How to Make Moon Water

Bringing things back to basics with a how to make moon water. I know this seems like a pretty obvious thing to some folks, but I often get messages asking me what this ingredient is or what that ingredient does. Ingredients many practitioners consider very basic, like full moon water.

First, let’s cover what full moon water is. Moon water is water that has absorbed the light of a moon. This can be any moon phase at all. Usually though, when people refer to moon water, they’re referring to full moon water.

As you might guess, full moon water is water that has absorbed the light of a full moon. New moon water is water that has absorbed the light (or lack thereof) of the new moon. Waning and waxing moon water can also be used.

Now there are some variations of names here and some additives to take into account. I’ve seen people refer to new moon water as starlight water because without the moon, it’s really water just gaining starlight. it’s also called dark moon water, because the new moon is sometimes called the dark moon.

People also will divide the moon water up further by including and calculating out the astrological and planetary positions. I don’t have much to do with astrology, not my field of expertise, so I tend to mark the data down, but I rarely do anything with it beyond grabbing a jar marked “full moon water”.

There’s also some variation on how to actually make full moon water. what you actually need is water. But the type of water matters to some people. Others add intent to the water. Other people add crystals, herbs, salt, and so on.

Truth be told, adding these things tends to make it no longer just moon water. Adding a crystal in the water really makes it a moon water gem elixir and adding herbs in the water is just a herbal infusion. But if that’s how you want to make your moon water, then go for it! Just know that most spells aren’t referring to anything other than water that has absorbed the moon.

Ready for the recipe?


  • Water, any kind. Purified, spring, bottled, filtered, or tap.
  • A clear jar with sealing lid
  • A paint marker, any color or label
  • A clear, cloudless night during the full moon

First, make sure your jar and lid are clean.

Next, pour your water into the jar and cap it. You can enchant the water, put some intent in there (such as matching the intents to what the moon phase tends to represent), or you can say nothing at all.

Place the jar in a window or outside where it will be in clear sight of the moon. This should be done after moon rise (so, pretty much as soon as you can see the moon and after the sun has set).

You can leave the jar out there as long as you’d like, but try to take it back inside before sunrise.

Label the jar by writing on the jar with the paint marker or using a pre-made label. The label should at least read “full moon water” (or whatever phase the moon is at), but you might also want to add a location, date, weather, and so on to your label.

Place the jar somewhere dark without sunlight, like a closet or cupboard. use the full moon water in spells, to anoint items for more power, abundance, happiness, to bless something with lunar energy, or to charge an item.

If you’re making any other type of moon water, this above also applies, just do it on a clear night where the moon is in the right phase.

I even made you a little pinterest how to for you all. Easier to reference, for sure. Hope this helps!


You Hold No Power Over Me [Spell Saturday #52]

Illusions are one of those types of spells that everyone hears about in fantasy games or novels but rarely sees in the magical community. Save for glamours, which are a type of illusion, this sort of spell work is rare.

But rare doesn’t mean it can’t be troublesome. Illusion magic is not unlike a curse in that you may find yourself disoriented or lost and not sure how that happened. Confusion and an irresistible but unexplained draw to something you normally wouldn’t be drawn to is also common.

Here’s a simple spell to ward off illusions and to disperse them from you. It works excellent on glamours and, better yet, is extremely low key. Perfect for date night. Make sure to check the notes for some useful tips.

You Hold No Power Over Me by This Crooked Crown


What you’ll need:

  • A clear drinking glass
  • Drinkable water or drinkable liquid


Get a clear glass of drinkable water. It you’re out in public, simply order a glass of water. There should be light shining through your drink and drinking glass so you may need to move around a bit until this happens.

Keep your target in sight and run your finger around the top rim of the drinking glass.  As you do this, think or say softly,

“You in my sights

I see through your charms

I see through your spells

I see through you

You are as clear to me as glass

You hold no power over me”

Since the above verse is a bit long to say, you can shorten it the following but I find that it isn’t as directed and thus isn’t as useful as the full above verse.

“You in my sights

You hold no power over me”

No matter what verse you use, take a drink from your glass while keeping your target in sight at the end of the verse. You should  become disillusioned from the target now and they may seem less attractive or less desirable than before. If nothing happens, you may need to ramp up your spell casting to a cleansing or analyze whether what you’re feeling in genuine interest in that person.

Chocolate Rose Tea Love Philter by This Crooked Crown


  • The drinking cup should be clear-ish. Tinted glass won’t change the spell but opaque glasses such as solid plastic cups will.
  • Water is used in this spell but any drinkable liquid is just fine so long as it reflect light a bit. You can definitely cast this spell with an alcoholic beverage.
  • If you really can’t get your hands on a clear drinking glass and you need this spell in a hurry, tilt the cup back and forth until your drink reflects in the light. Do this a few times and carry on with the spell. It’ll work in a pinch.
  • This spell could easily be used for other spell dismissing or even a way to separate yourself from someone overbearing.

