Motivation Stone Spell

The purpose of this spell is to create a gentle push to motivate you. It’s like a like a friend reminding you to do something you promised to do. This is excellent for helping keep New Year’s resolutions, promises, or just regular motivation for tasks that you keep dropping the ball on.

Acquire any of these stones for motivation:

  • Carnelian
  • Garnet
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Black Onyx
  • Labradorite
  • Natural Citrine
  • Red Jasper

Get one of these stones and ensure that you connect well to the stone. This stone doesn’t have to be a polished stone – it can be a piece of jewelry, beads, or anything else. 

Sit and hold the stone, breathing deeply and evenly while allowing your energy to flow into the stone and the stone’s energy to flow into you. 

If you can’t feel the energy moving, that’s okay. Just keep holding the stone and breathing even, calm breaths. 

While you do this, think about what you want to motivate. Visualize or speak aloud or think clearly in your head what your want to motivate and what that person or object looks once it has been motivated successfully. 

Here’s some examples:

Regular exercise routine – Imagine yourself regularly exercising while looking the way you wish to look. Imagine yourself doing an exercise that you currently consider difficult with ease. Picture yourself months down the road, still exercising and enjoying it.

Doing schoolwork – Imagine yourself enjoying the schoolwork you’re doing, being interested in what you’re learning. Imagine getting the grades you want. Imagine your friends, classmates, and loved ones being impressed by your knowledge. You may eve imagine asking for tutoring or getting rewarded for good grades.

Cleaning the house – Imagine your home as you dream it could be. Maybe you have different furniture or live in a different place. I bet it’s clean though. Focus on the details – the counters are likely clear, the floor shine from being washed, and so forth. Focus on how much you would like that.

Take some time to really detail what you want to motivate in yourself. If your thoughts wander, don’t worry. Just bring your thoughts back to the stone and what you’re trying to motivate in yourself.

When you’ve got the imagine very clear, say the following,

“With the power I grant to you, inspire and motivate me to succeed.

Push me forward to my goals, dreams, and desires.

With the power you grant me, I am motivated to achieve my goals, dreams, and desires.

The power flows through you into me.

I am motivated to do all I need to do.”

Keep the stone with you, near your bed, or in the bathroom where you see it first thing in the morning. Or you can keep it with whatever stuff you bring with you to do what you need motivation for (gym bag, school bag, etc).

Recharge the stone on the full moon by sitting with it in your hands.


Confidence Mirror Spell

This spell is to boost confidence. It’s good for events and situations where you need to be a little more confident, such as job interviews, dates, and so on. 

What you’ll need:

  • Mirror
  • Water, divided
  • Sea salt
  • Rosemary
  • Roses
  • Hydrangea
  • Nasturtium
  • Two bowls
  • Dahlia
  • Paper towel or rag 

In one bowl, mix half of the water with sea salt until the salt dissolves. Wash the mirror with the salt water to cleanse the mirror.

In another bowl, steep rosemary, hydrangea, roses, nasturtium, and dahlia petals in the other half of the water. Wash the mirror again with this water to enchant the mirror with confidence boosting. You can say the following chant or similar affirmations.

"I am confident 
I am strong 
I am blooming 
I am powerful 
I am unshakeable 
I am confident."

When you’re ready to activate the spell, flick some water at the mirror and repeat the above chant or similar affirmations.


  • Any “showy” flowers would work for this spell. Pick your favorites.


Magnetic Charisma

A spell to boost your charisma. It’s ideal for people that are making speeches or presentations, but it could also be excellent if you’re going for a job interview or something similar.

What you’ll need:

  • A magnetic piece of jewelry 

Hold the magnetic jewelry in your hand and imagine anyone who looks at it will be drawn to you and your words like a magnet. Once you have that image cemented down, say the following,

"My words are heard 
You follow my lead 
You're drawn to me as if I am the sun 
My charm is endless 
I'm filled with cheer, charm, and grace, 
Do as I suggest and say 
My charisma holds you in sway."

