Lightning Protection Sigil

What you’ll need:

  • Mugwort
  • Thunder water
  • Paper

Steep mugwort in thunder water overnight.

The next day, use the steeped water to write a lightning protection sigil on the paper. It’s okay if it isn’t very visible or clear. 

You can make your own sigil or use the one I’ve provided below:

Place the paper at the highest point in your house that you can access. 


  • Thunder water is water collected during a thunderstorm. You may know it by other names such as lightning water or storm water.


How to Make a Good Dream Jar

Ever have dreams keep waking you up at night? Not just nightmares, but dreams that were stressful or so hectic that you feel exhausted in the morning? Or have you had such poor sleep and you think it might be dreams or nightmares causing it, even if you don’t remember the dreams in your waking hours?

When dreams, especially unwanted dreams, cause problems, it can be a difficult battle. This jar can help mitigate that. It can also be used to bring about good dreams even if you aren’t struggling against bad dreams. It’s an excellent way of just having a peaceful night’s sleep.

What you’ll need:

  • Mugwort
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Rose
  • Rosemary
  • Glass jar with lid or cork
  • Candle or sealing wax in blue or light purple

Cleanse your glass jar. Begin to heat your candle or sealing wax.

Layer your herbs in the jar in any pattern you find pleasing. As you add each in, think of the good, peaceful dreams you wish to have. You may speak aloud or simply think it.

Put the jar’s lid on top. The candle or sealing wax should be ready now. Pour it over your jar lid and say,

"Good dreams fill this jar 
Nightmares are barred 
I will sleep peacefully all night long."

Let the wax harden. Place the jar beside or under your bed.


Protection from Blades Spell

This is protection from metal blades. Inspired by a spell from The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes, found on page 881 under the title “Blade Proof Spell”.

What you’ll need:

  • Edelweiss
  • Borage
  • Nettle
  • Rowan wood
  • Ash wood
  • Ash from a fire (especially a fire used to forge a blade)
  • Black charm bag or bottle with stopper and black sealing wax

Gather together your plants and fire ash. Stir them together and say, 

"Protect me from fire 
Protect me from blades 
Protect me from the forge 
Protect me from malicious intent 
Protect me from sharp edges 
Protect me from dull brands 
Protect me from all harm."

Pour the mixture either in a black charm bag or a bottle with a stopper. If using the bottle, you should seal it with black wax over the stopper. 

As you tie the charm bag or seal the bottle, say,

"Fire made you, blades 
But you cannot harm me 
I am safe from all harm."


  • You could easily add a horseshoe charm, shavings from sharpening a blade, or a piece of forged metal in with the fire ash for extra protection. 


Long Distance Protection Spell

What you’ll need:

  • Jar candle, preferably blue or white in color
  • Marker or paint

Write on the bottom of your candle jar your target’s name. 

Light the candle and speak or think what you want to protect your target from. 

Be as specific or as general as you like with your protection chant. Just be heartfelt about it.

Let the candle burn while you speak and blow it out when you’re done.

The next day, light the candle and repeat the protection chant. Continue until the candle is entirely worn through. 

When done, toss out the unusable candle wax with a thank you.


  • Hot soapy water and a rough sided sponge should clean the marker or paint off the jar. This is useful if you want to reuse the jar once the candle is used up.


Protection from Authorities

This is a spell to protect you from harmful authority figures.

This could be a police or military force, but it may also be landlords, teachers, employers, or even parents. Anyone who has control over you in some way. Sometimes the people that are meant to protect us are exactly the thing we need protection from. This spell is intended to do just that.

What you’ll need:

  • Eggshells
  • Fennel seeds
  • Rosemary
  • Clover
  • Comfrey
  • Bay laurel
  • Mugwort
  • Burdock
  • Betony
  • Oak leaf
  • Dark blue or black candle
  • Fire-proof dish
  • Protection dressing oils (optional)


Combine the eggshells with the herbs and grind all of them into relatively the same size. Place them in a fireproof dish.

Dress the candle. Light the candle and say,

"Where I venture, danger lurks 
In the dark and in the light, 
I am safe from all harm 
Those with power over me 
Cannot see me 
Cannot know me 
Will not catch me. 
I am safe from all harm."

Sprinkle a bit of the herbal mixture over the flame but be careful not to start any fires. 

Pour some wax into the fireproof dish over the herbal mixture and slowly roll into a ball when it’s not too hot to touch. Add more wax as needed to secure all the herbal mixture in the ball. 

Set aside and let cool entirely. Carry it with you to avoid authority figures.


  • To dry eggshells properly, you need to boil the eggs to a hard boil state. Peel the eggshell from the hard-boiled egg and then the membrane from the eggshells. You want the shells by themselves. This can be a painstaking process, but it’s worth it as you only need a little bit for most spell work.
  • A thick ceramic or glass baking dish is good for this spell. You could also use a silicon mold, especially one in the shape of an oak leaf, bear, or boar.
  • The wax ball can be a bit sticky and will break apart in heat – especially body heat. You can protect this by tucking it in a cloth bag or even plastic bag.


