Glimmering Moon Beauty Spell

This is a simple beauty spell, channeling the moon as your source of beauty inspiration. This spell requires a whole month of set-up and dedication, then repeats once a month for as long as you'd like to use the spell. What you'll need: A small mirror, preferably roundA bowl large enough to fit the mirror … Continue reading Glimmering Moon Beauty Spell

Charmed Meeting Attention Spell

This spell is intended to introduce you to someone or at least meet someone new. It can be used when you want to make a good impression or it can be used just so you meet someone during the day. It's not a love spell, exactly, more of a "hey, pay attention to me" kind … Continue reading Charmed Meeting Attention Spell

Hidden Altars & Supply Storage

I don't keep an altar. I don't need one in my practice.┬áBut I like the beauty of altars and shrines and most people do have them. But not everyone can leave things out, whether because they're not public with their craft or they have children, pets, or share space with other people. I do, however, … Continue reading Hidden Altars & Supply Storage

Heart Weave Love Spell

This spell is to draw a lover to you, someone who will love you and you'll love them, and carries specific qualities you desire in a partner. It's definitely an arts-and-crafts sort of spell, but useful if other spells of a similar style haven't worked for you yet. What you'll need: A piece of bendable … Continue reading Heart Weave Love Spell

January 2020 Round Up

Things that are still endlessly weird: Writing 2020. This month we kicked off with a post greeting 2020 into the world. It also covers this year's wishes and goals plus an introduction. It also also includes a self-dedication spell for your new year's resolutions at the bottom of the post. (Anyone fall off the wagon … Continue reading January 2020 Round Up

Handwriting as Sympathetic Magic

Sympathetic magic is the umbrella term for magic spells or techniques that a person or thing can be affected through their name or an object that represents them. The most common form of this is poppet magic. There's two facets of this type of magic. The first is imitation, such as that of a poppet, … Continue reading Handwriting as Sympathetic Magic

Lucky Hands Soap Spell

A daily luck spell that keeps on giving. This spell is pretty simple, but intended to be used daily. It requires some specific items, but once it's set up, you'll only need to do basic maintenance to keep it going. Ingredients: A soap dispenser / soap dish (see notes)Hand soap (see notes for tips)SharpieA four-leaf … Continue reading Lucky Hands Soap Spell

Book Review: The Witch's Book of Self-Care by Arin Murphy-Hiscock – 5/5

The Witch's Book of Self-Care by Arin Murphy-Hiscock 5/5 - The Preciousssssss. [Crown's Book Review Guide] TL;DR: It's more than just "take a bubble bath and meditate". It covers real self-care and includes a ton of spells too! No errors or issues that I could see. I love this book. I've heard great things about … Continue reading Book Review: The Witch's Book of Self-Care by Arin Murphy-Hiscock – 5/5

Just Peachy Health Spell

Here's a health spell intended to encourage continued long health or increase long bouts of healthiness. If you suffer from chronic illness, this spell may increase the period of time where the illness is less impactful on your life, such as a period of less pain or more time between depressive bouts. It's not intended … Continue reading Just Peachy Health Spell

"I Want to Go There" Spell

Ever want to do a bit of traveling, but you're not sure how you'll pull it off? Maybe finances aren't great or you aren't sure how you'd like to travel there. This spell is to encourage travel, through whatever means necessary. It's highly recommended to combine this spell with luck and money spells. What you'll … Continue reading "I Want to Go There" Spell