8 Tips to Help Your Divination

Learning a divination technique is not always easy. For some people, it can be a real struggle and it can become a mental mountain to overcome. 

Even long-term diviners may find themselves challenged at times. Divination burnout is definitely a thing and there are times where you just feel disconnected from your intuition.

Here’s a few things that can help.

1 – Work in a darkened room

I’m not saying to work in the complete dark, but work in a room where your surroundings are in the shadows. Being in the dark lessens distractions. You can see that distracting thing (the laundry that needs folding or your Nintendo switch, for example) in your peripheral vision, so it no longer becomes a mental task or temptation. It’s out of sight and therefore (mostly) out of mind.

2 – Change up your surroundings

If you normally work in your bedroom, head into the kitchen or hunker down at your public library. Rather than your couch, try the backyard (make sure to have something to weigh down your cards!). You can even just switch up the surface your work on. Instead of a table, try the floor. While leaving your normal space to do a reading may feel really weird, the newness can shake things up for a while. It breaks you out of the “I have to do this” sort of routine. 

Be aware of your confidence in your new space. You may feel really self-aware when working in public. Most of the time, people don’t care. They might look at you for a few minutes, but 90% of the time – if not more – people do not give a shit about what other people are doing. This is true for casting spells in public and anything else. 

Divination is a bit weird though. People tend to approach tarot card readers and assume they’re always for hire or worse, ask for a free reading. If you want to do their reading, that’s fine, but don’t be afraid of saying no. Tell them no, you’re not taking readings at this time, offer them a business card if you have one you’d like to give out, then politely and firmly go back to what you were doing. Headphones are great for this because you can just literally tune them out. If they keep pestering you, then leave that space.

3 – Set the scene.

Light a candle, burn some incense, get your diffusing going, put on a fancy outfit, lay out the good reading cloth, softly play some music, and so on. Set up your space for success. If you already do this, try skipping parts of it them to see if that changes things for you. Or you can switch up the incense you burn, the music you play, or the scents you add to the air. 

4 – Meditate, center, and ground.

Now, I am the first to say that meditation doesn’t always help and isn’t necessary. If meditation is something you struggle with, then doing it before you try something else you’re struggling with is only setting you up for failure. But if you like meditation, or at least don’t mind it, then give it a try before the reading. It can help organize your thoughts and raise some energy.

Centering and grounding also are useful. Even more useful than meditation, even. While the three of them can be combined, centering is more about re-balancing yourself and bringing yourself back to neutral or centered within yourself – great when you’re all over the place. Grounding is about dispersing your excess energy. It can also be about rooting yourself down, building a foundation to stand on. Using which one when you need it can be helpful. 

5 – Manage your phone and devices

Put your notifications on silent. There’s some phones and apps now that have a “focus” mode, allowing you to pick and choose what notifications can disturb you during your phone time. You can also get a focus timer app like Forest to use. I use focus mode when I do divinations plus Forest. This means I can’t access my social media, video games, or anything else like that while I work. Instead, what’s available to me are things like my camera, photo editing apps, related programs, and so on.

6 – Don’t take it so seriously

For some people, divination is a big deal for them and it’s very serious business. For others, it’s all fun and games. If you’re on the more serious or intense side and you find yourself struggling to do a reading, try loosening up. Put the reading you’re working on aside and do a fun one. Predict the outcome on what’s for dinner or ask what your cat’s thinking. Reduce the amount of pressure you’re putting on yourself by making it less serious. 

7 – Mind your schedule

Schedule time to do readings. Pick a day or make time during the day the same way your would some other appointment and work on your divination. This doesn’t mean you need to solely do readings. You can read books on the subject instead, meditate with your cards, or plan spreads. Or you can just sit there and crank out readings. It’s up to you, but scheduling time makes it a priority for you and reminds your brain and this is something that you’re serious about. Practice is key to learning a skill, any skill.

You’ll also want to consider taking breaks while you’re doing readings. For example, I do all of my readings for the week on Sunday. It’s the one day of the week I devote entirely to divination. Why Sunday? Well, once upon a time it was the one day of the week I was guaranteed to be home alone except for the animals. It meant I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed and I could take up as much room and make as much noise as I want.

8 – Tell it to someone

If you’re having trouble getting your words out, try explaining the cards and reading to someone. This could be your pet, a crystal, a familiar, a guide, a friend, or so on. If you normally talk your readings out, then try writing them. Do something to express what the readings in a different way than you normally would do. 

And those are some tips to give you a hand. Don’t be afraid to step outside your norm to shake up your divination routine. It can be really helpful and lead you down a new path of knowledge and divination.


Magnetic Charisma

A spell to boost your charisma. It’s ideal for people that are making speeches or presentations, but it could also be excellent if you’re going for a job interview or something similar.