Simply wear the jewelry when you need to be extra charismatic. 


  • Magnetic jewelry can take any form, such as a bracelet, necklace, rings, anklets, earrings, cufflinks, shoelaces, sunglasses, tie clips or tacks, etc. Magnetic ties, shoes, or other pieces of clothing would also be fine.
  • You can alternatively use magnetic therapy sport wraps or anything else magnetic that would be visible to the audience.
  • A simple refrigerator magic would work, but it should be visible to your audience. 


How to Make a Good Dream Jar

Ever have dreams keep waking you up at night? Not just nightmares, but dreams that were stressful or so hectic that you feel exhausted in the morning? Or have you had such poor sleep and you think it might be dreams or nightmares causing it, even if you don’t remember the dreams in your waking hours?

When dreams, especially unwanted dreams, cause problems, it can be a difficult battle. This jar can help mitigate that. It can also be used to bring about good dreams even if you aren’t struggling against bad dreams. It’s an excellent way of just having a peaceful night’s sleep.

What you’ll need:

  • Mugwort
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Rose
  • Rosemary
  • Glass jar with lid or cork
  • Candle or sealing wax in blue or light purple

Cleanse your glass jar. Begin to heat your candle or sealing wax.

Layer your herbs in the jar in any pattern you find pleasing. As you add each in, think of the good, peaceful dreams you wish to have. You may speak aloud or simply think it.

Put the jar’s lid on top. The candle or sealing wax should be ready now. Pour it over your jar lid and say,

"Good dreams fill this jar 
Nightmares are barred 
I will sleep peacefully all night long."

Let the wax harden. Place the jar beside or under your bed.


Eloquent Charm Spell

When you need to be eloquent, charming, and fine with your speech, this spell is your helping hand.

Excellent for times where you need to make a public speech, have a job interview, important presentation, or any time where your words will make or break what happens next.

What you’ll need:

  • Indian crepe myrtle flowers (lagerstroemia indica)
  • Cream colored rose (any kind)
  • Ylang-ylang essential oil (cananga odorata)
  • Fennel
  • Cardamom
  • Sugar
  • Agate, especially blue lace or sardonyx
  • Sun water
  • Yellow paper and black marker
  • Cloth bag, preferably yellow

Gather up all of your ingredients and prep or cleanse them accordingly.

Draw in an arrow on the yellow paper. Anoint it with a drop of ylang-ylang essential oil and a drop of sun water. Let dry.

Place the flowers, herbs, sugar, agate, and the dried paper in the cloth bag. As you add each item, say,

"With you, I am charming and eloquent.
People heard my words and listen to me."

When done, hold the bag between both hands and blow into it, saying,

"My breath carries my power and words,
My meaning and intent comes across to all who hear them clearly."

Close the bag and press a kiss to the knit tying it close.

"My words are heard, 
My eloquence is clear for all who can see and hear."

Carry the bag with you. Before you go out to make your speech, press the bag to your throat, breath across it and/or press a kiss to it saying,

"I am eloquent. Hear my words."


  • You may swap in yellow jasmine flowers to replace the Indian crepe myrtle or ylang-ylang
  • If you have access to ylang-ylang flowers, use that instead of the essential oil and omit the step with the essential oil.
  • You may wish to enchant the cloth bag so it isn’t noticeable, but that’s up to you.
  • Instead of a cloth bag, you can easily swap this for a locket necklace or spell bottle.


Family Unity Spell

No matter how well you get along, families sometimes fight. My household is made up of all adults – my mother, younger brother, and uncle. Even our pets are ten plus years old. And although we all are adults and we get along well, we still fight sometimes.

This spell is perfect for when your family all has their own things going on and just needs to work together to keep living in the same household. This is also good for roommates or similar situations. This is good for people who live with you, but I could see it being useful for people who are constantly in and out of someone else’s house (like a best friend, relative, etc).

