Are New Homes Less Protected From Spirits?

I've been catching up on some reading and magical research of my own recently and a thought occurred to me. Are our homes less protected from spirits and outside forces than homes were historically? The short answer is yes, of course they are. Historically speaking, it was culturally relevant to place simple household protections in … Continue reading Are New Homes Less Protected From Spirits?

Stalker Cards – What to Do When You Keep Pulling the Same Cards Again and Again

Ever pull the same card again and again? No matter what deck you use, that card finds you and haunts you. It shows up unannounced, unwanted, and uninvited. It ruins the party and sometimes even other people's readings. It is the worst. Mine stalker card has been the Eight of Wands. It's been the Eight … Continue reading Stalker Cards – What to Do When You Keep Pulling the Same Cards Again and Again

How to Make Moon Water

Bringing things back to basics with a how to make moon water. I know this seems like a pretty obvious thing to some folks, but I often get messages asking me what this ingredient is or what that ingredient does. Ingredients many practitioners consider very basic, like full moon water. First, let's cover what full … Continue reading How to Make Moon Water

Foundation Stone Spell

This is a spell designed to help protect them home in an active manner. When done, this spell will automatically absorb negative energy without you having to touch a thing. There is some spell maintenance, but otherwise, this spell will work on its own. The idea behind this spell is the concept of cornerstones within … Continue reading Foundation Stone Spell

Review: The Witch’s Mirror by Mickie Mueller – 4.5/5

The Witch's Mirror: the craft, lore, & magick of the looking glass by Mickie Mueller - 4.5/5 This book is a neat, approachable little technical book written in a conversational tone about magic mirrors. It gives you the basics, runs through different types, gives you DIYs and spells. The only "eh" thing about the whole … Continue reading Review: The Witch’s Mirror by Mickie Mueller – 4.5/5

3 Ways to Magically Reclaim Yourself

Ever been lost in the sea of yourself? You just feel restless and confused and sad. Hopeless yet desperate to move forward. Hoping to find something that will help you keep your head above water yet finding yourself anchored with no where to go. It's a crappy feeling. When you spend several weeks, months, or … Continue reading 3 Ways to Magically Reclaim Yourself

19 Magical Ways to Make Your 2019 Shine Bright

I think everyone writes lists like this, don't they? You've probably seen a million of them in the last few days alone. Hopefully, this list gets you reaching for your wand and inspires you to magic up a better year for yourself and your loved ones. Pick a piece of artwork you'd like to embody … Continue reading 19 Magical Ways to Make Your 2019 Shine Bright

Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to 2019! I hope your year is completely fantastic and full of bright blessings. I hope for a waning or even removal of all unwanted things for you. I hope for a brilliant start and a better finish with a good, solid middle. I hope and wish for your story to be amazing this … Continue reading Welcome to 2019!

The Full Moon’s Invitation

  This is a very adaptable spell. It's used to increase the things you want more of in your life. So if you want love, you'll add that component. If you want money, you add that. It's used for what you want. Unlike the full moon or sun variations of this spell, this one can … Continue reading The Full Moon’s Invitation