What you’ll need:

  • A magnetic piece of jewelry 

Hold the magnetic jewelry in your hand and imagine anyone who looks at it will be drawn to you and your words like a magnet. Once you have that image cemented down, say the following,

"My words are heard 
You follow my lead 
You're drawn to me as if I am the sun 
My charm is endless 
I'm filled with cheer, charm, and grace, 
Do as I suggest and say 
My charisma holds you in sway."

Simply wear the jewelry when you need to be extra charismatic. 


  • Magnetic jewelry can take any form, such as a bracelet, necklace, rings, anklets, earrings, cufflinks, shoelaces, sunglasses, tie clips or tacks, etc. Magnetic ties, shoes, or other pieces of clothing would also be fine.
  • You can alternatively use magnetic therapy sport wraps or anything else magnetic that would be visible to the audience.
  • A simple refrigerator magic would work, but it should be visible to your audience. 


Lightning Protection Sigil

What you’ll need:

  • Mugwort
  • Thunder water
  • Paper

Steep mugwort in thunder water overnight.

The next day, use the steeped water to write a lightning protection sigil on the paper. It’s okay if it isn’t very visible or clear. 

You can make your own sigil or use the one I’ve provided below:

Place the paper at the highest point in your house that you can access. 


  • Thunder water is water collected during a thunderstorm. You may know it by other names such as lightning water or storm water.


How to Make a Good Dream Jar

Ever have dreams keep waking you up at night? Not just nightmares, but dreams that were stressful or so hectic that you feel exhausted in the morning? Or have you had such poor sleep and you think it might be dreams or nightmares causing it, even if you don’t remember the dreams in your waking hours?

When dreams, especially unwanted dreams, cause problems, it can be a difficult battle. This jar can help mitigate that. It can also be used to bring about good dreams even if you aren’t struggling against bad dreams. It’s an excellent way of just having a peaceful night’s sleep.

What you’ll need:

  • Mugwort
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Rose
  • Rosemary
  • Glass jar with lid or cork
  • Candle or sealing wax in blue or light purple

Cleanse your glass jar. Begin to heat your candle or sealing wax.

Layer your herbs in the jar in any pattern you find pleasing. As you add each in, think of the good, peaceful dreams you wish to have. You may speak aloud or simply think it.

Put the jar’s lid on top. The candle or sealing wax should be ready now. Pour it over your jar lid and say,

"Good dreams fill this jar 
Nightmares are barred 
I will sleep peacefully all night long."

Let the wax harden. Place the jar beside or under your bed.


Gold Leaf Money Spell

This is one of my most favorite money spells I’ve ever written. It draws from one of my favorite bits of mostly universal folklore – exchanging leaves for money.

It’s a “set it and forget it” style spell meaning so long as the object isn’t damaged, it’ll keep working.

What you’ll need:

  • A leaf that fits nice in your purse or wallet.
  • Gold leaf or gold paint

Paint the leaf with gold leaf or gold paint. You can paint then entire leaf or just gild the edges of the leaf. Let it dry completely.

Take the leaf into your hand and say,

"You are painted with gold 
And are a treasure worth having, 
Now my wallet is never be empty 
It is always filled with coin, bill, and currency 
All thanks to you, my leaf gilded in gold."

Keep it in your wallet where you keep your money.

Replace the leaf when it’s broken down or when the gold leaf or paint has completely flaked off.


  • Leaves  from almond trees, basil plants, mint, cinquefoil, sage, or apple are good choices. But any plant that feels like a “money plant” that has a large-ish leaf will suffice.
  • Gold leaf is ideal, but gold paint is cheaper and easier to apply.


Dream, Mirage, Glamour Spread

This is a simple spread intended to reveal things like false idealizations, illusions, and so on. Sometimes we idealized people or put them on pedestals. This reveals what’s behind the curtain. This spread would also reveal what’s they’re fooling themselves with.

1 – What is the dream or (false) idealized version of the person or situation?

2 – What are the unintentional illusions of the situation or person? What falsehoods have been unintentionally perpetuated?

3 – What intentional illusions is this situation or person hiding behind?


Protection from Blades Spell

This is protection from metal blades. Inspired by a spell from The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes, found on page 881 under the title “Blade Proof Spell”.

What you’ll need:

  • Edelweiss
  • Borage
  • Nettle
  • Rowan wood
  • Ash wood
  • Ash from a fire (especially a fire used to forge a blade)
  • Black charm bag or bottle with stopper and black sealing wax

Gather together your plants and fire ash. Stir them together and say, 

"Protect me from fire 
Protect me from blades 
Protect me from the forge 
Protect me from malicious intent 
Protect me from sharp edges 
Protect me from dull brands 
Protect me from all harm."

Pour the mixture either in a black charm bag or a bottle with a stopper. If using the bottle, you should seal it with black wax over the stopper. 

As you tie the charm bag or seal the bottle, say,

"Fire made you, blades 
But you cannot harm me 
I am safe from all harm."


  • You could easily add a horseshoe charm, shavings from sharpening a blade, or a piece of forged metal in with the fire ash for extra protection. 


Should You Adapt Spells or Use Spells Word-For-Word?

