For Opportunities Candle Spell

This spell is to bring opportunities to you. If you’re looking to find a job or line up a new gig, this one’s for you. If you’re looking for a new place to live or the opportunity to meet someone special, this one’s also for you. It’s a general spell that lets you draw opportunities to you for whatever you’re hoping to achieve.

For this you need a simple candle. The best one for this sort of thing is one that you can light a number of times, so maybe a jar candle that smells nice. The scent doesn’t really matter, but it may be helpful to have something bright like citrus or something inviting like cinnamon. It’s really up to you and the kind of opportunities you’re looking for. 

Get comfortable in a chair with the candle. Make sure you’re in as dark as a room as you can comfortably be in. I prefer pitch blackness, but if that makes you nervous, then have a bit of light. For this spell, confidence is helpful, so you’ll want to be comfortable in near darkness versus uncomfortable in full darkness. 

Light the candle and say,

“This candle is a light in the dark. 

The opportunities I seek are draw to this light and to me.

When this candle burns, my wishes are heard,

When this candle dies, my wishes are satisfied.

This candle is a light in the dark,

I draw opportunities to me now.

[Detail the opportunities you want. Feel free to repeat things that are important or describe them. Repeat the timeframe you want them in.]

These are the opportunities I seek.

This candle is the light in the dark for these opportunities to find me.

They are coming to me now.

My wishes are will be satisfied.”

Blow out the candle.

Light the candle again and again each day until the candle runs out, repeating the first verse of the spell and / or concentrating on the opportunities you want while lighting the candle. 


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