How to Make Moon Water

Bringing things back to basics with a how to make moon water. I know this seems like a pretty obvious thing to some folks, but I often get messages asking me what this ingredient is or what that ingredient does. Ingredients many practitioners consider very basic, like full moon water. First, let's cover what full … Continue reading How to Make Moon Water

You Hold No Power Over Me [Spell Saturday #52]

Illusions are one of those types of spells that everyone hears about in fantasy games or novels but rarely sees in the magical community. Save for glamours, which are a type of illusion, this sort of spell work is rare. But rare doesn't mean it can't be troublesome. Illusion magic is not unlike a curse … Continue reading You Hold No Power Over Me [Spell Saturday #52]

Chocolate Rose Tea Love Philter

A philter is a magical potion geared towards inducing love. This Love Philter is a tasty treat that you can share with your partner or drink yourself to encourage self-love. It can be served hot or cold and adjusted to your taste. I actually do a ton of baking but I don't tend to share recipes. … Continue reading Chocolate Rose Tea Love Philter

Grace Under Fire Potion

Sometimes, you just need to keep your cool despite all the stress and annoyances in life. This potion can help you do just that. You'll need: Saucepan Open flame (see notes) 1 pint Purified water 3 parts Ginger 1 part Rosewater or Pink roses Pinch Allspice Pinch Betony Pinch Valerian Pinch Sage Over an open … Continue reading Grace Under Fire Potion

Love By the Moon Spell [Spell Saturday #18]

On a night where the moon is particularly bright or beautiful, hold a bowl or glass of water so the moon is reflected in the surface of the water. The water and bowl/glass should be clean and drinkable. Now, while the reflection of the moon is in your hands, "Under the light of this moon, … Continue reading Love By the Moon Spell [Spell Saturday #18]