Ongoing Projects & Sustainability Report

Ongoing Projects

A list of ongoing projects and a kind of roadmap of where they are in terms of production. If you’ve been waiting for a particular thing, here’s where you can check its status.

While the dates given are exact launch dates or timelines, they’re here to give you a good idea of what’s going on around the Crossroads House.

For progress with my novels and writing projects, go here.

Last updated: March 11th, 2020

The Butterfly Prince, a Patron exclusive novel – Completed. Currently being published by chapter to patreon exclusively. Will be published independently after Patreon run completes.

Website store + revision – In progress. Etsy and Storenvy will stand as alternative payment options. Estimated date of completion is August 2020.

New vessels for salt and sugar scrubs – I’m researching glass vessels instead. Aiming for summer 2020.

Essentia of Crown Witchcraft self-paced lessons – Coming summer 2020

Salt Spells, a book – Actively being worked on. I’m seeking traditional publishing for this book. Expected in 2021.

Collection of Spells book – In progress. First draft.

Advanced Magic Circles, a book – Actively being worked on. Working on third draft and illustrations. I’m seeking traditional publishing for this book. Expected in 2021

Words Are Magic online course: On hold until materials can be sourced. Work estimated to resume in 2021.

Sustainability Report

This Crooked Crown is heavily conscious of environmental sustainability and endeavors to recycle or offer sustainable materials with my products. I also want to be completely open about where I are when it comes to sustainability.

Last updated March 11th, 2020

Herbs – Most herbs are grown, wildcrafted, or purchased from organic producers. I try for local sources first and foremost.

Beeswax – Purchased from an organic apiary in the Pacific Northwest. Currently seeking local producers.

Containers + Jars – Purchased new for sanitation reasons. All jars and containers can be washed and re-used by you.

Personal Order Note / Cards – 100% up-cycled. All notepads are given to me from various people and organizations.

Business Cards – Currently custom printed on Kraft paper. Seeking alternatives in 2022.

Product Labels – Currently custom printed. Actively looking for alternatives.

Boxes + Mailers – Boxes and gold mailers are 100% up-cycled. Once mailers run out, will switch to hand-making mailers out of recycled Kraft paper.

Tissue Paper & Kraft paper – 100% up-cycled for tissue paper. Kraft paper is recycled material and is often up-cycled. Both can be reused by you.

Cotton Thread – Bought new. Can be reused by you.

Packaging Material – 100% up-cycled. Products are often packaged in recycled Kraft paper. I save all packaging materials such as shipping peanuts or bubble wrap from my own incoming shipments and re-purpose them for your orders.

Printer Paper + Shipping Labels – 100% sugar cane paper.

Packaging Tape – Will switch to kraft packing tape when the switch to kraft mailers is made.

Electricity Consumption – High. If things go well, I expect to lower electricity consumption by as much as 75% by 2025 by using alternative energy sources.

Carbon Footprint – Low. Packages are picked up at the same time the local post is delivered or dropped off while running errands.

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