Ongoing Projects

A list of ongoing projects and a kind of roadmap of where they are in terms of production. If you’ve been waiting for a particular thing, here’s where you can check it’s status.

While the dates given are exact launch dates or timelines, they’re here to give you a good idea of what’s going on around the Crossroads House.

For progress with my novels and writing projects, go here.

Last updated: May 8th, 2019

Ardent Mugwort and Lavender Dreams flying ointments – Currently in stock at This Crooked Crown etsy shop.

Expand magical herbal powders line – Currently, I have only one magical herbal powder available. I intend to expand this line along with adding new glass vessels for them. Aiming for spring 2019.

Secret Future Plan – SFP is more personal but impacted This Crooked Crown deeply. SFP has a ton of moving parts so it’s slow moving. If successful, it will open lots of new doors and adventures for This Crooked Crown. Potentially executed in spring 2019.

Witchcraft 101 Course: Fundamentals of Crown Witchcraft – Coming late 2019

New vessels for salt and sugar scrubs – I’m researching glass vessels instead. Aiming for summer 2019.

The Butterfly Prince, a Patron exclusive novel – Completed, editing process to begin in 2019. For patreon patrons only. Will be published independently after Patreon run completes.

Collection of Spells book – In progress. First draft.

Advanced Magic Circles, a book – Actively being worked on. Working on third draft and illustrations. I’m seeking traditional publishing for this book. Expected in 2020

Words Are Magic online course: On hold until materials can be sourced. Work estimated to resume in 2020.

Website Revision + Shopify: On hold until July 2020. I know what I plan to do but currently I’m waiting for some things to run their course.

Eco-Friendly Sustainability – Actively and continuously working on bringing This Crooked Crown to being as green as possible. Check out the Sustainability Report for details.

If you’re interested in a particular project, let me know by dropping me an email or commenting on social media.