Apple Spell for Love (tumblr repost)

Get yourself a red apple. Shine it up, if you want.

Now think of the person you want to love and who you want to love you in return. This can be a specific person or it can be just a general jumble of traits, appearances, personalities, etc. Once you get your dream lover’s image and personality cemented in your head, keep this information in mind during the entire spell.

Breathe on the apple’s flesh then bit into it. Eat the apple, being sure to keep your future partner’s image in mind. Keep the core and the apple seeds.

Roll the apple core in love-attracting herbs and ingredients. Common examples, cinnamon, cloves, honey, sugar, basil, lavender, rosemary, roses, jasmine, apple blossoms, fennel, strawberries, and vanilla. Take the apple core and leave it at a crossroads closest to your house.

Set the seeds aside to dry. (Alternatively, you can bake them at a low temperature, but watch to make sure they don’t crack or burn.) Carry these seeds in a love charm bag or alone to bring love to you.

Originally posted here on tumblr.