Treat Me Better Spell [Spell Saturday #64]

We've all had people treat us like shit sometimes. Maybe you have a friend that doesn't understand that sometimes they go too far with the jokes or they use you as a doormat. Maybe they always go on and on about their problems but aren't they for you all the time. They're not bad people … Continue reading Treat Me Better Spell [Spell Saturday #64]

Sand Healing Spell [Spell Saturday #51]

This is healing spell designed specifically for chronic or long-term illnesses. Will it heal you and solve your illness? Probably not. Will it alleviate those troublesome symptoms so you can actual feel like yourself again. Hopefully. What you'll need:  A open bowl or jar (no lid) Safe place to put your jar near your bed … Continue reading Sand Healing Spell [Spell Saturday #51]

Foundations of a Happy Home Bottle Spell (Spell Saturday #37)

  This spell's intent is to bring happiness to your home and house all year round. It's what I call a cornerstone witch bottle. My definition of this is a witch bottle can be temporary - like to draw new friends or lovers -  but a cornerstone witch bottle has the intent to permanent work … Continue reading Foundations of a Happy Home Bottle Spell (Spell Saturday #37)

Attract Affection & Romance Spell Jar [Spell Saturday #16]

This jar spell is meant to attract affection and/or romance. It can be used to bring willing romantic partners to you or encourage new friends or better family relations. The best part of this jar spell? It can sit right out in the open and, depending on the ingredients, can be a long-term sustained spell. What … Continue reading Attract Affection & Romance Spell Jar [Spell Saturday #16]

Happy Home Jar Spell (Spell Saturday #10)

With the winter holidays fast approaching, we're pushed to have a lot of holiday cheer. For some people, that's very easy and for others, the winter holidays are nightmarish. I wrote this spell to help out everyone in those situations. The purpose of this spell is to bring happiness and joy into the household. Ideally, … Continue reading Happy Home Jar Spell (Spell Saturday #10)

The Sand Trap (Spell Saturday #9)

Welcome to Spell Saturday #9! This time I'm taking a spell from Scott Cunningham's Earth, Air, Fire, & Water. People are very opinionated on Cunningham's work. I find that so long as you remember that Cunningham was writing for an audience that was, at the time, conflating Wicca and witchcraft and that the material is … Continue reading The Sand Trap (Spell Saturday #9)

Witches, Jars, and Burying ‘Em

[Witches, Jars, and Burying ‘Em tumblr repost June 4th, 11pm] I can’t be the only one that sees how many witch jar spells tell you to bury said jar in the ground and winces. Why? Because reasons, that’s why. Don’t roll your eyes. Read on. Here’s a few reasons why burying all the witch jars you … Continue reading Witches, Jars, and Burying ‘Em