Invisibility Glamour (Spell Saturday #22)

A glamour is a spell that is a field of illusion magic that concentrates on altering how the target is perceived.Glamours come in all shapes and sizes but they’re incredibly useful all around. They’re almost always temporary. They can also be cast unintentionally so you might have been using a glamour spell for years without even knowing it.

I adore glamours. They’re among my top five fav spell categories. And invisibility glamours are my jam. I was super shy as a kid (still am, actually) so being able to move through school or a crowd without being noticed made me feel so much better.

An invisibility glamour doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly become invisible but rather that a glamour allows someone to not pay attention to you. Their attention is diverted elsewhere or they simply don’t notice you. It’s a neat trick but it’s not Harry Potter’s cloak. People will see you they just won’t notice you.

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To cast an invisibility glamour, you’ll need to duck into a corner, darkened hallway, or off to the side of a room. That’s really rather optional but I find it makes it easier to gather your thoughts and set the illusion properly. You’ll want to remain still and calm during the spell casting.

Now think or whisper very clearly “I am unseen. No one sees me. I am invisible. Don’t notice me. I’m not here. Look elsewhere. I’m not worth looking at. You don’t see me.” It doesn’t have to be that exactly but similar phrasing said or thought very quickly and very passionately will set your intent.

Now while saying all of that, pull your energy around you, like pulling a blanket over your head. The room might seem a little dimmer or quieter, like muffled. (It might not, but that’s OK. It’s not a consistent experience.) Keep that energy set around you and go about your business. You may wish to keep muttering to yourself about not being seen as you pass through crowds but you shouldn’t need to.

With practice,  you can set a glamour and anchor it around you, keeping the energy up but without having to deal with the active thinking involved.

To release the glamour, you’ll just release the cloak of energy and allow the energy to slid off you, like shedding a coat. Shake off any excess energy and go about your day.


  • Glamours do not universally work this way. Most glamours are a cast once and done sort of deal. They don’t need to be fed continuously. A “don’t notice me” glamour works exactly like above but it’s not fed the way this glamour is. By feeding it continually energy, you’re making the spell rather powerful.
  • If you’re not use to powering continually spells, you’ll be tired after using it. This is true for even if you are use to feeding spells like this. Practice makes it far easier and it’s a good skill to master.
  • Smoky quartz helps with this sort of magic, in my experience.
  • Cats are naturally gifted at this sort of magic so if it helps, think of how a cat moves through a room.

Happy casting!