Tealight Coin Money Spell

Ready for the easiest money spell ever? Small but mighty, this spell is designed for even the most secretive witches or beginners can do it in fifteen minutes or less.


  • White tealight candle
  • A shiny penny or some other coin
  • A tray, burn plate, or fire-safe thing (see notes)

Lift your tealight candle out of the little tin or plastic cup it’s sitting in. You might need to pull it by the wick to get it out, but it should just slid out.

Take your coin and rub it between your hands, like you’re trying to warm your hands up with the coin in your palms. As you do this, say or think of the money you want to come into your life. Think something specific and attainable like “come on rent money” rather than “come on winning lottery numbers”. Put a lot of energy and emphasis on that wish.

(Why is rent money is more attainable than lotto numbers? Primarily for two reasons. Prayers, wishes, and other spells are often thought or said for over the lottery. That’s a lot of magic pulling on the same thing and luck factors in as well. Rent money is more attainable because someone might loan you the money or you get an extra shift at work or something. There’s more chances for that to happen. That being said, it won’t hurt to cast a spell for the lottery, just don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.)

Now put the coin under the candle inside the tin or plastic candle holder and put the candle back on top of the coin. Light the candle and say or think,

“As you burn, my money will come.

When you die, my money has arrived.”

Carry the penny / coin with you. You can reuse that coin or keep it as a lucky coin, if the spell works. If the spell doesn’t work, give or spend the coin (or use it in a cursing spell). You might need to scrap the wax off to spend it, but don’t keep it.


  • When it comes to fire plate for this spell, it’s really more about catching spilling wax. So pick something, like a ceramic plate, to put under the candle. The coin probably gives the tealight candle just enough rise to make spilling wax a problem. If you’re doing this spell outside or you have some other sort of candle plate or whatever, then don’t worry about this.
  • Beginner practitioners of candle magic probably will sooner rather than later hit up your local dollar store or used goods store for a simple ceramic plate. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It’s just there to catch incense ash and candle wax, but that plate can be a lifesaver when it comes to clean up. Seriously. 1000% recommend.

Protection During Storms [Spell Saturday #70]

This spell will not guarantee your safety but it should help provide opportunities to keep you safe. This spell is ideal for situations where you may be evacuated due to weather. Remember to heed safety and rescue instructions when you’re dealing with severe weather conditions. And please, be safe.

What you’ll need:

  • Nettle
  • Mugwort
  • Mullein
  • Thyme
  • Chalcedony
  • Coins
  • Red bag


Gather all the ingredients together. You only need a pinch of each of the herbs. They can be dried or fresh. This spell is best made up ahead of time, especially if you fear you may need to move quickly or be evacuated.

Once you have everything, lay it out in front of you and prepare the small bag you’ll need to store and carry these items with. Red is used to create energy, protect, and to help you be seen. Draw, cast, or place protective sigils and symbols on the bag. You can even wash the bag in protective or sacred water.

Focus on feeling safe, powerful, and capable. Hold each ingredient in front of you, in turn, and say the following,

Hold the mugwort in front of you, concentrating on it.

“Mugwort, I call upon you to lessen fatigue,

I carry you to protect me

From storms and enemies, at home or away.

Protect me while I travel,

Let me weather the storms around me.”

Place the mugwort in your bag. Pick up the nettle, place it in front of you and say,

“Nettle,  I call upon you to calm the storm,

I carry you to give me courage

From fear and pain, brought by others and myself.

Protect me from what will harm me,

Guide me to where I can weather this storm.”

Place the nettle in the bag. Pick up the mullein, hold it in front of you and say,

“Mullein, I call upon you to ease my weariness

I carry you to keep my lungs clear, 

From pain and cowardice, allowing my voice to be heard.

Protect me from what will ail me,

Guard my health and body as I weather this storm.”

Place the mullein in the bag. Pick up the thyme, holding it in front of you as you say,

“Thyme, I call upon you protect me

I carry you to strength me 

From the depths of my heart and soul, protecting and encouraging.

Protect me from all which will bring misery,

Bring me what I need to survive and thrive.”

Place the thyme in the bag.

Pick up the chalcedony and hold it to your heart. Concentrate on you and your loved ones being safe and healthy through the storms. Place it in the bag. Chalcedony is good for traveling and protecting yourself during political upheaval.