A Charm to Escape an Enemy

This is a spell to escape any kind of enemy. A stalker, attacker, bully, or worse are prime examples. This is excellent for people to carry who do a lot of solo traveling, but it was originally designed to help someone get away in a dangerous situation – a warzone or avoid someone who would be violent towards you.

What you’ll need:

  • Juniper
  • Nettle
  • Clove
  • Vervain
  • Bay laurel
  • Celadine
  • Wormwood
  • Mullein
  • Cloth bag

Gather together the herbs and place them in a cloth bag. Close up the bag and shake it before holding it close to your heart and say the following,

"I escape all harm 
Enemies will not know me 
Enemies will not stop me 
Enemies will not stand in my way 
I pass by all who mean to harm 
Led to a place of safety and calm"

Carry the charm bag with you everywhere until you are free from your enemy. Pass it on to someone who might need it or bury it in your yard for protection.


  • The cloth bag can be any color, but protective colors are a good idea. Black or gray are good choices.
  • You can roll the herbs in a warm bit of wax rather than use a cloth bag. This is an especially good idea when you have a candle leftover from a protection spell.
  • You can make this charm for other people by swapping out the “I” with “them” or appropriate pronouns. If you’re making it for an unknown person, use “the carrier of this charm”.


Weapon Carrier’s Protection Spell

This spell is to protect the carrier of the weapon, not the weapon itself, but the spell is placed on the weapon. Wile this spell is intended to enchant a weapon used to protect your home and homeland, it can be used by hunters, police officers, soldiers, or other people who wield weapons.

What you’ll need:

  • Three jars or bottles, with lids
  • The weapon you wish to enchant
  • Sanitized athame or blood drawing method

With your jars or bottles in hand, go to three different water sources closest to your home or the area you protect. These could be lakes, park ponds, streams, rivers, the ocean, etc. It can also be rainwater! You can also think man-produced water sources, such as tap water, swimming pool, park fountains, etc. 

Once you have your water, dip a clean white cloth into each of the waters and wipe it across the weapon, essentially washing it. While doing this, concentrate on protecting the carrier of the weapon and the area you wish to protect. So if you’re the one who wields the weapon and you’re protecting your home, make sure to envision yourself being protected by the weapon from all harm. You can chant or speak your wishes aloud, if you prefer that method of enchantment. 

Once the weapon has been enchanted and bathed, place a drop of blood on the weapon and say,

“With my blood, I empower this weapon,

The wielder of this weapon is protect from all harm,

The land protected will guard and protect their own.

With my blood, this spell is sealed.”

Wipe the blood off and safely store the weapon until needed.


If you have a sacred or magical number that is more relevant to you, collect a sample of water from that number of water sources. 

The weapon’s protection will work best if kept in the same area the waters were collected in. However, that won’t stop the protection from working at all. It’ll work fine without being in that area – or carried by the enchanter themselves.


Protection Cloaking Spell

This is a quick spell that can be used by anyone who needs protection right now.  This verbal spell is more for people who need to hide or not be seen. It can be placed on a building or group of people, you just need to spend more energy to make it so.

Obviously, if you’re in some sort of danger, immediately remove yourself from that situation and get help. You should always back up your magic with practical actions too, if possible.

What to do:

Gather your energy around you and let it cover you entirely in one smooth swath. Like throwing a blanket over your head to cover your entire body. The energy should settle a bit heavy and warm over your body, but your results may vary. You may feel a bit sleepy or drained but push through to finish the spell.

As the energy settles, say,

“I am protected from all harm,

I am safe here.

I am unseen by all who may hurt me.

I am hidden from all harm.”


Make sure you are using practical and mundane methods of keeping safe!


Child Protection Spell

This is a spell for protecting children and it’s also a threshold spell.

Specifically, this spell has been designed and relying upon there being a physical threshold into the child’s domain (their bedroom or playroom, for example). This space can be shared by children, but ideally isn’t shared by an adult. An adult may enter the space, but they don’t spend a considerable amount of time there by themselves doing much more than chores or what-have-you.

For the purposes of this spell, the word “threshold” to mean the opening you use to enter the room. In actual architecture, the “threshold” is the bottom piece of the door that runs along the floor, hiding the gaps between flooring, adding stability to the door, and helping block out the elements. Usually, this is a door’s wooden framing or casement around it. It might be known to you as a doorway, door jamb, or lintel (which is actually a specific part of a door’s framing). But this spell doesn’t actually require the room to have a door frame or door, just an opening that separates the child’s room from the rest of the living space.

What you’ll need:

  • Cleansing water
  • Moon water
  • Sun water
  • Sea salt water (see notes)

First, wash down and clean the doorway and door of the child’s room with your preferred cleaning agent that’s safe for that surface.

You’ll also want to test in an inconspicuous area whether or not the waters we use in this spell can damage or stain the paint or varnish on the threshold.

Wipe down the threshold again with a cleansing water. You can also use smoke cleansing or sound cleansing, if you prefer or add to the cleansing procedure. Your choice here.

