Come to My Side Love Spell

This is a simple knot spell that can be done quickly before heading out for a night on the town or meeting up with a potential lover. It can also be used to attract a lover to you in your daily life, but it’s more for intentional partner seeking kind of behavior.

It’s definitely a kind of “notice me” spell, so it’ll instill a sense of confidence, body positivity, and an alluring glamour.

You can braid the cords together, which will last longer and be more decorative, but that will take longer. Do whatever works best for you.

Ideally, it should be worn on the wrist, but it that doesn’t work for you, you can tie it to your ankle, garter, or even to your underwear. You could easily make the string longer and wear it as a necklace or make it very small and wear it as a ring. It just needs to be touching your body, preferably your skin.

What you’ll need:

  • Two pieces of red string (or ribbon, thread, etc) in equal lengths, long enough to go around your wrist or ankle

Take the two pieces of red string and line them up side by side, so each end lines up perfect. Say,

“This is you and this is me, side by side

I’ve set the stage, so come to my side lover.”

Knot the strings together. Say,

“I am beauty, I am strength, I am glorious,

You know what you see, so come to my side.”

Knot the strings together. Say,

“I am seeking love,

I am seeking you,

Now that you see me, come to my side.”

Knot the strings together around your wrist, forming a bracelet.

Wear this bracelet until a new lover comes into your life. Once you’ve made a positive connection, cut it off and bury the string outside.


Heart Weave Love Spell

This spell is to draw a lover to you, someone who will love you and you’ll love them, and carries specific qualities you desire in a partner. It’s definitely an arts-and-crafts sort of spell, but useful if other spells of a similar style haven’t worked for you yet.

What you’ll need:

  • A piece of bendable metal
  • String, ribbon, yarn, etc.
  • Pliers (optional)
  • Sewing needle (optional)
A piece of wire and string is all you need, but a needle and pliers can can!
Bending the wire into an acceptable heart shape is only the beginning. Note the flat ends at the bottom, making it easier to twist the ends and close the heart.
A heart made by twisting the ends of the wire. This might need a little muscle provided by the pliers. You may also need to reform the heart as it might have been bent out of shape while you were working.

Bend and shape the wire into a heart, twisting the wire together say,

"This is our foundation
Our mutual desire for love
And the love that we find in each other."
Tie the string to the bottom where the wire is twisted and bring the wire across the center of the heart, tuck it over the edge and then pull the string through the center, laying it across the top of the side of the heart.

Now, take a strand of string and tie it to where the wire is twisted together. Spread the string over the surface of the heart, crossing it over. Wrap the string over the metal and then push it through the center and cross it to another edge. Repeat.

Here the string has been tucked around the edge of the heart, pulled through the center again, and pulled across the heart to the opposite side. A new piece of string is tied on since the other one was at the end of the line.

When the string runs out, tie a new piece to the end of the string and just keep on going.

With the new string added, tuck the string around the edge of the heart and pull through like before, bringing it back to center.

As you work, list qualities that you would like in your future partner. You can just simply list them or add any kind of spell work you’d like here. This is where you get to customize the spell to your taste and to draw the kind of lover you’re looking for.

Repeat the qualities you’d like in your partner if you run out of ideas.

With the new string added, tuck the string around the edge of the heart and pull through like before, bringing it back to center.
Here the string is brought around the edge to the front, then crosses the heart’s center, weaving in and out of the strings it crosses, finally resting over the edge of the heart.
The string is tucked under the metal, pulled through the center, and crosses to a new part of the heart to begin the same kind of steps again with a new piece of string.

When the heart is full of string, use the last bit to weave the working end into your heart.

Once done, place the heart in a window facing the street. It doesn’t have to be in full view of others, but it should be located in the window. As you place it say,

"Here I place you
Where my message may take flight
And the love I put into you
Will bring a lover to my side."


  • Floral wire is really easy to use and obtain. You might even be able to get some at a local dollar store or similar location. Wire is also available in various colors, so you may be able to purchase something that’s closely aligned to color symbolism for you.
  • Yarn, embroidery thread, or ribbons are great for this. Use color symbolism to get the look you want in the spell or use color symbolism to indicate the emotions or attributes you want.
  • It might be easier to do this spell if you have an active knowledge of weaving, because even though this is basic, it can be hard to get everything taunt and pretty. If you aren’t concerned about this, then don’t worry about it.
  • It’s also useful to use a sewing needling in later stages of the spell, as it can be difficult to push through the string later on.