This spell is perishable and so it should be renewed every six months to year. (Earlier is good too.)

What you need:

  • A dry, cool place
  • Onions or garlic with stalks intact (whatever you prefer)
  • Decently strong kitchen string or twine

First purchase or grow onions or garlic and make sure to keep the stalks intact. If you can’t find onions or garlic with the stalks intact, try a farmer’s market. Growing them yourself is a great way to get them as well.

Take a week to two weeks to dry out the garlic and onions. You want the stalks not squishy but not too dry.

Select your three largest garlic or onions and place them on a table with the stalks facing the same direction. Tie a piece of string around the stalks, envisions or speaking how you’re uniting or tying the members of the family together. These should be three members of the household who get along the best or are the “foundation” of the household. Maybe whoever is on the apartment lease, pays the most important bills, or is a good mediator.

Next, start braiding the stalks. If you don’t know how to braid, I’ll link some tutorials for braiding garlic and onions a little further on, but I’ll explain it quickly. Take the left stalk (or strand of hair or whatever) and cross it over the middle. Then you take the rightmost stalk and cross it over the middle (which was once the leftmost stalk. Then you take the current leftmost stalk (what was once the center stalk in the beginning) and cross it over the current middle stalk (once the rightmost stalk). Then repeat, back and forth until done.

To add more onions or garlic to the braid, you pick up the garlic/onion and place it wherever you like and add the stalk to whatever side you’re putting it on. So rather than one stalk, there’s two stalks for one “strand”. Braid a bit more to secure than add a garlic or onion to the opposite side. Keep going to fill out the braid.

You can name the garlic or onions you’re adding, representing each person and animal in the household. Towards the top, you may even wish to add people who are not part of the household but are frequent visitors, like a significant other or a best friend. It doesn’t have to be a large braid. If you only have a handful of onions or garlic, that’s okay.

When you’ve added all the garlic/onion you want to add, then braid up the stalks to give it a good base and use a piece a string to tie it off, confirming that you’re uniting these people under the same roof for good harmony or whatever.

Store the onion / garlic braid in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to use it. Or just hang it somewhere in your kitchen away from the sink.

You can use the onion and garlic in your cooking. When you break off or cut the onion/garlic off, say something like “I cut away our disharmony” to counter the act of removing the onion or garlic from the braid. Watch to make sure that there isn’t disharmony directed towards or from this person after you cut off their onion or garlic. Depending on your style of magic, you may find that the braid can only be used decoratively and not practically.

I’ve given some simple steps to do this, but there’s more in-depth tutorials for this sort of thing out there. Here’s how to braid garlic. And here’s how to braid onions.


Gifting Apple Spell for New Beginnings

Apples are often a traditional gift. Fresh fruit was, and still is, considered a good gift because your average person, historically, didn’t have regular access to fresh fruit often. And apples travel well and last much longer than most fresh fruit.

There’s a tradition of gifting (or bobbing for) apples on Halloween night to grant luck to each member of a house. Halloween is sometimes used as a the end of the year, so this spell sort of falls into a similar category, but isn’t really the same thing.

This spell can use any fruit you want. I’ve chosen apples because it’s a common gifting fruit, but oranges are popular too in some regions of the world. I tend to choose the fruit depending on the person I’m gifting it to. You can also gift many fruits at the same time with this spell. Just repeat the spell on each piece of fruit.

You can also do this spell outside of the calendar New Year. It’s intended for new beginnings, so it can be for any time – someone buying a house, moving in together, a baby, etc. I’ve used it for college students too, who could probably use a bit of fresh fruit in between the usual coffee-pizza-beer diet. It’s also a lovely way of marking your calendar year when it doesn’t match up with the standard Gregorian calendar year.

Of course, one should remember that you are gifting enchanted food – so make sure the party you’re gifting it to will appreciate it for what it is and knows what to expect. And don’t forget to check the notes after the spell!

