Prosperity Bowl Spell

This is probably one of the most useful prosperity spells I use. It’s simple, ongoing, and easy to set up and use. It’s also super subtle and great for witches who don’t like broadcasting their magic.


  • Seven coins
  • Salt
  • A key
  • A bowl or vessel dedicated to prosperity

Gather together your ingredients. You don’t need much more than a pinch of two of salt and the key doesn’t need to unlock anything at all (it can be decorative).

Once you have your ingredients, place the bowl in front of you. Say:

“This bowl is a vessel of prosperity. What I place in it will grow.”

Now drop, one by one the coins into the bowl, saying,

“With these coins, my prosperity grows.”

Sprinkle the salt on top of the coins, saying,

“With this salt, my salary/paycheck grows”.

Place the key on top of the coins and say,

“With this key, my opportunities grow.”

Place this vessel somewhere accessible, but not in the way. An altar’s a great place, but even by the door or on your dresser’s good.

To keep the spell up, every so often drop some loose change into the bowl.

If/ when the bowl needs to be changed (it’ll feel dead or full when the spell’s met its end) or it’s simply full, you’ll need to dissemble the spell and cast it again.

To dissembled, remove the bowl from the space. Lay your hands on the pile of coinsand say, “these coins bring me great prosperity. May they continue to do so.” Remove them and wash them in new moon water.

Pick up the key and say “This key carries great opportunities. I unlock them now.”

Once the bowl is empty except for the salt, wash it out and cleanse it. You want it neutral again.