Gather the coins in your hands. Rub the coins between your hands, like you’re lathering soap. The coins are meant to figuratively allow you to pay your way past trouble and malicious spirits. Say or think as you rub your hands.

“These coins pay my way on the road ahead.”

Place the coins in the bag. When and if you feel like you’re being hunted by spirits or bad luck, take out a coin and leave it somewhere. After you place the coin, leave that place and don’t look back.

After everything’s in the bag, close the bag up and keep it on you until fair skies return.


  • If you’re in a pinch, items can be stored in a sock or envelope or even shoved into the pocket of a coat or bag.
  • Red is used to create energy, protect, and to help you be seen. Blue can be used to protect, if you prefer.

Modern Check Money Spell [Spell Saturday #55]

Ever wish you could just write a check out to yourself for free money? Who hasn’t. This spell is designed to do just that. It’s built specifically to encourage the right amount of money to come to you by a due date.

This is a classic spell. I’m not reinventing the wheel here. I’m sure there have been practitioners writing themselves checks since forever. But, uh, checks are kind of out of fashion these days and I can honestly say that I don’t think many of my readers even know how to write a check. I think I write a single check a year and I always have to look up whether I’m forgetting something every year. It’s a thing. Anyway, because checks aren’t often used, this spell style needs to be updated to modern times.

Remember to double check your magical paradigm. Mine says that the more constraints you put on a spell, the more magic has to work to create it. So ask for a million dollars by tomorrow and it’s less likely to happen than, say, twenty dollars by tomorrow. Your paradigm and experiences may claim different but, uh, kick some money back towards me if you do land a million, OK?

Modern Money Check Spell by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need:

  • Basil
  • Mint (any kind)
  • Cinquefoil (five finger grass)
  • Clover
  • Coins
  • Boiling water
  • Writing utensil
  • A check or invoice-like print out

First gather a pinch of each herb and let it steep in about a cup of boiling water for at least fifteen minutes. Put coins along with the herbs. Let cool and strain the herbs and coins, keeping the water. Put the coins back in the water and put aside. If you want, you can further enchant the herbs/ water to bring you money.

While the herbs are steeping, find a writing utensil. Typically you’d use a pen or pencil but there’s a good chance that it won’t write well when dipped in water so you might be better off using a toothpick or paintbrush to write with. The ink doesn’t need to be visible so what you write with doesn’t matter.

You’ll also want to find a check or invoice print out. This should be a blank check, but if you’re like me and can’t remember the last time you wrote a check, print out a invoice or money transfer template. You can do this by taking a screen shot of the transfer money page of your online banking or downloading a blank invoice template.

Now dip your writing utensil in the water and fill out the check, money transfer, or invoice as completely as you can with the water as the ink. If your form doesn’t have a “due by” date, then use the “date” line as when you want the money. If you need to put an item on the form, just write whatever you need the money for. Rent, bills, to buy shoes, whatever. Let the paper dry completely. Dispose of the water by pouring it on your doorstep, washing the floor with it, or pour it down the drain. Keep the coins and don’t spend them if possible.

Once dry, put the paper in an envelope and put the envelope somewhere out of the way until after the “due by date” passes. After the “due by date” passes, bury or burn the envelope and paper entirely.

Common Money Spell Ingredients by This Crooked Crown


  • Use fire safety if you burn the paper.
  • You do not need to use all the herbs in this spell. You can just use basil or mint and you’ll be just fine. Alternatively you can use any money drawing ingredients you have.
  • Don’t drink the water if you put coins or stones in it. Please don’t do that.

Wish Bringer, Bring Me A Wish [Spell Saturday #47]

This is a bit of an arts and crafts sort of spell but extremely low-key.

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • A bit of your hair, fingernail, skin, etc.
  • A coin


First, fold your piece of paper so it’s a pocket or an envelope. You can do this in any style you want – even go wild and make some origami. Here’s a super easy tutorial.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like so long as it creates some edges so nothing slides out. Avoid methods that involve tape or glue.

Write down the wish you want to come true in the center interior of the envelope. Be as descriptive or as vague as you’d like. It’s far easier to make your envelope, unfold it, and write in the interior center your wish. But if you’re good at guessing or you’ve made envelopes before, you can write the message beforehand. You don’t want the message on a folding angle if you can help it.

Fold your envelope up, put in your coin and hair, and bring it to a crossroad or beside a river and bury it shallowly.