Apple Hex Breaker

There are thousands of ways to break a curse. But the other day I was thinking about curse breaking with ordinary items. The humble egg is the most common hex breaking tool in your average kitchen. But what about an apple?

Apples are great for love and healing spells. They’re used in binding spells too. And no one can forget the apple curse that trapped Snow White. But breaking a curse with an apple? Absolutely.

I can think of several ways to make this work, the most obvious being simply using the apple as a poppet – which is actually something of a traditional substitute. But we’re going to go a different way with a hex breaking spell today.

This spell is intended to break a hex or curse that you think has been placed on you. With an ingredient as common as an apple, you can easily do this unhexing even if you’re unsure that you’ve been hexed.


  • A firm sour apple or crab apple
  • An onion
  • A sharp, large knife
  • Heavy duty cutting board
  • Skewer or string

Get yourself either a crab apple or a firm, sour apple. Small green apples tend to be more sour, so aim for one of those. You might find the apples you need under “baking apples” rather than “eating apples”. Wash your apple well and dry it off.

Set your cutting board up and make sure your knife is sharp enough to go entirely through the apple with one slice.

Breathe across the apple and rub it over your heart. Take your time with this. As you breathe across the apple, concentrate on breathing out negativity and any spiritual gunk you have. The intent here is to connect yourself to the apple so the curse is passed to the apple.

Once you think you’re ready, cut the onion in half. Then, with the same knife on the same cutting board, chop or slice the apple in half in a single, powerful move.

Rub the onion’s cut side on the apple’s cut side. Then skewer or tie the onion to half of the apple. Essentially, you’re creating two half apple and half onion.

Take the apple-onions, touching only the onion sides, to a crossroads far away from your house, workplace, or anywhere you frequently visit. Leave or bury the apple-onions at the crossroads.


  • The onion here is serving as a binding agent and a purifying agent. If you can’t touch onions, garlic or similar noxious purifiers will work.
  • Black string is probably best for this, but a wooden skewer or even toothpicks will work.

New Year Braid Spell

There’s so many spells you can do at the beginning of a new year. So many. Cleansing, healing, protection, wish granting, prosperity, so on, and so on. This spell starts during the new year and goes all year long.

The purpose of this spell is simple. You’re affirming or wishing for something positive or good to happen and letting go of the unwanted things each and every month. It’s a knot spell and a pretty basic one at that, but the power of this spell, the real strength of it, happens at the end of the year.


  • Three strands of thread or string, any color (see notes)
  • A place to leave the braids all year long, undisturbed
  • A fire with an appropriate fire-proof /burning vessel

At the beginning of the year, start this spell. Then do the spell at the end of each month. At the end of the year, you should have 13 separate braids.

First cut three equal pieces of string or thread. As said, it can be any color, but you should probably aim for the length of each piece of string to be at least from your wrist to your elbow in length. It will mean more braiding, but it helps at the end of the year part of this spell to have the extra length.

Now, pick one string and name it the things you’d like to see continue or grow in your life. Pick another strand and name is something you’d like to let go of or release from your life. The last string should be a wish you’d like to see happen. Braid these three strands together, repeating the names of each string as you cross them.

Example: The first string is to grow your wealth, the second string is to release debts, and the third string is to save enough to visit a relative during the year. Cross the grow your wealth string over the releasing debts string, saying each of these as you cross them. Then cross the saving money string over the new middle string, the grow your wealth string. Repeat this pattern, saying each as you move the string.

When done, knot the top and bottom of the braid, if you haven’t already done so, and put the braid somewhere safe.

Do this near the end of each month, including January. (So you’ll be making two for January, and one for each month of the rest of the year). Each month, start a new braid and you can use the same string names or new ones. (So each braid can have different spells on it). Save each braid in the same spot.

