The Oncoming Storm – Preparations for the Dying Summer Festivals

The last few days I’ve blogged over on tumblr about some weird events. Tugging on my dress, hearing voices that simply are not there, moving of a mirror, etc. Now, my house isn’t haunted but being between two crossroads (and down the road from several more) puts us smack down in Grand Central. Sometimes literally.

But what I haven’t blogged about is the ridiculous amount of glass breaking. No less than four glass items have been broken in the last 72 hours. Four. At different times, in different ways, but broken all the same. To the point where tossing away glass in the rubbish bin ended with the sound of glass breaking on more glass.

This tells me the goblins have arrived.

The goblins appear always before the rest of the spirits that show up for the Dying Summer Festivals. These Festivals are personal for me and start the first of August and run to mid November. Offerings and general mischief is par for the course. Spirits and fae have the run of the place and I attend to them.

This is pretty cloaked in mystery for others, so let it be known now that I’m not telling anyone everything. Always hold something back. It’s more like hold everything back and reveal only a little bit.

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Anyway, the next month or so is go-time for prep work. Not only do I have the shop’s first anniversary to worry about directly before the festivals begin, but I have alcohols to lay in. Tucking away glass objects and doubling up basic protections and “do not pass” zones are necessary.  Incense needs to be made and this year I’m going to attempt coil incense. The well needs to be cleaned up and I’m thinking of planting lemongrass near it to ward off bugs for my workings. Plants also need to be wildcrafted and harvested from the local area and there’s a period where everything blooms at once it seems. As is, I have to go out and collect poisons for curses.

The busy season is about to begin. I can’t wait.