Valora Series

The Valora Series features the Quints who use magic, spirits, and the unexplained to better our modern, urban world. Each book will typically star a new Quint but will feature many characters from previous and upcoming books.

Please note that the books are published out of chronological order and can be read in any particular order you like. They are listed here in canon chronological order, alongside their publication date.

The Sea Witch

(Expected 2021)

Spirit Walker 

Available now in paperback and e-book. CreateSpace | Amazon   Spirit Walker (Valora, #1)

Spirit Walker by Samantha L. Davidson

Haleo Wyrick is storm chaser by choice and the founder of the psychic black ops program Valora by chance, she’s smart, ambitious, and brave. And she’s scared.

As a spirit walker, she can pass through the world as if a ghost, but not even she can escape a stalker who follows her into her dreams. Hurt and hunted, she flees and fights to end this nightmare.

The first book in the Valora series, exploring the magic and spirits that live alongside us.