Apple Hex Breaker

There are thousands of ways to break a curse. But the other day I was thinking about curse breaking with ordinary items. The humble egg is the most common hex breaking tool in your average kitchen. But what about an apple? Apples are great for love and healing spells. They're used in binding spells too. … Continue reading Apple Hex Breaker

New Year Braid Spell

New Year Braid Spell by This Crooked Crown | | This spell might take 12 months to cast, but only take a few minutes each month and delivers abundance, prosperity, and the releasing of unwanted things each time.

Captured Wind Energy Spell [Spell Saturday #62]

Ever just need a boost of spiritual coffee? Like you're just looking at your remote control three inches away and it would take a monumental effort to actually reach over and grab it? You're not really tired physically or mentally but you're just "ugh"? Doldrums is a state of listlessness, despondency, slump, or stagnation. It's … Continue reading Captured Wind Energy Spell [Spell Saturday #62]

Knot Your Garter

A while ago I was researching love divination superstitions when I came across an interestingly little charm from the 1696. To know whom one shall marry. You must lie in another county, and knit the left garter about the right legged stocking.. and as you rehearse these following verses, at each comma, knot a knot. … Continue reading Knot Your Garter

Friendship Knot Spell [Spell Saturday #45]

Friendship spells are weird. They're probably one of the best kinds of spells for people to cast, but they're rarely available. Gaining friends when you're an adult is notoriously hard and is something almost everyone wants yet friendships spells are usually sequestrated into books geared towards teenagers. What's with that anyway? I think it's a … Continue reading Friendship Knot Spell [Spell Saturday #45]

Think of Me [Spell Saturday #44]

This spell is to have someone think of you. Typically, you're casting this spell to get a special someone to contact you but this can also be anyone. Lovers, potential lovers, ex-lovers, family, friends, or people you just need to freaking call you back already. What you'll need: String, ribbons, or thread that represents your … Continue reading Think of Me [Spell Saturday #44]

Binding Bad Habits (Spell Saturday #27)

We've all got bad habits, right? I bite my nails when I'm nervous or idle. It's one of those things that I hate so much and yet can't stop myself. This spell is designed to help stop those bad habits. This can be used on yourself or on someone else. I only caution that you … Continue reading Binding Bad Habits (Spell Saturday #27)

Know What You’ve Done [Spell Saturday #27]

Sometimes, we just need people to stop and realize that they're asshats. We need them to realize that they're making other people upset. We need them to see their own lies and we need to cause them to be disillusioned. This spell can do that for you. What you'll need: String (any color), about … Continue reading Know What You’ve Done [Spell Saturday #27]

Good Luck Knot Spell (tumblr repost) (Spell Saturday #8)

A super fast knot spell for good luck. Find yourself some red, white, yellow/gold, blue, and green string (or ribbon, yarn, embroidery thread, whatever). Cut them into about 10 inch pieces. Ideally, the string should wrap around your wrist or ankle plus 2-3 inches, depending on the thickness of your knotting material. So 10 inches … Continue reading Good Luck Knot Spell (tumblr repost) (Spell Saturday #8)