What you’ll need:

  • Apples or fruit
  • Sun water
  • Moon water
  • Purified, clean drinking water (see notes)
  • Cloth or towel to dry the apple with

First, pick the best apples for your gift. This is purely personal choice, but you may wish to take into account the flavor of the apple, texture variations in the varieties of apples, and the apple color.

Make sure to wash the apple’s skin, prepping it for eating. You can use the purified drinking water for this step, if you like, but tap water is fine too.

Pour sun water over the fruit, saying “I douse this apple in the sun’s warmth, so it brings joy, abundance, and light to the one who eats it.”

Pour moon water over the apple and say, “I douse this apple in the moon’s light, so it brings power, strength, and courage to the one who eats it.”

Wash the apple with the purified drinking water and say, “I clean this apple in pure water, to bring health and clarity to the one who eats it.”

Dry the apple off with your cloth and say, “The one who eats this apple is gifted all the opportunities they want and need to take advantage of this new beginning.”

Then simply gift the apples to your intended recipient.


  • As said above, any fruit can be used, but fruit with skin like apples or oranges fair better than softer fruits that may be damaged by so much water.
  • Sun water is simply water that is has been infused by pure, bright sunlight.
  • Moon water here refers to full moon water, water that is infused under the light of a full moon
  • The purified drinking water here serves as an important step. Not only does it bring health as an additive to the spell, but it also cleans off the sun and moon water, which may be stagnate and not the healthiest water to drink/eat.


Moving? Magical “First Ins” – What to Bring Into Your New Home First

Moving? Magical "First Ins" - What you need to bring into you new home first for it's best magical start |
Moving? Magical “First Ins” – What you need to bring into you new home first for it’s best magical start |

There’s a common tradition that the first things you bring into your new home should be representative of what you want the home to generate and hold, as well as good luck and abundance.

I love this tradition and have used it each time I’ve moved or entered a newly renovated space. I don’t move often, but when I do, I make sure to do this.

However, it’s a bit more tricky than the folklore sounds. The reality is that you might go in and out of your future home half a dozen times before you “move in”. If you’re buying a house there’s open houses, showings, house inspections, house appraisals, and final walkthroughs. Never mind any times where you have the keys but haven’t moved in yet so you can clean or whatever. So the first time through the door might not actually be the first time. 

When to move in varies too. Thursdays on the waxing moon is considered ideal, but a new moon is also good. (However, Thursday is considered to be a more expensive day to move, especially if hiring movers.) Some people say Fridays and Saturdays are terrible days to move because you won’t settle in the home, but others say it’s auspicious. Rainy days are an absolute no-go, but as someone who’s moved in heat waves and snow, all I can say is avoid extreme weather conditions if possible. Finally, you should finish moving before sunset for the best of luck (and also for safety reasons, I imagine.)

For me, I do this moving ritual in stages. Here’s my routine:

Phase One – Cleanse and Clean

Before I move in, I take a few hours to walk through the home and energetically cleanse it. I do it with sounds, energy, incense, magic powders, and enchanted water.

Then I clean the space, even if it’s been cleaned previously. Kitchen, bathroom, floors, doorknobs, light switches, keys get washed.

Now, obviously I have to bring in stuff to do all that with. Plus, I’ll haul in my purse, water, probably some sort of chair, snacks, etc. This phase takes a while and I might not be the only one there.

If I have to do any work on the place in question, this is the time to do it. Painting, changing door locks, new light fixtures or appliances should be done now. 

Tasks I consider at this time are:

Light a fire in any fireplaces to drive out the darkness and warm the home (check the flue first!)

Fennel stuffed into keyholes keeps out malicious witches and other maliciousness beings. You can also hang the fennel over the door.

Paint the ceiling of the porch pale blue to ward off spirits

Air out all closed / contained spaces, such as crawl spaces, basements, closets, cupboards, etc. Even better, make sure light enters each of these spaces.