At the end of the year, after you make the final braid of December, braid all of the braids together. You can look up a thirteen strand braid, if you like, but it’s complicated. You want to avoid adding your frustrating to the spell while you’re casting it, so I recommend skip the fancy braid. Instead, you can braid three months together and then braid those groups together until you have one braid. Or you can simply separate the braids into three groups and braid them all together. It’s up to you, just pick something that’s easy enough for you to do.

As you braid the final large braid, you may wish to repeat the wishes and things you’d like to grow. You could even add new things to that final final, if you like.

Once the braid is done, you may not be able to knot the ends of it. That’s OK. Instead, you can take new pieces of string and tie the top and bottom off instead.

Now get your fire going and toss the braid into the flame and say,

“What I wish to grow, will continue to grow.

What I wish to fade, will burn to ash.

What I wish for, this fire will create it true.”

The wishes and things you’d like to grow will be passed on and the things you’ve let go will disperse.


  • You can choose any color you’d like for the string. Ideally, one string of each braid should be green (for what you’d like to grow), one should be black, gray, dark blue, or white (for what you’d like released), and one should be silver, gold, or red (for the wish), but it’s not required at all.
  • Practice your braiding before starting the spell, if you aren’t very good at it. The braid’s neatness doesn’t matter much month-to-month, but the final braid can get messy quick if you’re not a skilled hand.
  • Because there’s quite a bit of string involved during the burning part of this spell, make sure that you have a safe space to burn the braid and time to properly monitor the fire.
  • If you find that you wished for something one month and discovered you don’t want that at the end of the year, you can say that as you make the braid at the end of the year.

Pepper Discord Spell [Spell Saturday #71]

Pepper Discord Spell by This Crooked Crown

This hex is designed to cause trouble between two people. Why would you do this? There’s lots of reasons; I’m sure you can think of a few. The spell isn’t designed to hurt anyone. It’s merely there to cause trouble between two or more people.

What you’ll need:

  • A pepper (red preferred, but up to you)
  • Black pepper
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Paprika
  • Salt
  • Lemon juice
  • Twine
  • Knife and spoon
  • Slips of paper and writing utensil
  • Your targets’ names
  • A place to bury the pepper

First, cut your pepper in two and scoop out the seeds. Wash it clean. You don’t want any of the seed left behind. If you’re using more than two names, cut the pepper in quarters.

Write your targets’ names on a slip of paper, one name per a piece of paper. Place the paper on each side of the pepper. Now sprinkle the black pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and salt over the names. As you do this say,


“Your words burn your tongues

Fire banks your friendship

Your relationship turns to dead ash.”


Now place the pieces back together, like a puzzle, so it looks as whole again as possible. Tie the twine around the pepper to keep the pieces together. Take it somewhere and bury it.



  • You can definitely put your own name into this spell. Maybe you want to break up with a lover or friend and don’t know how to do it. This spell should help that along. Remember to be safe though.
  • Peppers aren’t always safe to handle. Remember to wash your hands so you don’t get any capsicum into your eyes or other sensitive body parts.
  • You can toss the pepper into the compost or garbage, if you want, but burying is a better choice for this spell.

Captured Wind Energy Spell [Spell Saturday #62]

Ever just need a boost of spiritual coffee? Like you’re just looking at your remote control three inches away and it would take a monumental effort to actually reach over and grab it? You’re not really tired physically or mentally but you’re just “ugh”?

Doldrums is a state of listlessness, despondency, slump, or stagnation. It’s also a word used in maritime to refer to a low pressure area near the Equator where the ocean become calm – there are no prevailing or sail-worthy winds. In both usages of the word, there is an implied danger. If you’re too listless, nothing will get done and things pile up (like laundry). If you’re sailing and there’s no winds, you’ll die.

Being the sea-oriented witch, I created a spell that can break doldrums of all kinds.


What you’ll need:

  • A windy day when you have good energy
  • A cord such as a piece of ribbon, string, rope, etc.
  • A mood boosting drink like coffee, tea or an energy drink


Select your cord. It can be as long or as short as you’d like but you’ll nee to be able to make three to five knots in it. The number of knots can depend on whatever number feels best. Three’s traditional for a wind knot spell like this but five’s a good number for creating energy and movement. Use whatever number feels best for you.

Take your drink and wash the cord in it. Let the cord dry in the sun.