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  • Use your fingernail or another hard surface to make the edges as tight as possible. It’ll keep the paper more crisp and keep the envelope from falling apart.
  • You can write your wish on a separate piece of paper if you want but it’s easier and less wasteful to just write on the envelope.
  • The reason we don’t use pre-made envelopes, tape, or glue is to keep the spell as environmentally friendly as possible. If you don’t care, then you can use any old envelope.
  • Any coin denominations is fine.
  • This spell doesn’t designate who should answer the spell’s request. It could be any kind of spirit or being. You can add in why you would like to respond to the wish but there’s no guarantee that the wish will be fulfilled or that the requested being will even answer.

Happy casting!

A Petition Ritual for the New Year (Spell Saturday #39)

Here’s an complex yet simple ritual for New Year’s. It might requires a few different things but can be used to petition the elements and the world to bring your desires to fruition in the new year.




What you’ll need: 

  • A new white candle
  • Clear drinking water
  • A fire or a second lit candle
  • A bit of your hair
  • Seven coins


On a clear night, go outside and create a fire. If you cannot create a fire, you may light a candle from a fireplace, match, or a lighter.

Set up the glass of water, fire source, and white candle in front of you in any manner you’d like. You can create a circle around you or a line in front of you. Whatever you prefer. Dig a hole in the ground and leave it open.

Kneel in the darkness with fire and take a deep breath. Feel free to close your eyes. Clear your mind as much as possible. Focus on letting go of all the negative things of the past and the things you don’t want to take with you moving forward. Take another deep breath and when you’re ready, open your eyes.

Light the candle with your fire source, drink a bit of the water, rub the soil from the hole you’ve dug in your hand, and take another deep breath.

Place the coin inside or under the candle. Put a second coin on the ground, pour a little water over it, and place your water glass over it. Put a third coin in the hole you’ve dug and toss a pinch of soil on it. Toss a fourth coin into the air and let it fall wherever it likes. Repeat the process with a strand of your air. Keep any remaining hair for a later part of the spell.

Now make your petitions for new year. Ask for prosperity, health, happiness, or love. Ask whatever you like. Be as specific or as vague as possible. Be as formal or casual as you’d like. You don’t have to speak aloud, you can just think clearly in your mind. Just say what you need to say and express you hopes for the future. Now demand for your petitions to happen. Tell the world that these things will happen for you.

Once satisfied, toss whatever remaining hair you have with you into the candle. If it goes out, let it. Don’t relight it.


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Toss the fifth coin behind you, to pay off any regrets and past debts. Don’t look back at it. Toss the sixth coin in front of you to pay for your future. Pocket the seventh and last coin and carry it for good luck for the year.

Douse your candle and place the remnants in your fire source. If that’s not possible, bury both your fire source and the candle where the fire source was and in a separate hole from the previously dug hole. Pour out the water into the earth and fill in any dug holes. Leave the area without looking at or walking towards the area you threw your past coin in.


Candle Smoke



  • This spell was designed for New Year’s. The chill from the cold January night is part of the spell’s sacrifice. that being said, if it’s too cold, snowing, or raining where you live, wait to do this spell until you can stand going outside. Don’t injure yourself to do this spell. Be safe and healthy.
  • This spell was created with a campfire, fire pit, or fireplace in mind. Since that’s not always feasible for everyone, you can substitute it for other fire sources light the stove, matches, or lighters.
  • You don’t need to collect fresh hair for this spell. Just save a clipping from a recent haircut or pull some from your hairbrush. If you don’t have hair on your head, you can use hair fro other areas of your body like your arm, leg, or pubic area. You can use fingernails too, if the hair option doesn’t work for you.
  • Burning hair smells absolutely terrible. Endure it as best you can.
  • If you manage to keep your good luck coin throughout the year, use that coin in next year’s spell as the “past” coin.
  • Tip: to make your good luck coin stand out in your wallet or pocket, you can coat it thinly in wax or create a paper envelope for it.

Happy casting and happy new year!


Still Waters Protection Spell (Spell Saturday #34)

Sometimes we get involved in situations that are so wildly out of our control that we’re holding on with the skin of our teeth. Stress and anxiety are constant companions and you just want t be safe and at peace.

This spell is for those times.