In a clean jar or bowl, mix together the sun and moon water. Stir the waters together and say,

"This child is protected by sunlight.
This child is protected by moonlight.
This child is blessed by the sun and moon,
This child is protected under their watchful eye,
Guarded and nurtured by their gentle, parental eye."

Now add in the salt water to the bowl.

"Protected by salt and water, this child is safe from all harm."

Now wash the threshold with the water. You can repeat the verbal clause of the spell again as you wash the threshold, if you like.

Every time the child goes through the threshold, they will receive protection. Renew annually or after cleaning or repainting the area.


  • “Child” can be swapped for “children”. It can also be used for anyone, regardless of age, so long as you consider updating the wording as needed.
  • Sea salt water can be water harvested from the ocean then purified to remove debris or you can dissolve sea salt in regular water and use that.
  • If you do use the ocean water, you can add a line of the child being protected by the ocean too.
  • For varnish cleansing water, 1 cup water and a drop or two or lemon essential oil. Enchant for cleansing while you mix the water. Dry completely after washing. Remember to test in a inconspicuous area first.
  • For painted walls or wood cleansing water, 3 cups water and half a spoonful of white vinegar. Let air until the vinegar scent has dissipated and add a drop or two of rosemary or sage infused water . Enchant for cleansing while you mix the water. Dry completely after washing. Remember to test in a inconspicuous area first.
  • Moon water is water that is infused by moonlight. Set a covered jar of water under the light of a full moon for at least an hour.
  • Sun water is water that is infused by sunlight. Set a covered jar of water in a sunny spot on a very bright, sunny day for at least an hour.
wash the doorway of the child's room with a surface safe cleaning agent and surface safe cleansing water. 

In a clean bowl, mix together sun water and moon water. Stir and say,

"This child is protected by sunlight.
This child is protected by moonlight.
This child is blessed by the sun and moon,
This child is protected under their watchful eye,
Guarded and nurtured by their gentle, parental eye."

Now add in sea salt water and stir.

"Protected by salt and water, this child is safe from all harm."

Now wash the doorway with the mixed water. Repeat the above phrases as you wash it.

Every time the child goes through the doorway, they're granted protection.


Protection Witch Bottle

A witch bottle is a jar spell. Simple, right? Typically, they’re protection spells, but sometimes they’re curses. There’s actually quite a history attached to them and many have been recovered during renovation and archaeological excavations. It’s a pretty neat topic to research, if you’re interested in such things.

This one is simple to make but will provide powerful protection to the property you live on. If you move, be sure to take it with you! This isn’t the kind of spell to be leaving around.

What you’ll need:

  • A jar or bottle with lid, ideally glass or ceramic (see notes)
  • Salt (your choice of what kind)
  • Three pins or needles
  • Three nails
  • Three screws
  • Three sticks or bark from one of the following: juniper, oak, rowan, hawthorn, hemlock, hazel, cedar, ash or birch (Alternatively, you can use one stick or piece of bark from three of the choices available)
  • Three flowers from one of the following: rose, gardenia, hellebore, oleander, jasmine, iris, hyssop, cornflower, or geranium. (Alternatively, you can use one flower from three of the choices available)
  • Three herb sprigs from one of the following: rosemary, rue, dill, nettle, angelica, vervain, lavender, garlic, or mugwort. (Alternatively, you can use one herb sprig from three of the choices available)
  • Three parts of you: A lock of your hair, drop of your blood, fingernail cuttings, piece of your skin, your urine, etc.
  • Sealing wax or candle (any color)

First, prep your jar and make sure it’s as clean and dry as possible.

Next, gather up your metal ingredients and plant ingredients and place them inside. While you do this, you should say, speak, or think about what you’re protecting and what you’re protecting it from.

Fill the jar the rest of the way with salt, leaving enough room for the last ingredients.

Place the chosen bits of yourself inside the jar and seal it with the sealing wax or drip enough wax to seal the jar entirely.

Now, bury next to your home, preferably the front door. You can alternatively store it in the basement, attic, or the back of a closet.


  • The jar or bottle is usually made with glass because that’s easy to acquire – just wash and air a pickle or jam jar. I personally prefer unglazed ceramic, but stone has also been used. Metal has been used but I don’t readily recommend it because it’s often painted with harmful chemicals. Plastic, silicon, or rubber is not recommended. People say this is because it’s a manmade material so it doesn’t possess the same energy or whatever. I don’t recommend it because it doesn’t break down easily or if it does, it released the innards of the jar to the world – which in this spell would be particularly harmful given the salt quantity.
  • You can absolutely choose other herbs, flowers, or trees here. Pick whatever protection based flora works for you.
  • When it comes to burying glass items or items with lots of salt in it, I can’t really recommend burying it in the ground. A good middle ground is to dig a large hole where you want to place the spell and bury a clay pot with a lid in that space. Place the witch bottle in that pot and you’ll have extra protection in case something goes wrong. You can also easily uncover the pot and replace or add additional protections down the road.