On a windy, sunny day where you have a lot of energy, take the cord somewhere with a lot of wind and tie knots, “capturing” the powering of the wind in the knots.

As you tie the knots say something like:

My power and might

I capture along with the wind

Be kept still and quiet

Until you’re needed again

Keep the cord safe and stowed away until you need it. When the doldrums hit, untie a knot. You should be able to gain a boost of energy.



  • Creating a cord by weaving, braiding, or tying materials together works well to give this spell more power.
  • Wash the cord in whatever energy boosting liquid you like. Coffee’s a good example but it’s entirely personal preference. Wash it in a favorite soda, tea, or whatever else if you prefer.


Knot Your Garter

A while ago I was researching love divination superstitions when I came across an interestingly little charm from the 1696.

To know whom one shall marry. You must lie in another county, and knit the left garter about the right legged stocking.. and as you rehearse these following verses, at each comma, knot a knot.

‘This knot I knit,

To know the thing,

I know not yet,

That I may see,

The man (woman) that shall my husband (wife) be,

How he goes, and what he wears,

And what he does, all days, and years’

Accordingly in your dream you will see him: if a musician, with a lute or other instrument; if a scholar, with a book or papers.(1)

Now this is particular charm evolves so the more common usage of it is as written in 1899 “To induce favourable dreams, nine knots are tied on a garter.” (2) There are other regional variations of this as well that are interesting to look at but we’re going to deal primarily with these two variations.

Now, I am a folklorist at heart. I majored in it at college so I love to watch superstitions evolve in this manner (and then dissect why they evolved in this manner).


Wrist Bells


More importantly, this is interesting from a witchcraft perspective. Here, the practitioner is sleeping somewhere different away from home. While there, they knit their left garter around their right stocking and say the verses. In their dreams, they’ll get a vision of their future spouse. (Remember that around this time, garters more unisex than they are now.)

There’s a couple ways to break down this superstition into an actual practice and it would widely depend on how the garter was constructed and the usage of the word “knit”. I don’t knit personally (I’m a crochet girl) but theoretically, you’d have to pull stitches out in order to restitch the stitches for this charm or you’d end up adding length to the garter and defeating the purpose of the garter entirely. Or, you’d add length to the garter ties, making them longer than used (garters were tied at this time, not elastic as now).

But garters are still a close, personal thing. They’re kept close to the skin and were incredibly individual yet ubiquitous items. There’s also a level of propriety to be addressed with garters. Garter kept your clothing where you wanted it to be, it kept you properly dressed. Typically speaking, you were rarely improperly dressed except around wardrobe-related servants or your spouse. So there’s something of a “revealing the self” aspect to this charm, subconscious though it made me.

As pre-made clothing became more popular, people made less and less of their own garters. Garters eventually became less used as clothing designs changed. The origins of the charm became older and less known. It simplified, due to clothing changes and time itself. It became more of a “knot nine times to reveal your future spouse in a dream” sort of deal.



Either (and any) variation of this charm has legs to stand on so the actual change isn’t the problem we face when looking to use this spell. Instead, what we need to address in how to adapt this spell to modern times.

Few people regularly wear garters. Many people end up with garters for their wedding clothing and that’s about it. It’s a special occasion thing, usually, so not a lot of people would consider this specifically important. Of course, some people still regularly use garters for costuming, tall socks, or they wear them for work-related clothing.

We need to look at what’s important here. Is the garter itself important? Or is what the garter represented more important? If the garter itself was important, then you would have to use a garter to cast this spell. If the garter isn’t important, then what could be used in place of a garter? Would making nine tiny knots with a piece of sting in the hem of your underwear work in lieu of a garter? Shoelaces? Hair? Hair ribbon? Suit tie? What could be used when it comes to modern clothing?

At it’s heart, this superstition is a knot spell to induce dreams of love. That’s what it’s suppose to do. So… would any knot do? Could you make something and then knot it?

Could you make a garter specifically for this purpose and use the charm for it? Either by knitting, sewing, or even braiding some thread together and tying it to your leg. The steps would probably be creating the garter to your left leg measurements, then tie it to your right leg, saying the charm, then go to bed.