Open an east facing window to help light, air, sunrise, and energy move. Close it at sunset.

Ring bells to clear the air and shift energy

Scattering rice and coins across the floor comes from specific cultural traditions (Philippines). Sprinkle blessing powder or moon water or some other type of positive energy bringing across the floor and in each corner of the house.

Go out the same door you came in through.

Basic warding spells to keep everything out if you’re going to come back another day before officially moving in.

Phase Two – First Ins

I take the time to be the first one in. This might mean I go to the new place early and bring the stuff in or I might immediately do it right after cleansing and cleaning. What I bring in first varies entirely on what I feel like the space needs. The more permanent the stay, the more stuff I bring.

  • Bread
  • Rice
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Books
  • Honey
  • Candles
  • Wine or chosen alcohol
  • New broom
  • Handful of coins and money (not debit or credit card)
  • Citrus fruit and/or any fruit (a citrus or fruit plant works too). I like bringing oranges and strawberries, but depending on what you want to introduce to your home, pick accordingly.
  • Basil plant or some other sort of kitchen herby plant associated with luck and money
  • Fresh cut flowers
  • Icons of luck such as clovers, fish, other animals, horseshoes, stars, acorns, turtles, 
  • Crystals and stones
  • Letting a cat walk through the door first should bring good fortune – and the cat may become the target of any ill will.  (Pets should be introduced to a new environment slowly anyway, so when I bring my cat with me while I’m working in the new home and then put her where ever she’s going to be for the furniture moving bit.)

Things to NOT bring with you the first time you’re ritually entering the home.

Bring these in a bit later. You probably have a car load of stuff to carry in anyway, so bring this stuff in the next time or whatever.)

  • Your old broom or stick mop (should be left at old place or tossed out)
  • Ritual brooms (doesn’t count to the throw away rule unless you feel like they do)
  • Your mail
  • Credit cards or anything with debt attached to it. 
  • Vacuums, roombas, swiffer style mops, and similar devices (especially if they haven’t been both ritually and mundanely cleaned.)
  • Mattresses or pillows (especially if they haven’t been ritually cleaned)

In your second load of stuff to bring in, I’d recommend:

  • Toilet paper
  • Cleaning supplies (all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, scrub brushes, etc)
  • Disinfectant 
  • Paper towels or kitchen towels
  • Dish sponge or cloths
  • Trash bags 
  • Dust pan for the broom (after it’s been cleaned and cleanse)
  • Duster
  • Vacuums, roombas, etc.
  • Hand soap
  • Laundry detergent and dryer sheets
  • Air fresheners of some kind
  • Step ladder
  • Light bulbs
  • Measuring tape
  • First aid kit including disinfectant and bandages
  • Phone charger
  • Pen and paper and permanent marker
  • Tool kit
  • Scissors
  • Shower liner
  • Duct tape
  • Flashlight / lantern
  • Bucket
  • Snacks and drinks that don’t require utensils or dishes
  • Your paperwork and any documents or items that you didn’t bring in before (ie, credit cards)
  • Some sort of pain management for the soreness or headache that you almost certainly will have

Your third load is recommended to be these items, especially if you’re spending the night at the new place.

  • Spare clothes
  • Pajamas
  • Clothes for the next day
  • Toiletries
  • Bedding
  • Air mattress or similar (if furniture is not in place)
  • Bath towels
  • Something to do if the internet isn’t in place (board game, movie on laptop or TV, book, etc)
  • Coffee maker, mugs, coffee items
  • Pet food and accessories
  • Cups, plates, and utensils (one set for each person)
  • Folding table and chairs
  • Food for breakfast or a solid plan for getting food in the morning
  • Take out menus for dinner or solid plans for dinner
  • Bottle of wine or appropriate beverage with a bottle opener
  • Pot to cook in

Tasks to do at this time:

  • Open an east facing window and keep it open for the duration of the move, especially if you’re using movers. Close it when everyone but the household residents have left
  • Pick a single room and designate it as the dumping ground for random boxes. Ideally, this should be a room that is out of the way and doesn’t have a lot of large furniture in it or that furniture should go in first.
  • Place large furniture pieces first and worry about the smaller stuff that doesn’t require two people to lift and move later. 
  • Pour a libation or make an offering to the spirits of the land, the house, or your deities are appropriate. It don’t need to be fancy, it just needs to be.

