Ongoing Projects

A list of ongoing projects and a kind of roadmap of where they are in terms of production. If you’ve been waiting for a particular thing, here’s where you can check it’s status.

While the dates given are exact launch dates or timelines, they’re here to give you a good idea of what’s going on around the Crossroads House.

For progress with my novels and writing projects, go here.

Last updated: November 13th, 2017

Ardent Mugwort and Lavender Dreams flying ointments – Hoping to restock in December.

Advanced Magic Circles, a book – Actively being worked on. Working on third draft and illustrations. Possible launch date 2018 or longer as I’m seeking traditional publishing for this book.

Witchcraft 101 Course: Fundamentals of Crown Witchcraft – On hold until other projects are completed. Work resumed September 2017. Hoping for a launch date in January 2018.


The Butterfly Prince, a Patron exclusive novel – Completed, editing process to begin in February 2018. For patreon patrons only. Will be published independently after Patreon run completes.

New vessels for salt and sugar scrubs – I’m researching glass vessels instead. Aiming for March 2018.

Expand magical herbal powders line – Currently, I have only one magical herbal powder available. I intend to expand this line along with adding new glass vessels for them. Aiming for June 2018.

Words Are Magic online course: On hold until materials can be sourced. Work estimated to resume in 2018.

Website Revision + Shopify: On hold until July 2018. I know what I plan to do but currently I’m waiting for some things to run their course.

Collection of Spells book – In progress. First draft.

Secret Future Plan – SFP is more personal but impacted This Crooked Crown deeply. SFP has a ton of moving parts so it’s slow moving. If successful, it will open lots of new doors and adventures for This Crooked Crown. Potentially executed in spring 2018.

Eco-Friendly Sustainability – Actively and continuously working on bringing This Crooked Crown to being as green as possible. Check out the Sustainability Report for details.

If you’re interested in a particular project, let me know by dropping me an email or commenting on social media.