All policies are firm and final. Failure to adhere to my policies is on your head and I take no liability or action for it. I will be, in no way, held responsible for failure to adhere to the policies posted below.


What I post on my site and talk about in person is my personal practice. It is, in no way, representative of all witches, pagans, or other assorted practitioners.

This is a “safe blog”. This means this is a safe space for every and all kinds of religions and spirituality, sexuality, genders, races, transfolk, otherkin, disabled, and other minorities. I do NOT tolerate hatred, slurs, or offensive comments. Cussing and use of swear words are acceptable. Slurs are not and will NOT be tolerated.

You are welcome to your opinion. You are welcome to voice your opinion. So is everyone else. No one, however, has to listen to, agree with, or deal with your opinions, especially if they’re offensive. Discussion and debate is fine so long as it doesn’t turn into a flame war.

I have the right to change, edit, alter, or delete my posts at any given time without notice for any reason at all. If something has been mis-credited, let me know and I’ll fix it or take the post down.

My site is intended for those of legal age, which in the United States is 18 years old.


I cannot be held liable for any results you achieve or do not achieve from the use or misuse of my products or any products offered by This Crooked Crown Witchery and Curiosities. None of my products are to be used as a substitute for medical, legal, or other advice of any kind. These products are not intended to create miracles by themselves. If one does, wonderful, but don’t expect Harry Potter results. Spells are not instant solutions and only swing things in your favor. Spells and divination are not cures; I am not liable in any way for the any decisions, actions, or events caused by or are influenced by the purchase. I cannot and do not guarantee results. Spells take time. Be patient and your results will come through.

I am legally bound to say that all divination, magically enhanced, and.spell kits are curios only. Similarly, user experience varies, even with the herbal products, given an individual’s situation. I cannot and will not guarantee results of spells, rituals, divination, magically enhanced objects, or spell kits. 

I cannot divine or cast spells for or on anyone under legal age (18 in the United States). Likewise, I cannot sell herbal products to anyone under legal age.

My products are intended for external use only. DO NOT INGEST OR TAKE INTERNALLY. My products are not for internal human consumption. Avoid contact with eyes, organs, mucous, genital, and sensitive areas. For best results test the product on a small patch of skin and wait 24-48 hours for reactions before continuing use. Discontinue use if allergic reaction does occur and seek medical assistance if necessary. I cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions or skin reactions that come from the use or misuse of my products.

Please, for safety’s sake, keep herbal products of reach of children and animals. Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use when driving, operating machinery, or making important decisions. While my products are organic in nature and unlikely to cause issue or damage, the chance is still there. Please use responsibly. All perishable items should be used within two years of purchase. Keep perishable items in a cool, dark, dry place out of reach of children and animals.

If you need medical advice, please seek out a physician or licensed herbalist. I will not offer medical or herbal advice.

ALL requests will be considered. I have the right to refuse a request at any given time. Upon a chance that payment has occurred after the refusal is given, a documented refund will be issued. I am under NO obligation to take your case.


ALL purchases MUST be made either in person or online. I do not take payments over the phone. Cash, debit, or credit cards are accepted. No personal checks or money orders.

Barters, trades, and money orders are by a case-by-case basis.


I try to send your packages out the next day but sometimes it goes out the day after, depending on weather and the time of the day when your purchase is ready to embark on it’s journey to you. Unless otherwise noted or custom work, all items are shipped out within forty-eight hours.

All packaging materials are recycled as much as possible. All bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and so on are completely recycled. I collect it from friends and family and pass it on. I ship almost exclusively out of the USPS.

I’ll ship any item internationally unless the import or export of such items are banned by law.

Please note that by purchasing an item you’re agreeing to accept and pay all custom or import fees so keep that in mind when placing an order.


All sales are final. No exceptions and no refunds.

Why? I sell primarily items that are personalize to you and I wouldn’t be able to resell the item if I took it as a refund. With readings and spells, the products are even more individualized and custom. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, I’ll gladly work with you as best I can but I cannot and will not offer a refund.

Contact me if your purchase is received as damaged.


Email is, by far, the best way to get a hold of me. Please use it wisely. Spam or emails I view as spam are deleted. I endeavor to reply to all emails in 72 hours, however, this does not always happen. Email is contact@thiscrookedcrown.com

Absolutely NO phone calls will be accepted.


Common Mugwort (Artimisia Vulagris) used in flying salves and ointments

Questions? Contact me at contact@thiscrookedcrown.com.