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Welcome to This Crooked Crown!

This Crooked Crown is your home for insightful divination readings, effective, practical spell solutions, and witchcraft for the everyday and extraordinary.

Witchcraft is a highly faceted jewel, an art form that can have incredible cultural traditions and rules, follow a leader on a particular spiritual path, or upbeat and modern. Magic is woven into the depths of every corner of our lives whether we realize it or not and gods and spirits move among us attending to their own agendas and lives. There is so much to the world that lies just beyond the physical eye and can be accessed by harnessing the very essence of life and wielding it to achieve our dreams and goals.

I believe magic is not lost to us. We do not need to sacrifice our smartphones and wi-fi to embrace the worlds of spirits or speak with the dead. We can cast a spell just as easily in pajamas between episodes on Netflix as we can in ritual robes deep in the tundra woods. Magic is a part of life and adapts to the user. Our will and minds are our tools, our hands the conductors of great acts of power. Sometimes that act of power is just making sure the street light stays green long enough for you not to be late for work and other times it’s for summoning down a powerful storm to lay waste to an enemy. These ancient fantasies and modern convenience do not need to be exclusives. My practice is practical and incorporates age-old concepts, folklore, and research with modern logic, sensibility, and science.

This blog is half a deeply personal one dedicated to what I feel ready to share of my individual practice and half a professional storefront for customers and clients looking for insightful and honest divination readings  by a vetted seer or  want a magic spell to be cast in their names. Either way, I’m here to help. I’m heavily involved in the non-traditional witchcraft side of tumblr but I’m always looking to expand my network. If you’re a fellow practitioner, you may find the resources or previous blog posts useful.

Best wishes and journeys,

Samantha L. Davidson, Rev.

This Crooked Crown