Alarm Spell [Spell Saturday #53]

I am not a morning person. When I have a deadline to reach or an appointment to get to, I will need all the alarms in the world in order to get me out of bed. It’s a Thing.

This spell will probably not help with that.

But this spell can be used to let you know when something’s going down. It can protect your room from trespassers or let you know someone’s poking around where they shouldn’t be.


Alarm Spell by This Crooked Crown


What you’ll need:

  • A trigger item such as a ring
  • The place or thing you want to guard or be alerted to
  • Mugwort-rose infused oil (optional)


First, create a infuse mugwort and rose infused oil. This is an optional step but it can be a useful one. If you can’t or don’t want to do this, just skip to the next step. To create the oil, steep mugwort and crumbled rose petals in a light oil like sunflower oil for about a week. You can steep them for longer if you like. When the oil is ready, dress you trigger object with the oil. You can also use water instead of oil, steeped and boiled like a tisane tea if oil will damage your trigger item.

Go to the place that you want to protect. Sit comfortably with the object or place you want to protect. Allow your energy to flow out and encompass the space or wrap around the object in question, such as a diary. Focus on creating positive thoughts and creating a warm, safe, and secure place.

When you feel like you’ve done this, swoop your hand to circle the room, feeling the energy you’ve created. Once you’ve come full circle, touch that hand to the trigger object.

Say or think the following with your hand still touching the trigger object:


When you sound, I will know

Chime, ring, echo, call, tremble, or bellow

Make whatever sound you can in haste

To let me know someone trespasses in this space.

Allow your energy to dissipate and carry on with your day.

When the spell is activated, you should “hear” a sound. it might be an actual sound, like a ring clacking on a counter more loudly than it should or it might be something telling you in your heart that something’s wrong, like something tugging at your attention. You may also suddenly notice that trigger object when it shouldn’t really be the center of attention. (Example, if the trigger object is a bracelet and you wear several bracelets but suddenly all eyes are on that singular bracelet.)

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  • The trigger object can be anything you like but is most commonly a piece of jewelry of some kind.
  • The trigger object can even be a piece of skin or your own body. You can use a finger as a trigger object and if that finger suddenly hurts or itches, then the spell’s been activated.

Happy casting!




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