Tarot Emulation Attraction Spell

This is a spell to be attractive sexually. Let’s not kid ourselves here. This spell’s about physical attraction. It’s about making you look sexy. It’s not going to attract people to you that aren’t already attracted to you and it’s not going to get you a relationship. It’s not going to give you a hook up. It’s just a way for you to stand out and feel sexy.

So, in a way, it’s kind of a a love spell. It makes you feel awesome and love yourself. You’ll probably see a pick up when it comes to flirty gestures or sexual propositions.

Tarot Emulation Attraction Spell by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need 

  • A tarot or oracle deck of some kind
  • Article of clothing you’re going to wear

Search through your tarot or oracle deck and find cards that make you feel sexy or awesome. They should be card that you want to emulate or represent you. Pick cards that also represent how you want others to see you.

Pick as many cards as you want from as many decks as you want. Lay them all out on top of the article of clothing you’re going to wear. It should be an outfit that makes you feel sexy.

When you’re ready, focus on how you want to look and raise the card up to your face and make a swooping motion down the length of your body and place the card back on the piece of clothing. You can recite what about that card you want to bring into yourself as you do this or you can just make the motion. Do this for each and every card.

Then get dressed. Lay the cards out on top of your dresser or stack them in a drawer. Go about your day. When you’re done for the day and you’re undressed, you can place the cards back in their respective decks.


  • You can also lay the cards out on your naked body, shoes, or jewelry if you prefer.
  • Placing the tarot cards on your mirror is also a good alternative.

Happy casting!