You’ll need:

  • A body of water hosting a spirit (see notes)
  • A clipping of hair
  • A small handful of elderberries
  • A shiny coin

Once you’ve located the water in question, go to it under the light of a full moon. Look out onto the water’s stillness and wait until you feel the spirit’s presence.

Place your hair in front of you and ask the spirit for protection, serenity, and strength in the coming days. You’ll have to be sincere and heartfelt. Don’t offer reasons or explanations. Say as much or as little as you want.

If the spirit doesn’t attack or seem aggressive, throw the elderberries into the water. Wash your hands, face, and hair in the water. Bury the coin on the shore or beside the water.

You can leave right away or stay and look out at the stillness of the water until you’re ready to go.

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  • For this spell, use a lake, pond, or well. A slow moving river, creek , or stream could be used as well.
  • The spirit in question must be a peaceful spirit. You’ll have to figure this out before you attempt this spell. The spirit should, ideally, haunt the body of water and is benevolent or pleasantly apathetic to you. Genus loci or nature spirits are usually perfect for this spell.
  • Some bodies of water may not need to be haunted. If the water is considered sacred or holy in some fashion, that will work in place of a spirit.
  • This spell works because you’re seeking a particular kind of blessing from the spirit or water itself.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t want to wash your hands, face, and hair in the water use a clipping of your hair or fingernails instead. If you do this, make sure to take the clippings with you and carry them as a talisman.

Happy casting!

Money Via Spirits Spell [Spell Saturday #17]

Want to see an immediate windfall of money as well as reduce your debts? Maybe you need to talk to your local spirits for aid. This is a rather involved spell but works wonders.

Specifically, the spirits you’ll want to look for are market or commerce spirits so picking a crossroads where businesses are flourishing is absolutely ideal.Spirits that care about money and business are the kind you’re looking for.

You’ll need:

  • Red candle
  • Green candle
  • Black candle
  • Gold or yellow candle
  • Handful of coins
  • Cinnamon, dried
  • Cinquefoil (Five finger grass), dried
  • Basil, dried
  • Nutmeg, dried
  • Orange or citrus zest, dried
  • Dirt from a crossroads that has a spirit presence
  • Lighter or matches

Here’s the spell. Make sure to fill in the appropriate information in the [brackets] such as how quickly you need the money and the minimum amount of money you need.

  1. Go to a nearby crossroads and collect some dirt. You don’t need much.
  2. Grind the herbs and dirt into a fine powder. You do not need much of the powder.
  3. Light the red candle and place the coins around it.
  4. Light black candle (do not light it from the red candle) and acknowledge any debts or bad luck you have. You can acknowledge this verbally or write it down or simply think of the bills and debts you have. You can also think of any upcoming big expenses you wish to avoid.
  5. Now light the gold/ yellow candle and the green candle. Think or acknowledge all the new money you want to come in immediately. Say out loud, think in your head, or envision new probable ways of getting money to you right now. A check from the insurance company, a raise at work, family sending you money, finding money in the wash, etc. You can throw winning the lottery in there but you’re better off also mentioning more common ways of money getting into your hands now.
  6. Blow out the black candle and set aside.
  7. Sprinkle the herbal powder over the remaining lit candles.
  8. Now say the following:

“Spirits of the crossroad

Listen to my plea

Bring me money quickly

Within the next [time-frame] 

Bring me at least [specific minimum amount or enough to pay specific bills]

With this spell and your aid I will succeed

So bring me my money quickly.”

8. Blow out all the candles and dump any remaining powder and dirt back at the crossroads. Leave the coins at the crossroads as a thank you offering.


  • Crossroads are something like a watercooler for spirits. While many spirits reside at the crossroads, many are just visitors. And not all spirits are going to be willing to help. Be sure you can end the spell or dismiss any spirit you don’t want near you during this spell.
  • Tealights are the best choice here for candle sizes. It saves time and you don’t waste a whole candle for a five minute spell.
  • You may wish to revise the wording to better accommodate your relationship with your local spirits.

Happy casting!

Basil, King of Herbs, Continuous Money Spell (Spell Saturday #4)

This is an original spell of my own creation. I don’t know where I first heard basil is the king of herbs but it’s an incredibly common plant used in money spells.

Some of the ideas you’ll see in this spell do appear in other works. They’re scattered like rambling thoughts throughout European spells. Just a glance through the money spells section in Judika Illes’ Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells would reveal this. I’ve combined some of the best ideas into one mega spell for continuous wealth and money.