If you wanted to adapt this to modern usage you’d have to answer these critical questions:

What’s the purpose of the garter? What does it stand for? Does that meaning still stand today for me? Is there an equivalent I can use instead?

How can I knot the garter or garter substitute? Will sewing stitches be representative? Or does it have to be knitted?

In the end, any of these variations would work. I don’t have a “here’s exactly how you adapt this” because there’s so many ways you could go with this. Personally, I’d crochet a garter (because knitting seems to escape me) with my left leg measurements and say the charm as I made each stitch. I’d make it long enough to tie on and knot the tying portion nine times. Then I’d tie it to my right leg nine times, repeating the verses, before heading to bed.

But, that’s me. How would you adapt this classic superstition? Does it sound similar to an old superstition you’ve heard of before?

  1. Oxford Dictionary of Superstitions, editors Iona Opie and Moira Tatem. 2005 Edition, Oxford Press. Page 221-222
  2. Ibid.

Friendship Knot Spell [Spell Saturday #45]

Friendship spells are weird. They’re probably one of the best kinds of spells for people to cast, but they’re rarely available. Gaining friends when you’re an adult is notoriously hard and is something almost everyone wants yet friendships spells are usually sequestrated into books geared towards teenagers.

What’s with that anyway? I think it’s a product of this weird idea that as an adult, you’re suppose to have stuff figured out. Like a life purpose, awesome life-long friends, best spouse ever, well-paying job, picket fence house, and all that jazz. (Spoilers: Uhhhh, yeah, that doesn’t happen often)

Anyway, I routinely get asked for friendship spells. A friendship knot spell was requested over on tumblr and was put on my “to write” list. The request is now being fulfilled.

Friendship Knot Spell by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need:

  • Embroidery floss in various colors
  • A list of qualities your friend(s) should have

First, write a list of qualities your friend(s) should have. Maybe they’re very kind or extremely laid back. Maybe they’re adventurous or outgoing. They could be giant geeks or are gym regulars. Whatever you want your friend to be. Pick general qualities like compassionate or something that’s an activity you’d like to share. If your’e trying to gain a group of friends, you might want to write out a couple of lists.

Dig out your color symbolism chart or jot down the colors each of those qualities remind you of. For example, maybe your gym has an orange theme to it so you pick orange to represent that so you can find a gym buddy. Or you pick your favorite show’s color themes so you can find fellow fans. Refer to a color symbolism chart if you’re a bit at a loss or google color associations with that quality. It should, ideally be colors you associate with those qualities.

Once you’ve gotten your color choices, head to a craft store and buy thread or embroidery floss that matches your color choices. You can also dye thread, ribbon, or shoe laces to match. You can use multiple colors to represent the same thing or the same color to represent two things, if you like.

When ready, gather all the thread in your hands in a long tendril and think of the kind of friends you want. You can use comparisons, if you like. If you like the bond that two characters on a TV show have or you’d had a friend as a child that you don’t want to reconnect with but you miss that kind of bond, think of that.

Now make a knot for each quality you want your friend to have. If you have six strands of thread, then make a knot that includes all six strands. Do this for each quality you want your friend or friends to have.

Say the following.

With this knot, I invite companions [tie a knot tightly as you say this]

With each knot, I bring friends to my side [tie another knot]

My friend(s) will be [quality] [tie a knot]

[continue making knots for each quality]

With this knot I close the spell and open my heart to friends loyal and true that w ill come to me before the next moon [tie a knot tightly as you say this]

When done with your knots, carry the cord with you. Wear it as a necklace, anklet, or bracelet. Or tie it to your keys or in your hair. Thread it through a zipper or carry it in a pocket.

If the spell doesn’t work before the next moon, you can unknot the cords, cleanse the thread and try again with new qualities. Or you can bury the cord but do so in a garden plot rather than bare ground.


  • This spell is geared to bring you new friends within a month or so. If you want to give yourself more time, you can adjust the time period accordingly in the wording
  • Braiding, knitting, or using macrame techniques is a fantastic alternative to knotting the cord. It’s up to you.
  • Embroidery floss it the most accessible here but feel free to substitute yarn or any other threading material.
  • It’s a super good idea to follow up this spell with spells to maximize opportunities to meet people. So if you’re super shy, then a spell to boost confidence would be a good idea.

