Forged Through Fire Spell [Spell Saturday #50]

This is a spell to change aspects a specific aspect of your life. It’s not meant to be a gentle, guiding spell but a rather a boot in the ass kind of spell. It’s meant for you to cut the shit and actually change an aspect of your life. It’s for when you need to say to yourself “Quit the procrastination and just go do the thing already”.

Forged in Fire by This Crooked Crown


What you need:

  • Two pieces of paper
  • A red double ended candle or a single red candle
  • Fire safe smooth dish
  • Fire safe bowl (if not using a double ended candle)
  • Your honesty
  • Herbs, oils, and candle-dressing materials (optional)


Write down exactly what you want to happen. You want to go to the gym three times a week and get totally serious on your health? Write that down in explicit detail. You want to stop procrastinating on finding a new job and just go find one that you actually like? Write that down. Want to start that project (or finish it?) Write that down. You need to be completely honest with yourself.

If you’ve been procrastinating because you’re lazy or want to watch reruns of Supernatural instead write that down. Be completely and totally honest with yourself. This isn’t about the legit reasons why you might not do something. If you weren’t able to work because of illness or obligations, then this spell isn’t for you. This spell is to combat procrastination rather than just giving you a boost.

Once you’ve written down what you want to happen and what the problem is, get your candle and dress it for power and energy.

Place the paper for how you currently are on your non-dominate side (so if you’re left handed or your left hand is your power hand, put the paper on the right side). Place the paper for how you want to be on the opposite side. The candle and fire-proof bowl should be between the two. Light the candle.


spells and herbs


If you’re using a  double ended candle, light the candle on the side with the paper with your current state or being/ the problem. Burn that paper and let is go completely to ash. When the paper is completely gone, blow out that end of the candle and declare that how you were is over. Light the other end of the candle and burn the paper with your intentions in it, affirming to yourself that this is how you’re going to be.

If you’re using not using a double ended candle, then burn the paper with how you use to be in the fire proof bowl. When the paper is ash and you have nothing but embers left, declare that how you were is over. Light the candle and burn the paper with your intentions on it, affirming to yourself this is how you’re going to be.

In either case, as the intentions paper burns,  let the wax from the candle with your intentions drip onto a smooth, fire proof dish. Let it cool so it’s cool enough to handle but so not cool that it isn’t malleable. roll the wax between your fingers to form a small ball and carry that wax ball with you each and every time you try and do the thing.

Once the intentions paper has burned, you can blow out the candle. Keep and use whenever you want to reaffirm yourself to you intentions.

Red Candle by This Crooked Crown


  • The candle can be scented or dressed in any of the following oils, scents, or herbs: Allspice, apple, carnations, cinnamon, hyssop, vanilla, rosemary, cinquefoil, dragon’s blood, lemon verbena, marigolds or calendula, thistle, and thyme. If you use any of these scents/oils/herbs you should definitely use them to remind yourself in the future to go do the thing. So if you used apples, then an apple colored gym bag or aromatherapy oil should be motivating.




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