The idea behind the spell:

Ideally, this spell will “grow” your money. As long as the basil plant lives and is cherished, money will continue to grow and come into the home. If the basil dies or is destroyed, cleanse the home and start again.

What you’ll need:

  • Flower pot (any is good but it should be well-draining)
  • A sunny place in your kitchen, near the front door, or the heart of the home
  • Dirt. Can be bought but put at least a small handful of dirt from the property should also be added.
  • Small slip of paper and a writing utensil
  • Coins with the year of your birth. Find additional coins for each member of your household with the years of their birth. You may also want to add a coin from the year your family or business moved in.
  • A basil plant. You can buy one, transplant one, or grow from seed.
  1. Write down your desire for the spell. If you want a certain amount to come in each week, then write that. If you want money to just come in steadily, write that instead. Example: Every full moon this plant see will double my bank account or As this plant grows so does my money and wealth and when this plant dies, my debts die with it.
  2. Layer some dirt in the bottom of the flower pot. Then intermittently layer dirt and coins until about 1/3 of the pot is full.
  3. Fold up the piece of paper and put it in the center of the pot. Place the plant on top of the paper. Fill in with soil. Place the plant in that sunny spot and enjoy!

What results to expect:

As long as the plant grows, so will your money. You’ll probably begin to see a slow but steady increase of work hours, customers, or just extra money. Random checks from miscalculated bills in your favor may appear or a really sweet coupon or you could even find $20 in an old pair of shoes. This should be a steady stream and will continue to grow so be sure you can handle the extra hours of work being thrown at you if necessary. I noticed the proximity of the basil to my work desk would increase the chances of more clients. When I’m booked, I’ll move the basil plant somewhere else for a little while and the pressure seems to wear off a bit.

Notes for the ingredients:

Flower pot: I tend to prefer terracotta flower pots but that’s mostly aesthetic. Smaller pots are better for windowsills but really, it depends on where you’re growing your plant. Remember that you can always add symbols, sigils, and other magical drawings or written spells to both the inside and outside of the flower pot to help the plant and your money grow.

A sunny place: I specifically say places such as the kitchen, front door, and the heart of the home. The heart of the home will be the center of the home or the place where the family is most often. (Or where you do the most work if you’re a business). The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home but this may not be true for you. Near the front door is a great place to put a basil plant for a business but if you most commonly come in through the back door, then that location isn’t very useful in the home. Pick a spot that is the most powerful and yet undisturbed in your home. For me, I grow several plants, one in my office area, one in my green house, one on my front steps, and one in my mother’s kitchen. I’d put one in my own but I don’t get enough light. So pick your spot with both the power of the home and the plant’s needs in mind.

Dirt: I have crappy soil in my current home so I buy soil in 50 pound bags. When I do this spell however, I add a handful of dirt from the richest, most lush part of my yard. When I lived in an apartment, I added some dirt I snagged some the apartment’s driveway as there was no grass on the property. Similar spells sometimes ask for graveyard dirt or crossroads dirt. These requirements puzzle me as they don’t explain why you would need that earth. Tradition maybe. The graveyard dirt might be useful if you want to encourage spirits to aid your home’s wealth or if you want to ask ancestor’s to bless your home financially. Crossroads dirt might be useful if you want to scatter debts to the wind (but that’s kind of a different direction to take this spell), to borrow the power of the crossroad, or if you work with crossroads spirits. I’d pick a crossroads where businesses sit on all four roads if only so you can draw in the energy and wealth from their businesses too. I also add some used coffee grounds to the flower pot to give the spell a kick of energy and to speed along the process.

Small scrap of paper and writing utensil: You might want to use organic paper and magical ink. I usually use scrap paper and a sharpie. Sometimes I’ll write my spell in blood. It depends on my mood. Using blood or magical inks would give the spell and extra kick but the spell works just as well if you use a crayon and notebook paper, to be honest. Just avoid putting post it notes in the soil. The adhesive usually isn’t good for the plant.

Coins with the year of your birth: This is an older tradition from where I don’t know. Maybe it’s just one of those things that crop up. I tend to pick coins that are the largest denomination with my birth year that I can find, or even add a handful of coins. Then I select the same for anyone living in my house (or your employees). I might even toss in some coins for friends, depending on my exact purpose and mood at the time. You could even use paper money, if you want but searching the couch for coins is probably easier than watching a $20 be buried under soil. Add as many coins as you want but don’t cover the bottom entirely as the flower pot won’t drain. You may also want to dress the coins with money-drawing powder, oils, or herbs.

