Autumn is Here!

Yay! Autumn is here at This Crooked Crown and I’m so excited. Autumn is, hands down, my favorite time of year. It’s also my family’s favorite time of year so it’s usually pretty awesome around here.

Traditionally, things are slow in September and pick up quite a bit in October because, well, witches. Despite that, I always take Halloween off. I rarely perform any rituals or attend any parties but there’s something about sitting around and simply enjoying the highs of energy on that night without having to actually do anything with it.

But! That’s me. Most people have a great big o’ plan for Halloween-time and I love hearing about them.

This year’s is extra special. There’s a bunch of reasons why that is but the most important is that this year my family has Halloween week off. Not just the day or the day after but the whole week. We didn’t even initially plan it that way but it’s really fun to think that we’ll be home to celebrate our family’s favorite holiday together for once. We’re getting a dragon. I’m excited. Also pumpkins. So many pumpkins.

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So we bought some pumpkins yesterday….

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We’re also planning a trip to Salem. Yup. The most commercialized witchy town in the world. Despite living less than 80 miles from Salem, it’s been about a decade since I’ve been there. I’ve only visited two other times in my memory but it’s always a fun adventure. Perusing history is always sobering and it’s nice to wander around and to run into fellow practitioners all the time. Especially around this time of the year.

I’ll have ¬†more updates on that front as we nail down times and date for the trip (always the trickiest part of any venture for us) and expect a ton of photos, especially on instagram.I suspect it will be the Thursday before Halloween. Just saying.

Halloween will¬†hopefully see the launch of a project of mine. It’s a bit too early to announce it quite yet but I’m hopeful. And, if you didn’t catch it last month, I recently launched a Patreon with exclusive spells and witchy short stories. Pledge your support to get some pretty awesome goodies.

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Pumpkins! First pumpkins of the autumn.

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Excited yet? Me too! This should be a stellar autumn this year and I can’t wait for it.