Think of Me [Spell Saturday #44]

This spell is to have someone think of you. Typically, you’re casting this spell to get a special someone to contact you but this can also be anyone. Lovers, potential lovers, ex-lovers, family, friends, or people you just need to freaking call you back already.


What you’ll need:

  • String, ribbons, or thread that represents your target, at least two feet long.
  • String, ribbons, or thread that represents you, at least two feet long.

Gather together some string, ribbons, or thread that reminds you of this person. Maybe it’s their favorite color. Maybe it’s the color of their car or online avatar. Or maybe you select some color symbolism. Up to you.

Collect a second set of strings, ribbons, or thread that represents you. They could be your favorite colors or color symbolism.

Sit down quietly and think of the perfect scenario in which they’ll contact you. Maybe they don’t call you enough, maybe they don’t answer your texts. Or they simply are too “busy” to hang out. Be specific. If you want to see them three times a week, then say that. Go ahead and get a little unrealistic and think of exactly the kind of scenarios and things you’ll do during that time. As you do this, run the string through your hands. Make sure you keep the two sets of thread separate. You can braid a set together if you like but don’t braid the two sets together. So if set one has three strands, and set two has five strands, you can braid the three strands from set one together and separately you can braid the five strands from set two together but don’t braid the two sets (so all eight strings) together.

Keep the cord on hand so the next time you talk to them, see them online, or in person, you can tie a knot. Make a quick but solid knot in the cord. Do this for an entire week and make as many knots as you’d like them to contact you each week. Make only one knot for each instance you see them (whether online, in person, or what-have-you). You may find that you have enough knots before the week’s out. You can stop as soon as you get to the number of times you want to be contacted.

With the second set of strands, you should make a knot every time you think of them for the entire week.

Once the week’s finished, knot the two sets of string together and say something like,

“Think of me

I think of you

So think of me

Keep this cord with you at all times until they start contacting you as much as you want them to. If the cord becomes worn before this happens, burn it and repeat the spell. If the person never contacts you as you wish to be contact, you may want to readdress whether they care for you as much as you care for them. If your desires become fulfilled, bury the cord in a garden, leave it for birds to use in their nests, give it to your target as a gift, or keep it in a junk drawer.




  • You can use a single piece of string, ribbon, or whatever else for this spell.
  • Embroidery floss is kind of perfect for this spell as it gives you lots of color choices and has a very long length.
  • Make the cords super long. It’s better to have too long cords than not long enough cords for this particular spell. Two feet is a good starting point.
  • Feel free to switch up the wording to better suit your needs. I usually go back to my theatre roots and start co-opting words from The Phantom of the Opera.
  • I know I said “sit quietly” but if there’s a song or playlist that perfectly matches your feelings for this person, go ahead and listen to that on repeat.

Happy casting!


Binding Bad Habits (Spell Saturday #27)

We’ve all got bad habits, right? I bite my nails when I’m nervous or idle. It’s one of those things that I hate so much and yet can’t stop myself. This spell is designed to help stop those bad habits.

This can be used on yourself or on someone else. I only caution that you make yourself aware that bad habits often have deeper root causes and binding the bad habit can lead to other negative behaviors. Just a heads up.

The beauty of this spell is that it’s knot magic! I love knot magic and it’s so easily customized to your needs. You can use this spell while making a friendship bracelet, tie a few simple knots in a piece of string, tying your shoes, or even braiding your hair. For the purposes of writing, I’m using a single piece of string but if you’re doing something else then you say each thing while crossing the strands and repeat the entire spell as a chant.

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You’ll need:

  • String

Measure out your string accordingly and say the following,

I bind my body

Tie a knot

I do not [bad habit]

Tie a knot

I am not [bad habit]

Tie a knot

I will not [bad habit]

Tie a knot

My will is strong

Tie a knot

I endure and surpass all impulses to [bad habit]

Tie a knot

I am strong enough.

Tie the piece of string around your wrist as a reminder. Touch the string when you catch yourself doing the bad habit or desiring to do so. Repeat the spell when the string becomes damaged or needs replacing.


That’s it! Happy casting!