A basil plant: I’ve transplanted basil, bought it, and grown it from seed. I’ve been given it by friends. Basil is known as the king of herbs traditionally and it’s well known for prosperity and increasing things. It’s also used for fertility, romance, and to increase wealth. It’s been used in funerary rites and is sacred to a few deities. You don’t have to grow just basil though. You can add other plants like marigolds (for sunny wealth), thyme (another traditional money plant), cactus (because it doesn’t die), or whatever else you’d want to use.

Other suggestions:

Bless, cleanse, and consecrate your tools as needed. You might want to bless the coins or cleanse them for example. You can enchant each tool and ingredient to bring in wealth and money.

You may also want to meditate with the plant to see if you can speak to it’s spirit and tell it the purpose of the spell and ask for it’s aid. This is especially true if you’re an animist. I tend to talk to the plant while casting this spell, especially when messing with the soil. Dialogue usually sounds like this: “You’re going to be the biggest, best basil plant ever and each leaf you grow will bring me so much money. It’s going to be great. You get water and love and I get to pay all my bills comfortably AND buy stuff AND save money. Fuck yeah, you’re the bestest basil plant ever.” It might not be the witchiest verse ever but it works for me. Do what works best for you.

I didn’t mention intent above but if you use purposefully intent in your spells you’ll want to see yourself comfortably paying your bills, stopping off for a luxurious coffee, buying something you want in a store without worrying about bills, and being pleased with money in your savings account. For businesses, you’ll want to see that you’re in the black and a steady stream of customers. You’ll also want to envision this happening immediately, in the season you’re in and with the way things are now.

You may want to wait for the right astrological correspondence. For this spell, I believe it’s Wednesday and the full moon.

Watering the plant? Every so often steep basil in water like a tea and once cool use that to water the plant. Don’t do this every time as plants prefer clear, clean water but it can give the spell a kick.

Google up some basil plant care instructions so you know how to best handle your basil plant.

Happy casting!

Candle Spell (7) Money Growth (Spell Saturday #1)

Happy Spell Saturday!  I always say that the best place for a practitioner to start is with a money spell so we’ll start Spell Saturday off with one! This spell is straight out of Judika Illes’ Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, page 809.

To grow your money and reach a monetary goal.


What you’ll need:

  • A green candle. perhaps dressed to your desires.
  • Something to carve the candle with such as a knife
  • Large based candle holder or saucer.
  • Enough coins to circle the candle and fill the candle holder or saucer.
  • Something to light the candle with

The spell is written as thus:

1. Carve and dress a green candle to express your desires

2. Place it on a saucer

3. Arrange coins around the base of the candle.

4. Light the candle and chant:

Money grown, money flow

Candle burn, watch me earn

Money grow, money flow

Flame shine

What I want is mine!

Expected results:

Usually after this spell I’ll see an immediate bump in my shop sales or will suddenly find really good deals in things I want to buy or even be given money. It usually starts within a few days of the spell and fades out in a couple of months.

spells and herbs


You can use a white candle in exchange for a green one. I tend to use votive candles because they’re thick enough to take being carved but burn fairly quickly. You can dress the candle with money drawing oils, waters, powders, or herbs. If you’re going to use herbs or powders, make sure only the candle wax near the edge of the candle and away from the wick has the herbs or powders or you risk setting the whole spell ablaze. Carve the candle with what you want to happen. Example: I’ll have enough money to pay rent, bills, and buy food each month and have a little extra left over. 

Candle plates are a great investment for practitioners but any stoneware plate or metal container can be used for this purpose.

The coins can also be dressed with money-drawing herbs, powders, oils, and waters. I like the use the largest denomination of coins I can find with my birth year.

You can also add herbs or incense to the bottom of the plate to help out your spell.

I find the above chant to be a little too… much for me when I cast it. I also feel it isn’t specific enough. You can add clauses of when this spell starts and ends at will. I tend to alter the chant as follows:

As this candle burns, money will flow in my direction

When this candle dies, my money will continue to grow

Money will flow to me, my money will continue to grow.

If you use intent specific envisioning, you’ll want to envision your bank account growing and that your carved desire coming to life.

Happy casting!