Grimoire or Book of Shadows 101

    Grimoire, Book of Shadows, Book of Secrets, Book of Spells... Magical research is often collected into a book (or two) and is known by a specific name. There isn't a universal name that is correct for your book. You can name it whatever you want! Although "grimoire" isn't a technically accurate name for … Continue reading Grimoire or Book of Shadows 101


How to Create a Deity (Pop Culture Paganism)

  A few years ago there was quite a kerfuffle about pop culture paganism. Okay, I'm totally downplaying it. It was pretty much a knock-out drag-down fight where people from all over were weighing in on their private blogs and tumblrs. It was a thing for at least a week. It's a weird thing to … Continue reading How to Create a Deity (Pop Culture Paganism)

Protection During Storms [Spell Saturday #70]

This spell will not guarantee your safety but it should help provide opportunities to keep you safe. This spell is ideal for situations where you may be evacuated due to weather. Remember to heed safety and rescue instructions when you're dealing with severe weather conditions. And please, be safe. What you'll need: Nettle Mugwort Mullein … Continue reading Protection During Storms [Spell Saturday #70]

Ghosts and Spirits Tarot Review

Ghost and Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt Status: Currently reading with it Best for: Questions involving spirits, this is a very spirit oriented deck. This is also a great deck for people who love folklore and supernatural or the macabre. Favorite cards: Page of Pentacles, Two of Cups, Justice Acquired from and date: 2015. A gift … Continue reading Ghosts and Spirits Tarot Review

Protection from Fire [Spell Saturday #69]

This is a spell designed to protect a home, business, or location in general from fire. This is not going to guarantee your home will be fire-free so make sure you have appropriate renters, business, or homeowner's insurances along with fire safety equipment. Seriously, don't be foolish. Don't use just this spell to protect your … Continue reading Protection from Fire [Spell Saturday #69]

Review: The Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin – 4/5

The Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin - 4/5 - You should be reading this.  [Crown's review guide here.] I didn't see any flaws in this book. I sometimes felt the book was missing something. I think that's because this is more of a creative lifestyle book using tarot as a medium of understanding than a … Continue reading Review: The Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin – 4/5