Phase Three – Settling In

First things first, do a light cleansing to clear out any negative emotions that rose during the move.

  • Put away your kitchen and bathroom stuff first, then work on the bedrooms. Don’t try to fully unpack. Instead, get stuff in place that needs to be in place to feel like more comfortable. Then go room by room.
  • Keep a running list on the fridge on tasks that need to be done. A loose doorknob, a window that doesn’t open or close right, a piece of furniture that got damaged in the move, etc. This helps you remember to do those tasks when you get a chance as you unpack.
  • Put a box aside to put random things you’re going to donate. You always find stuff that you don’t really want, need, or like while unpacking and having a box set up just for that kind of thing is extremely helpful.
  • Invoke a guardian spirit or servitor to protect your new home. Start working with the local land spirits and the spirit of the home itself.
  • A housewarming party is a great way of bringing life, laughter, and abundance into the home. That might not be on the docket right now, given the pandemic, but it’s something to consider for the future.

This is something that will be individualized to your needs and specific move. I was still moving around kitchen drawers and unpacking boxes three months after moving into our new house. It happens. Just go with the flow as much as possible while keeping up a positive attitude. It can do wonders.

Bell Cleansing New Year Spell (Spell Saturday)

Happy new year!

I don’t know about all of you, but sometimes a cleansing is exactly what you need to start the new year fresh. If you don’t get the chance to do a cleansing before the turn of the calendar year, that doesn’t mean all is lost. Just do it now (or as soon as you can).

What you’ll need:

  • A bell with a good, clear, pleasant sound

Ideally, you should use a bell made from materials appropriate to cleansing and then blessed. But not everyone’s sinking their cash into a bell unless they really want to. I find this type of cleansing works perfectly well using any kind of bell, even a bell sound from your phone. My only real qualifications is that the bell has to sound clear and pleasant to you.

Once you’ve acquired your bell or bell sound, go to each door of your house, including the front and back door, and open them all.

Standing on the threshold of the door, start by ringing the bell and “chase” the old year out of the house. Move in a flowing motion through each room of the house, ringing the bell as often as you like.

I usually do three times for ever space I enter and I usually start with rooms to the east of my house, but the flowing motion of the rooms is more important than the actual direction for this spell.

With each ring of the bell, say “I chase you out [year]!” But you can also say something like “Begone [year]!” and “Get out [year] and take the baggage with you!” You can also say things like “Leave ill omens!” or “I cleanse this room and my luck.” Whatever feels best for you. Go with your instincts here.

As you leave each room, shut the door behind you firmly. Chase the old year out the back door of your house. Stop at the threshold of the door and shut it without stepping outside.


  • If you live in a home with only one door, then chase the new year out of the front door, but make sure you make a complete circle of the house first.
  • If you live in a home with a fire escape rather than a back door, you can safely use the fire escape as a “back door” instead of the front door, if you prefer.
  • If you have more than two doors, then the final door of the spell should be the one furthest from the first door of the house.

First Days, a New Year’s Week Tradition

Have you ever heard of the ritualized idea that what you do on the first day of the new year will continue on for the rest of the year? If you spend a lot of January first sleeping or arguing, the rest of the year will contain that.

I first heard of this from my friend Ginandjack. Eventually, I changed the tradition to a week long ritual of sorts. I LOVE the concept of it and I find that it really does work. Here’s my eight day long ritualized tradition.

