as love, friends, or to have people be nicer to you. Attraction spells to drawn love, the ideal partner, or a solid romantic relationship to are you possible. These spells are not geared towards sex or a specific someone but relationships. All my love spells have a component to help communication between the couple in question.

Money, luck, and job spells are spells that bring more luck to you and will increase the opportunities available to you in your job hunt or in increase your chances of getting an extra cash.

Protection spells are cast to protect you, your loved ones, and your possessions from spirits, curses, and to reduce the chances of mundane attacks, assaults, and theft. They should be used in combination of safety measures.

Cleansing spells are used to help purge the body and spirit. They can also be used to cleanse the home or objects. Blessings are similar in this regard except that they are blessed in the name of spirits or deities.

Healing Boost are spells that encourage healing and hearty health and are incredibly useful to speed up recovery time from surgeries or illnesses. They should be used in combination of medical treatment.

Banishing spells are used to dismiss or banish spirits, people, and even bad habits from you. Binding spells are used to keep a person from doing something, usually harm to you or your loved ones. These spells often can be used to seek justice when someone has wronged you and have not been punished.

Curses and hexes aren’t all negative! Sometimes someone gets away with something they shouldn’t have and there’s no repercussions for their actions. And sometimes we want a little revenge. Curses and hexes can be as mild as a person losing their favorite necklace to something as serious as losing a job or physical injury. Know that you bear the responsibility for what happens to the intended target and be sure you can handle the results of your actions.

Spirit Working is many things but here it is specifically mediating between spirits and humans for a specific goal. Other times it can mean working on a spirit’s behalf. Often times this is used to get a spirit or demon to leave you alone or to move on. These sorts of spells also encompass astral travel, mediumship, and hours of long meditation and rituals and are best used when you also cleanse and protect yourself and remedy the root of the problem. Mediumship, channeling a spirit, necromancy, and contact with spirits or deities can all be classed under “spirit working” in my practice.

Ceremonies. Looking for someone to bless and officiate your wedding, handfasting, blessings, or joyous event? Would like to honor someone special with a funeral or memorials? I have been a registered minister of the Universal Life Church since 2009.

What information is needed for the spell or working to be performed?

This depends largely on the spell, ritual, working, or ceremony in question. Generally speaking I need the full names of the people involved and the details of the situation at hand. I will need to know and discuss with you what you expect and hope to happen if the spell is successful. Finally, I will need a shipping address to send your spell to when completed.

I also draw cards to predict the accuracy and the potential success of a spell or ritual. I have and will refuse to perform a spell or ritual if the cards suggest otherwise or the information is not provided.

What happens when a spell, ritual, or spirit working is purchased?

Within three to nine days the spell, ritual, or working will be cast. Ceremonies and some rituals will need to be schedule in accordance to various celestial associations or calendar importance.

Once agreement and payment is met, I will research the best technique and method for your request, gather and procure the ingredients and materials needed, and set up the ritual space as needed to perform the casting.

During the spell, working, or ritual process a small object will be created that links the magic done to you. This object will be sent to you to solidify your personal connection to the spell. These objects are usually some type of jewelry, keychain, charm bag or bottle, or even an herbal powder or candle.

How to buy and what will it cost?

Contact me and describe what it is that you’re looking for. We’ll will discuss prices. Payment will generally take place via Paypal or cash.

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