7 Spells to Cast When Protesting

What words can I say that haven't already been said? Black lives matter. If you're more outraged about property damage than human lives, then you have your priorities wrong and you're a shitty person. People do not need to "get over" the egregious murder of another person, especially at the hands of authority figures. Authority … Continue reading 7 Spells to Cast When Protesting

You Hold No Power Over Me [Spell Saturday #52]

Illusions are one of those types of spells that everyone hears about in fantasy games or novels but rarely sees in the magical community. Save for glamours, which are a type of illusion, this sort of spell work is rare. But rare doesn't mean it can't be troublesome. Illusion magic is not unlike a curse … Continue reading You Hold No Power Over Me [Spell Saturday #52]

Invisibility Glamour (Spell Saturday #22)

A glamour is a spell that is a field of illusion magic that concentrates on altering how the target is perceived.Glamours come in all shapes and sizes but they're incredibly useful all around. They're almost always temporary. They can also be cast unintentionally so you might have been using a glamour spell for years without … Continue reading Invisibility Glamour (Spell Saturday #22)