Spells Cast

Custom spells cast by a professional witch with over 25 years experience.

All spells are realized with a beautiful physical item you’ll be able to hold in yours hands.

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Apothecary Goods

Seasonal magical concoctions & herbs straight from the witch’s garden.

Handcrafted powders, salves, inks, oils, salts, & spell ingredients.

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Magical Charms

Unique one of a kind creations crafted for one purpose – to enchant your life for the better.

Handcrafted items ranging from spell bottles, candles, charm bags, talismans, & more.

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Fortunes Told

Tarot card readings, scrying, & divination of all kinds. All read by a professional tarot card reader, diviner, oracle, & seer.

Querents receive a lovely PDF by emails with their fortunes and accompanying photos inside.

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