This Crooked Crown is based out of Rhode Island, in a place that is both past and present, and pushing towards a less nomadic future.

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I grew up reading fairy tales and fantasy. I was obsessed with it. My imagination knew no bounds, but I was always entranced by the magic shown. I wanted to be the witch, the sorceress, the one with the answers when the problems seemed insurmountable. I wanted to wield that magic. So I did.

Now I want to share what I’ve learned with all of you. This website is a culmination of what I’ve learned and my continuing research and study into witchcraft and magic.

It’s my goal for This Crooked Crown to become the kind of place someone comes to for answers, for help, for a little guidance. The kind of place where you feel like someone understands and won’t judge. The kind of place where magic feels a little closer to home.


This Crooked Crown | Lore the Mermage

  • Author: Spirit Walker.
  • Witch: professional non-traditional secular hedge & sea witch with 25+ years of experience
  • Folklorist: New England & oceanic folklore blending with herbal and Anglo-Saxon folklore.
  • Seer: Seasoned tarot card reader, oracle, clairvoyant, clairsentient
  • Spirit worker: Non-human spirit focused
  • Magical scholar: Researcher of magical theory and spell work, trained in anthropology, archaeology, folklore, & classics
  • Herbalist: Non-licensed, magically and folklore focused
  • Mermaid: Semi-professional for environmental education, non-contact events, and modeling
  • Teacher: Theatre (stage management), witchcraft
  • Vendor of dreams, fortunes, & magic.

Interview with Twice Resurrected


Morale officer & break time monitor

Kiki’s a seal point Siamese with sky blue eyes and a pink nose.

She loves going for walks, napping in the sun, being held for a long time, riding on shoulders, & yowling at the moon.

The Necromancer

Necromancer, crafter & guest blogger

A practicing necromancer, seer, & medium.

A surly shadow lurking on the edge’s of the dead.

He can be appeased with freshly ground coffee or ice cream.

The Necromancer Answers.

If you’re a divination deck creator, new age-y book author, mystical shop owner, witchy brand, paranormal con or show runner, or fellow tarot card reader, we might be able to work together!

I’m available for guest posts, product and book reviews reviews, shop reviews, sponsored posts, interviews, podcasts, workshops, and guest speaking.

All affiliated or sponsored posts will be disclosed within the text of the post and within tags. I believe in absolute transparency with my readers! I don’t work for exposure and will not review products or brands that I do not believe in.

To request a media kit, let’s talk!