So you found a spell you like, but it’s not perfect. Maybe it uses an ingredient that’s rare or expensive in your neck of the woods. Maybe it asks you to go out and stand in the moonlight and there’s been nothing but snow and rain for weeks. Or, maybe, it’s just not fully clicking for you.

There’s lots of reasons why a person might adapt a spell or ritual. It’s usually for ingredient based reasons, but just as often it could be due to timing or personal practice choices.

But adapting a spell is a fine line. If you adapt something too much, it’s not the same spell. If you swap out an ingredient, you may change the way the spell works. Analyzing spells is something you figure out how to do as you gain experience and knowledge with spell casting. It’s hard to adapt a spell when you might not have the basic knowledge to do that. An experienced witch probably will make changes on the fly, using what’s in their cupboards and their knowledge from research and experience. Others might have to pause to double check something or they might even skip a few ingredients by double up the purpose of an ingredient.

In short, adapting spells can be really easy – but it can be a challenge too. It’s okay if it’s a challenging or daunting task for you! It really is. Because spell casting is a lot like cooking and baking.

If you think of a spell like a recipe, then it may take some of the pressure away from having to “get it right”. Cooking and baking is relatively subjective – things need to turn out a certain way to be properly edible and taste good, but not everything is going to taste great to the same people. Spells are a lot like that. You may learn that you just don’t click with herb based spells or anything that asks you to start a fire is a no-go. And that’s okay! Know your strengths and boundaries. It’s a good idea to push those boundaries and strengths sometimes, but you don’t need to do it all the time.

It’s okay to hold back from adapting a spell or even doing a spell, because you’re not sure of the changes that need to be made. I’m in the camp that says try your adaptations anyway. Take notes on what you changed.

Of course, there’s always some folks out there that say a spell should be used exactly as written. There’s certainly a reason for that. Spells are written with specific intentions in mind and omitting an ingredient or altering a process may change the entire intention of the original spell – even if the person adapting it doesn’t know that. The more complicated the spell – or the more often it deals with spirits – the more likely it is that the process and ingredients are very intentionally chosen. Adaptations and substitutions may cause the spell to fail or not work as intended.

I’ve written spells that have very clear instructions to them because the process, while simple on the surface, was written very intentionally as part of the ritual. The steps aren’t there for the end goal, they are part of the end goal. It’s like a recipe – you need to prep the vegetables properly to really get the flavor you want out of the dish in the end.

I’m still, by far, in the camp of adapting your spells. If a verse in a spell doesn’t seem natural or comfortable, I’ll change it. If I’m doing a complicated ritual, I’ll either take it apart to see exactly how it works or I’ll try it as written and make adaptations for future usages.

It depends on how much experimentation you do with your magic. If you’re looking for a simple grab-and-go spell (and absolutely no judgements here, if that’s your jam), then use what’s written or adapt on the fly. It’s your magic, your practice, and your results. Do what works best for you.


Come to My Side Love Spell

This is a simple knot spell that can be done quickly before heading out for a night on the town or meeting up with a potential lover. It can also be used to attract a lover to you in your daily life, but it’s more for intentional partner seeking kind of behavior.

It’s definitely a kind of “notice me” spell, so it’ll instill a sense of confidence, body positivity, and an alluring glamour.

You can braid the cords together, which will last longer and be more decorative, but that will take longer. Do whatever works best for you.

Ideally, it should be worn on the wrist, but it that doesn’t work for you, you can tie it to your ankle, garter, or even to your underwear. You could easily make the string longer and wear it as a necklace or make it very small and wear it as a ring. It just needs to be touching your body, preferably your skin.

What you’ll need:

  • Two pieces of red string (or ribbon, thread, etc) in equal lengths, long enough to go around your wrist or ankle

Take the two pieces of red string and line them up side by side, so each end lines up perfect. Say,

“This is you and this is me, side by side

I’ve set the stage, so come to my side lover.”

Knot the strings together. Say,

“I am beauty, I am strength, I am glorious,

You know what you see, so come to my side.”

Knot the strings together. Say,

“I am seeking love,

I am seeking you,

Now that you see me, come to my side.”

Knot the strings together around your wrist, forming a bracelet.

Wear this bracelet until a new lover comes into your life. Once you’ve made a positive connection, cut it off and bury the string outside.


Long Distance Protection Spell

What you’ll need:

  • Jar candle, preferably blue or white in color
  • Marker or paint

Write on the bottom of your candle jar your target’s name. 

Light the candle and speak or think what you want to protect your target from. 

Be as specific or as general as you like with your protection chant. Just be heartfelt about it.

Let the candle burn while you speak and blow it out when you’re done.

The next day, light the candle and repeat the protection chant. Continue until the candle is entirely worn through. 

When done, toss out the unusable candle wax with a thank you.


  • Hot soapy water and a rough sided sponge should clean the marker or paint off the jar. This is useful if you want to reuse the jar once the candle is used up.