Happy casting!

Chocolate Rose Tea Love Philter

A philter is a magical potion geared towards inducing love. This Love Philter is a tasty treat that you can share with your partner or drink yourself to encourage self-love. It can be served hot or cold and adjusted to your taste.

I actually do a ton of baking but I don’t tend to share recipes. Something about sharing something that you’ll consume makes me cautious, even if the food is perfectly normal. Kinda weird, right?

Anyway, make sure you read the recipe through entirely and the notes before giving it a try. Remember: ask for consent before giving a loved one this drink!





  • 2 level teaspoons black tea of choice
  • Small handful of organic rose petals
  • 1 cup water
  • 3-5 strawberries
  • 2 level tablespoons cocoa powder or powdered hot chocolate
  • Sugar or sweetener of choice  to taste
  • Strainer

Mix two teaspoons of your favorite black tea and rose petals and steep it in a cup of water for at least five minutes, 10 minutes is optional for this philter. Strain and keep the liquid. While you do this, whisper to yourself what kind of foundation for love you want to have. Maybe you want the evening to be sexy and fun or you want to love your body more.

Wash and cut the tops off your strawberries. Puree them in a blender with the liquid tea until smooth. While you do this, imagine treating each other to something special with your lover or treating yourself kindly.




Add in cocoa powder or hot chocolate powder. Blend well. Add in sugar/sweetener to taste and blend well. Envision having fun and enjoying yourself or yourselves. You should be getting what you want in this imaginary scenario.

Strain drink into wine glasses (chilled) or teacups (hot) and serve. As you create this, make your final requests such as “we will have a great night”, “I love you”, or “I love me”.

If you want to get super fancy, top with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Serve with chocolate covered strawberries or a delicate dessert.





  • This can be served hot or cold.
  • You can use any black tea you want. I tend to go with Ceylon but Lady Gray’s a good choice too. If you have a Valentine’s or love themed tea, give that a try.
  • I tend to use honey for a sweetener but you can use whatever you have on hand, even granulated sugar. If using granulated sugar, remember to mix very well or the drink may be grainy.
  • Remember to tightly secure the blender cover before turning on the blender. This is a “well, duh” kind of thought but seriously, remember to do this. You don’t want to have to clean up the mess.
  • “Level tea/table spoons” is specified here. When something calls for a teaspoon or tablespoon of whatever, it almost always means a level teaspoon or tablespoon. A level spoon means that it’s not a heaping spoonful but the same level that soup broth would be at if it filled the spoon.


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Drink up!

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Grace Under Fire Potion

Sometimes, you just need to keep your cool despite all the stress and annoyances in life. This potion can help you do just that.

You’ll need:

  • Saucepan
  • Open flame (see notes)
  • 1 pint Purified water
  • 3 parts Ginger
  • 1 part Rosewater or Pink roses
  • Pinch Allspice
  • Pinch Betony
  • Pinch Valerian
  • Pinch Sage

Over an open flame, simmer all the ingredients together. Don’t allow to boil. Set aside and let cool to drinking temperature. You can serve over ice.

Consumption tips:

Taste-wise, this isn’t all that great. You may want to play around with the recipe a bit until you find something tasty.


  • Ginger ale, candied ginger, or ginger beer can be exchanged for ginger
  • Candied rose petals are a good alternative
  • Valerian and sage can be omitted if desired. Betony is essential.
  • You can make this in two parts, a tisane with allspice, betony, valerian, and sage followed by a rosewater and ginger shot. Or, you can drink the tisane and eat candied rose petals and candied ginger.
  • Open flame is necessary for this specific potion. Stove top flame is perfect for this but you could heat this up over a candle or campfire stove.
  • Remember fire safety!

Happy casting!

Does this seem familiar? There’s a spell version of it!

Love By the Moon Spell [Spell Saturday #18]

On a night where the moon is particularly bright or beautiful, hold a bowl or glass of water so the moon is reflected in the surface of the water. The water and bowl/glass should be clean and drinkable.

Now, while the reflection of the moon is in your hands,

“Under the light of this moon, I call to one who can love me

One who be honest and true, someone who will love me with their free heart

Look upon this moon and hear my call

Come to me and let us meet soon

By the light of the next full moon.”

Now drink the water completely.


You don’t have to be outside for this to work. A window will work just as well.

This spell is NOT designed for a specific individual but instead to call a potential love interest that is not entangled in other romantic interests. Someone who is ready and willing to try their hand at a relationship with you.

If you don’t meet anyone new, try it again during the next moon.

Happy casting!