Braided Rope Spell for Increasing Business, Good Luck, or Whatever Else

Braided Rope Charm for Bringing Business, Luck, Prosperity, etc.

A simple household charm that just about anyone can do. This is more of a technique than a flat-out spell and is easily altered to your needs.

Heads up for enchanted shit in the pictures and sigils that may be in the background. I’ve included a sort of step-by-step how to below.


My entry way staircase with the new spell rope.

First gather your materials. Here I’ve created one to help with business so my choices were a fine mesh gauze gold ribbon and a red silk ribbon, seven bells (five gold, two silver, one blue), and a key. The gold and red ribbons stand for wealth, and the bells were enchanted for various things (example: “may the hearer of the bell always have wealth”). They key is because my business is a home business. It’s braided in to keep the business and home in wealth, protection, and prosperity. Additionally, adding an object on the end gives the rope weight and doesn’t allow it to be swung so easily. Your materials may vary of course but bells (or some type of noise-maker) is required for this particular spell.

As for length or size, that depends on preference. The above rope is a little over five feet tall, larger than I am, but that was by choice. I’ve made similar ones at smaller lengths with no reduction of spell power.

Hanging up your braid, or attaching it to a solid surface, can save a lot of trouble and keep the braid from spinning or unraveling. This is especially true with long braids. The longer the braiding materials, the more you’ll have to ensure that the bottom doesn’t get tangled. Swing the strands out with flourish to keep them tangle-free.

I used a three strand braid for this rope, although I tend to use a four strand braid normally as that gives more substance. There’s subtle details of this particular spell I won’t go into because those are private but there is a specific reason why I chose these materials, this braiding technique, and those bell colors.

I looped the top around a cup to get an even loop to attach the rope to. I have a drop ceiling so mine’s simply attached to a bent paperclip. You can probably use a smaller loop if you’re attaching it by a nail or something.

I typically chant while braiding. Don’t get all discouraged. My chants are typically blunt commands. “This will bring prosperity”. Once I get a few inches braided, I slid a bell onto the smaller red ribbon, and braided around it. When I added the bell, I would declare whatever the bell was enchanted for “All that hears the bell ring, shall have wealth and health” or whatever. Then I keep going.

Once I got to the bottom I tied the end off, added in the key, and worked a braid using the key as the third “strand”, fully incorporating my key (and thus my home) into the spell.


The first bell is in place and moving onto the second. Using a clasp like the one above can save the rope from unraveling and causing a headache.


Tied off at the bottom but before adding the key. Tying off can also allow you to incorporate new stands as needed. Ignore my ugly hand.



Use the key as the third “strand” and braid around it. At the bottom of the key tie off and you’re done.

And you’re done! I tied it off and stuck it by the door (as seen in the first image)

Because this one’s set for business, every time I make a sale, I’ll ring the bell. In the past I’ve used a household one for luck and protection that I rang before leaving the house every day.

Other ideas:

  • Add charms, beads, or whatever to the braid as you go for your intent.
  • Soak the ribbon or braiding material in enchanted oil or water to absorb more of a kick
  • Write sigils or spells on the braiding material
  • Don’t like braiding? Macrame, crocheting, or knitting work just as well!
  • Enchanting the bells to ring when there’s danger is really common and a great way to make a protection rope.



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