I Want to Go Here (Spell Saturday #41)

This spell’s perfect for if you want to go to a specific destination but don’t really know exactly how you’ll get there. Whether funds, companionship, or being able to get a ticket is a problem for you, this spell will help smooth the way to your dream destination. Or just getting you a ticket to that super awesome concert one city over.

Combine this spell with luck, money, or similarly purposed spells to ensure that you get to your destination in a safe and financially responsible way.


This spell is actually an adaptation of an upcoming spell that was originally featured on tumblr. The tumblr post is a bit dated and combined the two spells together. I’ve updated and separated them out for your convenience. They’re still essentially the same spell.


What you’ll need:

  • A computer browser with online map or paper map
  • A poppet representing you made from a pencil or pen


First, create your poppet. I usually go with a pencil because it’s less likely to accidentally mark up my computer screen but you can use a crayon, marker, or whatever. You could also make a traditional poppet and use that too. To make a pencil poppet, just select a new, unused pencil and draw or write on it so it represents you. Maybe you write words that your label yourself with or you draw your face and typical clothing style. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. It just needs to represent you in some way.

Load up your map and center it so you can have your current location and the place you want to be in the same screen. You might have to zoom out quite a bit to get it just right.

If you’re sure you want to travel to a particular destination or by a specific destination, make note of those locations. So if you want to go to a stadium, make sure to drop a location pin on the map to indicate that. If you want to travel somewhere via the train, make sure you know where the train station is both locally to you and where you want to go.

Now find your house or current location. Make sure to a location pin there too. If you want to head to a specific destination like a friend’s house or a hotel, mark that location too.


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Take a few minutes to research some typical means of travelling between you location and the destination in mind. So glance at airplane tickets or train schedules. Don’t pay attention to the price. Pay attention to the stops made or the route they take. If you’re travelling by car, make sure you note the highways used. Some online maps like Google may make this super simple for you by offering directions right there in the map.

Pick up your poppet and start at your home. Trace the roads, zooming in as much as needed, until you get to your travel method, like the airport or train station. Then move the poppet across, following the route until you get to your location.

While doing this, chant the following lines. Remember to adjust the chant as needed to make it more specific to you!

“I am here, house and home

But there is where I will be

Taking a trip, taking a journey

By boat, car, or plane

I don’t care

Just get me over there.”

If possible, use the poppet pencil in any trip planning from there on out for this trip. So circling dates, on printed out tickets, marking guide books, whatever. If you remember, take this pencil poppet with you when you go to ensure the spell continue to work as planned. You may want to leave the poppet pencil at your destination to finish the spell or bring it home with you, and throw it away. Up to you.


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  • If you’re using a poppet in your money/luck/protection/courage spells then use that poppet for this spell. It should only help both spells, not hinder them.
  • Pens are probably far more useful and convenient for this spell and it works exactly the same way. I just feel less guilty about leaving behind a pencil than a perfectly good working pen.
  • The chant should be adapted as much as possible to your purposes. If chanting doesn’t work for you, then skip it.
  • Printing out the route you’d have to take and keeping it and the pencil in your suitcase or by the door might also help the spell along.


Happy casting!


Originally adapted from a post here on tumblr.