Key Home Hunting Spell

This spell is great if you’re looking for a house, apartment, or somewhere new to live.

It might take a little doing to find the spell ingredients, so prepare in anticipation of needing to do the spell.

Remember to scroll to the bottom for additional notes!

What you’ll need:

  • Keys
  • Symbolic representation of the emotions you want to have in your home (ie, happiness, safety, etc)
  • A list or description of what you need and want in your home, including your budget range.
  • Enchanted water (any kind you want)

Go out and find some old keys. An antique store or used goods store probably has a good selection. If not, try online – they’re often used for crafts and you can buy a bunch of them on etsy, ebay, or a similar location.

The keys should, ideally, be of different styles and era and should be house or building keys rather than lock, car, or prop keys. Skeleton keys are fantastic for this.

Once you’ve got your keys, wash them. They don’t need to be polished, but a quick wipe down with some sort of enchanted water is idea. Sun water, full moon water, new moon water, holy or blessed water, lucky water… whatever feels right for you. If you don’t have any preference, use sun water.

Now cleanse the keys. You want to remove any negative energy and specific location ties a key has. If you have a key to a place you want (like an old key to a building you want to live in), don’t cleanse it except to remove negative energy. Once cleansed, empower the keys with positive energy, priming them to find opportunities for you.

Now that your keys are ready, make up your list of needs and wants for your home. Make sure you differentiate between your actual needs and wants. You need at least three bedrooms for you and your roommates or family, but you probably don’t need a fireplace.

Needs to consider:

  • Location (specific neighborhood, commute time, or nearby certain locations or features, like park)
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Accessibility (stairs? elevators?),
  • Parking or public transportation access
  • Inclusion of utilities and estimation of those utilities
  • Pet-friendly (pets accepted, yard for the dog, etc)
  • School district
  • Additional necessary spaces like a home office
  • Budget range

Wants will be everything else. Here’s other things to consider:

  • Amenities nearby (maybe a public swimming pool isn’t necessary, but you’d really like it)
  • How much sunlight it gets
  • How noisy the area is
  • Yard or garden
  • How many plugs / how much electricity the home can take (important if you have a lot of electronics)
  • Landlord’s management skills, policies, friendliness, and rent payment options
  • Walkability of the neighborhood (ie, Are there sidewalks? Busy streets? Well-lit? Can you take your dog for a walk without having to dodge cars?).
  • Friendliness of the neighborhood
  • Features of the home that probably aren’t essential, such as a balcony, fireplace, luxury kitchen, and so on.

Try to be relatively reasonable here. You’re probably not going to be able to find a mansion with several acres, an indoor pool, and all for half of your budget. I mean, you could; shoot for the stars, but don’t plan on it happening.

Once you’ve got your list written out, find an object that represents how you’d like to feel in your new home. Maybe it’s a picture of you and your friends having a great time on board game night or the platter you use at every family meal. It can even be an image of an apartment or home you like or a tarot card (such as the Ten of Cups).

Once you’ve assembled everything, take the object representing your emotions and place it on a table or counter that you actually eat dinner at the most. (So maybe the coffee table rather than the dining room table if you tend to eat dinner on the couch).

Place the list of wants and needs on top of the emotional object. Place a key on top of the list and infuse the key with energy to draw opportunities that fulfill the list and emotional object to you. Repeat this process with each key.

Now put the keys on a key ring and add it to your keys. If this is too heavy or bulky for you to put on your actual key ring, at least carry the keys with you whenever you leave the house.

When you find a place you like, pick one of the keys that feels “right” and mime opening the front door of the place with the key. This may be difficult to do with any level of subtly. If you don’t think you can pull it off, you can do the action with any door. You could also try turning the key in your pocket, stroking the key saying (aloud or silently) that this home will be yours, or even just imagine a specific key opening the front door of the key.

Try not to use the same key for different places. The idea is that you’re temporarily tying the key to that location. Repeating the spell with the same key can muddy the waters.

When you get a place, you can retire the keys. Hand the keys on a wall by the door, with the key that represented the home first on the key ring. Charge the keys to now bring opportunities to you of all kinds (such as financial) and to protect your new home.


  • You can do this as a batch process, but I find the individual charging of the keys leads to a better result. Each key will seek out slightly different things rather than the same thing, allowing you to find many options to choose from. Your results may differ though, so give it a try both ways, if you want.
  • It’s actually not super great to have a keychain loaded with lots of keys and things. The weight can affect locks and the ignition of your car if it’s excessive. So if you think the weight of the keys is too much, then just carry it with you when you leave the house.
  • If you don’t have a key ring (ie you have keyless entry into your home and don’t have a car), carry the keys anyway.
  • Ideally, you shouldn’t cleanse the keys after the spell’s done and you have your place. You should be able to twist the charged energy inside the keys to the new purpose of bringing opportunities and protecting the home. If energy manipulation of this level isn’t your thing, you can cleanse and charge them with your new purpose.
  • This spell uses a lot of energy manipulation. You can substitute the energy manipulation with a verbal verse or silently telling the keys what you want to happen. It works the same.


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