Treat Me Better Spell [Spell Saturday #64]

We’ve all had people treat us like shit sometimes. Maybe you have a friend that doesn’t understand that sometimes they go too far with the jokes or they use you as a doormat. Maybe they always go on and on about their problems but aren’t they for you all the time. They’re not bad people and they’re not necessarily a bad friend, they just don’t think of how they’re treating you.

This spell is designed to encourage them to treat you better. This isn’t going to make them see the error of their ways though. It’s not designed as an “eye opener” spell but rather just a spell to make someone treat you nicer.

What you’ll need:

  • Sugar for sweetness
  • Hydrangea petals to ego boosting and sweetness
  • Meadowsweet for happiness
  • Apple blossom for happiness
  • Calendula for happiness
  • Gardenia for friendship
  • Rue to work against jealousy
  • Snapdragons to work against lies and deception
  • Heliotrope for friendly words
  • Clover for luck
  • Bottle or bag to carry with you

Gather all of your herbal ingredients and place them in a bowl in direct sunlight for about an hour. Then take the herbs inside and pour the sugar on top of the herbs. You don’t need to cover the herbs but you should be able to see the sugar throughout.

Place your hand lightly on top of the herbs and say,

“Sweetness you’ll become

When in the presence of this mixture

If there’s someone specific you want to make treat you better, say the following (or something like it). If you’re just trying to make people in general around you treat you better, skip the ahead.

“Treat me as I desire

I encourage you to try

To be better and kind. 

Treat me better,

Treat me kind,

By this spell and power mine.”

No matter which version of the spell you’re doing, place the herbs and sugar in a bag or bottle and carry it with you.


  • Use substitutes for the above herbs as needed. I gave the reasons I selected those herbs so feel free to swap them out as needed.
  • Remember to change up the wording as it suits your needs
  • You can absolutely use a plastic container or ziploc bag for spells. Plastic will not hurt your spells, as far as I’ve experienced. A tic-tac container or similarly shaped bottle works well.