Free Twitter Tuesday Tarot Reading at @crookedcrown

Did you know I have a twitter? Well, I do! Mostly it contains community comments or shop updates but is it legit the fastest way to find out what’s up for This Crooked Crown at the moment.

But what if it was more?

ONE free tarot or oracle card reading will be given away every Tuesday for FREE via twitter @crookedcrown. Check @crookedcrown every Tuesday to see if you got this week’s free reading!

Each reading will be about 100 characters so they are going to be super mini readings! If you’re looking for something more in-depth, you’ll want to consider buying a larger reading.

How do you sign up for this kind of awesome?

Step 1: Sign up or log into twitter and find my twitter account @crookedcrown

Step 2: Send a private message to me via twitter (direct message) with your question and the acronym FTTTR so I know it’s for Free Twitter Tuesday Tarot Reading and not just you sending me a random question.

So a potential message might look like this: “Hi! FTTTR pls Will I get this promotion? TY!”

Step 3: Wait to see if you’re selected for that Tuesday’s Free Twitter Tuesday Tarot Reading!

That’s it!

If I don’t have any requests that week, then I’ll just pull a card for my followers as a whole. So it may still apply to you.

I have the right to select from the questions which one I want to answer that day so it’s somewhat first come first serve but also depends on my mood. I may not answer your question at all if I don’t feel it’s appropriate. Generally speaking, if you send in a question, I will eventually get around to answering it.

I do not accept questions on any other medium source nor do I give readings away anywhere else. This is it. This is your chance for a free reading. Please do not send a tumblr ask, email, or paper airplane with your question. I won’t answer it.