December 31st, Day of Regret

  • Do things I don’t want to do in the new year but absolutely must get done.
  • Reflect and journal as needed
  • Divination for lessons learned, if needed
  • Clean the entire house
  • Food shopping
  • Settle debts, return borrowed things, lend things out as needed.
  • Schedule or pay bills early if possible
  • Contact people I want to see LESS of next year

January 1st

  • Do only the things that you want to spend most of the year doing.
  • Life a healthy lifestyle.
  • Do things that I want to encourage more of moving forward
  • Do not spend money (unless something MUST be paid for today and cannot be paid for earlier)
  • Eat foods that are considered good luck such as long noodles, circular foods, and so on.
  • Avoid doing chores such as laundry, dishes, and so on (unless necessary)
  • The first “random” song I hear during the New Year (ie, not one I know is coming or expect during New Year celebrations) can be taken as a prophecy.
  • The second song I hear should be one I choose that I want to be thematic for the upcoming year.
  • Divination is king
  • Visit or talk to people I want to see more of. (Sometimes I’ll bring food or salt with me as a New Year’s Luck Gift)
  • Nothing leaves the house (items)
  • Do not lend or borrow anything out.
  • No tears or you may cry for the rest of the year.
  • Wake up and get moving early (for me) in the morning.
  • Make bread
  • Make offerings
  • Watch the sunrise
  • See midnight in my region
  • Start routines I want to continue

January 2nd

  • Pay bills or schedule bills
  • Buy things I want to spend money on this year (vegetables or fruit are a great example), if I want to or need to. I prefer to try going to entire week without spending any extra money, but that’s just me.
  • Accomplish tasks I want to do more of, but don’t necessarily feel are as important as the things I wanted to do yesterday. An example might be I read a book yesterday and watched TV today)

January 3rd-7th

  • Continue what I’ve already started
  • Keep doing tasks I want to do more of during the year, but didn’t get to the days before.
  • Hop back on the bandwagon for things I intend to do everyday or on a schedule but already missed a day.
  • Remember to live my best and most healthy for me lifestyle

Obviously, this is a lot to observe and some of it requires prep. For example, if I intend to do New Year’s visits and bring gifts, I will actually prep them on the 31st and leave them in my vehicle or put them in a gift bag which clearly indicates what it’s intended purpose is. All of those items are things I won’t want back – like tupperware and so on.

I have noticed that the order in which I do things matter. For example, one year I decided to wait until the fifth day of the year to pay all my bills (my bills are all due at the middle or end of the month). For the rest of the year, I almost never paid the bills earlier than the fifth and a few times only just remembered to pay them before the due date. I normally always pay them on the second, so this was an odd change for me. The next year I switched back to paying them on the second and the other eleven months followed suit.

I also like to make sure I’m making changes from my previous routine if I decide I don’t like that routine. A good example would be changing to “work from home” clothes rather than just straight up pajamas or wearing the kind of style that you prefer rather than what’s “easier” (like you prefer cottage core but your easier style is sweat and a tee).

There are, of course, some things that I’d like to do more of but can’t. Swimming is one of my most favorite things in the world to do. However, I don’t have access to a pool in the colder months so I sometimes but on a bathing suit and listen to a water based soundscape for a while or I’ll take an extra long bath. If it’s warm enough, I’ll even drive to a beach and stick my feet into the freezing water.

(Did you know Rhode Island, where I’m from, does a polar plunge each year? A polar plunge which is when people go for a swim on the first of the year. Spending the first of the year on a beach is always nice. It’s a life goal to participate in that one day).

I know a lot of people do the first day of the year thing, but I like to extend it for the full week, to get any new routines off to a good start. Plus, then there isn’t as much guilt if you skip something due to lack of time or energy or whatever.

Anyway, that’s what I like to do during the first week of a new year. I find the tradition does tend to represent the rest of the year, but maybe that’s just me. What do you all think?