Magical Apothecary

Herbs to enchant & charm

A seasonal selection of handcrafted magical herbs, potions, powders, salts, soaps, salves, inks, oils, & more.

Money Powder

A magical powder, hand-crafted by a witch, to be used in money drawing spells, non-edible potions, charm bags, & magical workings. 4 ounces in glass jar. Shipping included.


Magical Protection Charm Bottle Necklace

One of a kind charm bottle is handcrafted by a witch. Magical herbal ingredients are sealed in scented wax charmed with protection spells. Hanging from a braided spell cord, this bottle can be worn as a necklace or hung in your home, car, or office.


Live Plants

5″ Aloe vera plants – Coming soon

This is a homegrown aloe vera plant, hand-raised by This Crooked Crown. Totally organic, this plant comes pre-potted in a terracotta pot and water tray.

Aloe vera care: Place the plant in a warm, sunny window that gets sunlight at least six to eight hours a day. Water once a month in cold weather and once a week in hot weather. Water thoroughly when you do so, but do not get water on the aloe vera itself or you risk water rot at the plant’s base. Re-pot only when the plant has grown too large for the pot.

Aloe vera troubleshooting: If the arms of the plant are falling over or soft, then the plant needs more sunlight or warmth. If the tips of the plant are dry, then it needs more water.

Custom Made

If you’re looking for something special, drop us a line and we’ll see if we can custom make it for you.


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