Personal Party Boost Spell (Spell Saturday #23)

Ever have some sort of event you need to go to but you’re not exactly thrilled about going there? Whether it’s your least favorite cousin’s wedding or an out of town conference, sometimes you need to help boost your own personal enjoyment of event.

This spell’s purpose is to invite good, enjoyable things to happen to you personally. What happens specifically, isn’t detailed in the spell so be prepared. Maybe you’ll find someone to chat about a new book with, make a new friend, or hook up with someone amazing. You may find a great little coffee place to escape to or have someone say something that gives you a revelation. There’s a lot of room for possibility with this spell.

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Scene from SEMAPPD

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However, it’s a tricky spell that requires some forethought. There’s some specific conditions that need to be met in order to get the spell to work properly and mismanagement will break the spell entirely.

Time limit

The spell’s length is designed to last from the time you arrive at the event to the time you leave. If you’re in the habit of thinking that the trip to the event is part of the event itself, then you can extend the time until you leave and come back to your house. You can leave your house and come back multiple times if you need to pop in to grab something but you shouldn’t rest at your home as it’ll break the spell. Note I say “rest” and not “sleep”. Collapsing into you bed in exhaustion and then scurrying out the door again doesn’t count in this case. Essentially, the spell operates on the same atmosphere created by the event. So if you go home and veg out for a few hours in front of the TV to catch a break, you’ll interrupt the atmosphere of the event and thus the spell. If you’re relaxing at a hotel or out with friends, it doesn’t count, even if those specific things aren’t related entirely to the event itself.


Another thing about this spell is that it largely feeds on the high emotions that surrounds major events. Even the most somber events will have a lot of emotions running. That’s the aforementioned atmosphere and that’s why the spell ends when the event ends. It runs out of juice, so to speak. The kind of emotions and energy isn’t important to the spell – it’s about the amount of energy and emotions. So the more chaotic and hectic the event is, the better the spell will work.

Repeated castings

While this spell can be cast multiple times (such as in the event of the spell breaking) it tends to muddle the event with fragmented spells and knots of energy. That might not make sense if you’re not sensitive to energy itself but, simply put, it leaves a residue that clutters up the space, magically speaking. The energy can be removed via cleansing or untangling but that’s an extra step and you may not have access to all the areas affected. So it’s best to cast this once and be done with it.

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Spell combination clashing

Combinations with this spell can be tricky. If you don’t watch the wording and purposes of the spells, they can clash in a rather spectacular fashion. That might be entertaining if you have nothing to be concerned about but magically priming an event so it falls to pieces when something goes wrong (and something always goes wrong) isn’t exactly a nice thing to do.

Make sure to watch what kind of spells you combine. Glamours work very well with this spell so you can use them freely. Beauty and confidence spells work beautifully with this spell. Protection spells, such as guarantees overall safety or anti-fire spells, tend to be OK. Clashes begin to occur when you focus on details like spells to boost overall happiness. Even anti-anxiety spells tend to get clash.

A good rule of thumb is remember that the spell works on the atmosphere of the event so if your spell effects the atmosphere, such as a boost to happiness or a general “this event will not make me anxious”, it will disrupt and clash with this spell.

That isn’t to say you should avoid all other spells. A piece of enchanted jewelry will reduce clashing because it’s a contained item spell. Sigils are hit and miss – sometimes they’ll clash and cause this spell to fail and sometimes they won’t.

I’ve specifically tested this with anti-anxiety spells. I think the clashing with the anti-anxiety and this spell comes from a the general blanket calm that comes with the anti-anxiety spells. If you have something very specific, such as a trigger or  squick, you can probably cast an anti-anxiety spell against that specific thing and be OK (unless, of course, the event is about that thing such as going to a baby shower when you have tokophobia.) Outside of that, items such as the previously mentioned enchanted jewelry might be a better way to go.

Blanket spell only

A blanket spell is a spell you cast without tying it to an object or yourself. Like pulling a blanket over a bed, the spell is cast over the entire space, event, or time. Blanket spells fade away over time. Most spells you run into are blanket spells.

