The fields of magic and neighboring paganism is actually rife with specific jargon. That jargon is rarely uniform and can vary greatly depending on where, when, and from who a magical practitioner studied.

This glossary gives my specific definitions. This is to help newcomers who don’t know a specific word’s magical definition and to help long time practitioners who want to know exactly what I mean when I say a certain word.

This does not mean that these are the “true” definitions of these words. The words’ meanings may change as we develop this field, so this section build gain more definitions as time goes on.


Centering usually goes hand-in-hand with grounding. Centering refers to bringing yourself and your purpose into focus on letting things slip away. It also allows you to bring your energy together more easily.

It’s often used in yoga and meditation as well. You may find that you even straighten your spine while centering, creating a straight line down your spine from head to feet or hips along your bones.


the process by which the energy in a space or being is recharged, reset, refreshed, or renewed. It can be done to exorcise spirits and remove negative energy, curses, and general “I don’t feel so good” or “bad vibes”.

It’s essentially the equivalent of “did you try turning it off and on again?”


a being created with magic and spiritual power, often used as a servitor and has low intelligence. Constructs can go “rouge” when they’re active for too long or aren’t controlled properly.


a being, usually an animal with powers or psychic awareness of their own, that provides support for the practitioner. Often a living animal, although not always.

Traditionally, there are very specific methods to bind oneself to a Familiar. Many practitioners have relationships with their Familiars that are not formed in the traditional method described by witch hunting texts.

The difference between a Servitor and a Familiar is that Servitors are usually created and Familiars exist on their own.


a method of balancing, directing, and even disposing, raising, or cleansing of energy. It’s also good for bringing you back to basics or focusing on things. If you’re particular flighty or an airhead, grounding can help you focus.

There are many ways of of grounding. One way is this: a person puts their feet on the floor and cycles their energy through themselves, their feet, and into the earth. The earth cycles the energy back.


a type of divination, often referring to a deck of cards not related to tarot but used similarly.


a seer who receives divine messages from deities.


a Construct that works alongside you, such as an assistant or guide. They are interchangeable with Familiars in terms of the work they do.

The difference between a Servitor and a Familiar is that Servitors are usually created and Familiars exist on their own.

Spirit walker

a practitioner who works alongside spirits, often closely. They may even have spirits living alongside them.

Closely related to, and often interchangeable with, hedgewitch, hedgewalker, etc.

Smoke Cleansing

A cleansing method that uses smoke to cleanse a space. This smoke usually comes in the form of herbal bundles and incense, but it can also come from other forms of smoke such as a bonfire or candle fire.

It is the same thing as “smudging”, but it a more acceptable term.

Smudging (see: Smoke Cleansing)

A cleansing method that often uses white sage or similar herb bundles to cleanse a space. The community is attempting to move away from the term “smudging”, as it now has deep connotations to Native American religious practices that are being wrongly culturally appropriated.

Instead, using “smoke cleansing” is a more acceptable term and often is more accurate in usage.