Correspondence charts are one of the best things that have ever happened to modern magical practitioners. A fast and readily available source of information needed to cast exactly the kind of spell you need already researched for you? Yes please.

Correspondences are not universal. They depend on your own specific cultural beliefs and individual practice. Source materials may change things too. To help you, I’ve given a source for each entry so you can look the information up yourself.


  • Please note that these are not medical or herbal in purpose. They are magical associations and purposes ONLY.
  • Research each correspondence independently before attempting using, especially internally.
  • Poisonous ingredients are marked but YOU are responsible for doing your own research.
  • YOU are also responsible for the legal repercussion in regards to possession of these correspondences. In short, research whether you can legally use the correspondence in your locale.


To find your correspondences, follow the links below.

Love, Sex, & Fertility

Luck, Prosperity, & Money

Protection & Warding

Cleansing & Purification

Clairvoyance, Dreams, & Prophecy

Increasing Energy & Power

Courage & Strength

Health & Healing

Beauty & Eloquence

Happiness & Friendship

Success & Victory

Banishing & Summoning Spirits

Breaking or Casting Curses, Hexes, or Bad Luck

Weather Magic


Again, poisonous ingredients are marked but YOU are responsible for making sure to use the correspondences safely. You’re also responsible for making sure that the correspondences are legal in your locale.

Some correspondences have additional names in parenthesis or other information included. Be sure to research this information as well to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.

I plan on releasing a downloadable version of this information soon.

Need something not on the list? Send me an email and I may have the information you’re looking for!