Don’t use this spell on the event badge, if your event uses one. Event badges are great for dropping multiple spells on, especially if you don’t want to go through the trouble of enchanting jewelry or clothing but this spell doesn’t work well when tied to an object. It’s like the spell’s always primed to go and only works in bursts. Better to cast this spell as a blanket spell rather than tie it to an object.

Doesn’t effect the event itself

This spell is purposely designed so it doesn’t effect the event itself. You’re not casting it to make sure your party or wedding is a sure success. You’re casting it to make sure that you have a good time at the event.

I discovered that casting spells to boost happiness on objects, such as an arch of balloons or something, rather than a blanket spell doesn’t clash with this spell and still allows an overall effect to the event.

It’s a fussy spell, perhaps, but it can be great when you know that you’re going to need some personal entertainment at a boring event.

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Off we go on an adventure!

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You’ll need:

  • An invitation to the event. Even printing out a calendar with the event on it will work.
  • Drawing powder or sugar
  • A good mood
  • A small mirror or reflective surface
  • All of the shoes you’ll be wearing

Get yourself into a good or at least ambivalent mood. You should be in a good enough mood so you don’t think less than friendly things about the event. You might not be happy about going to this event so make sure that you’re in a mood where your feelings about the event are at least neutral.

Place the invitation against the back of the mirror, so the writing or picture would be facing you if the mirror wasn’t in the way.

Sprinkle the drawing powder over your reflection in the mirror, smile and think of good, happy things when doing this. You don’t have to think of anything specific. Even remembering the cuteness of a puppy works. You just need to be truly content and happy for that moment.

Now put the mirror down and look at the invitation and say,


Joy comes to my side

Happiness is my companion

Luck heralds my coming

[Event name]

I join you

And bring my own sunshine

Now sprinkle some of the drawing powder inside your shoes (even flip flops or sandals) and you’re good to go!


  • Drawing powder is often simply just powdered sugar. My own secret recipe is a bit different but essentially, it’s a powder that’s entirely purpose is to draw stuff to you.
  • You do not have to keep the drawing powder in the shoes. I typically sprinkle the powder inside the shoes then wipe the shoes clean with a paper towel a little while later. You can do it immediately or wait until you’re ready to go. It’s up to you.
  • If you want to make sure that you have certain things happen, then you’ll need to collect a pile of “good things”. For example, if you want to find a good book, have good food, or a good place to sleep, you’ll need representations of those things from your own home. So buy a cupcake, grab your favorite pillow, and snag a good book to use as representations. If you’re aiming for friendship or love, you’ll want an object that makes you think of friends or love such as rose petals or pulling up your text messages on your cellphone. Pass the invitation over the pile of good things and sprinkle with drawing sugar. This should be done before you do the mirror step.
  • I always, always bring a travel grimoire with me when traveling or attend these kinds of events. The travel grimoire can vary in size but it will have “emergency spells” such as anti-anxiety, healing, protection, etc. It’ll have information and references I might want to have (names of spirits to summon or color combinations, what-have you), and lists of 10 common herbs to use for specific purposes. This means that this little book gives me exactly what I need for reference no matter where I am. The spells are all designed to work without much set up, if any, so they can be cast on the go. Bonus tip: Even the most staunch anti-technology practitioners would benefit from keeping a short file on their cellphones for these kinds of events.
  • Ask another practitioner if they can see any conflicts with the spells you want to use. They might not use the same kind of paradigm or magic but they can still offer a different perspective.
  • Divination is completely unaffected by this spell.
  • Enchanted jewelry and clothing are witchy-essentials for events as far as I’m concerned. Enchanting stuff allows you to run spells without worrying overmuch about clashing and, more importantly, since it’s a completed spell, it doesn’t drain you. Plus you can set up the spells in advance which is huge when there’s a million things to do.
  • For goodness’ sake, enchant your suitcases and important items like cellphone and jewelry with anti-theft, return/find me!, and “notice me!” spells. It’ll help keep your cellphone in hand, your jewelry in your possession, and your suitcase from disappearing when encountering the void known as airports.

Happy casting!


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