Cursed By The Stars [Spell Saturday #68]

Ever hate someone so much that you wish them to forever be cursed? It’s a serious commitment and require a serious amount of thinking time before you take the plunge. If you really think someone deserve this kind of punishment, keep on reading.

This spell is meant to curse someone using the energy of the stars they were born under.  So long as they walk under the star’s light or can see the stars in the sky, they’re cursed.


What you’ll need:

  • Target’s full name
  • Target’s birthday
  • Target’s birth location
  • Bonfire
  • A star-filled night
  • Offering for the stars (see notes)

First, write down your target’s name, birthday, and place of birth. Try to get as close as possible for the birthplace (city or hospital is preferred.) Fold the piece of paper up and carry it close to your heart for one day and one night.

During that twenty four hour period, think of them often and how much you hate them. You can think of what you want happen to them or you can just keep that hatred vague. Up to you.

Once the twenty-four hour period is done, travel to a place where there stars are brightest, if possible. Light a campfire or bonfire that is visible to the stars. If you’re with others, wait until they go to bed or are away from the fire to cast the spell.

Now invoke the stars. You might call upon the stars in your zodiac constellation or a star you’ve felt particularly drawn to. Or you can just ask the stars to listen to your request. Be as poetic or are blunt as possible. This needs to come entirely from the heart. Say something like, “Oh stars above, listen to my pleas, and curse the one whose name I offer thee”.

Now that you’ve gotten the stars’ attention, leave your offering to them somewhere within sight of the stars but out of sight for humans. Try sticking the offering in a tree or tucked under some bushes.

Take the piece of paper with your target’s name on it and hold it in front of you. Raise it above your head so the stars can see it and say something like, “Stars, I curse this person who has done me wrong. Curse them with your heavenly light. May they days be ever dark and filled with the torment they have brought me. As long as they walk under your light, they are cursed.” Again, this is something that needs to come from the heart so be as specific or as vague as you want. Just talk to the stars and tell them what you want to happen.

When done, toss the paper into the fire’s heart and watch it burn up, the ashes going into the sky. Thank the stars if you want and allow your hatred to burn. Whether that hatred continues after this fire or begins to abate is up to you.

In the morning or at dawn, go through a cleansing process and cast a protection and blessing spell over yourself.


  • Offering for the stars can be anything. A bundle of sweet herbs to scent the fire, shining coins to reflect their light, a mirror, stones, whatever you think is appropriate. It’s up to you. Make sure that the offering is either completely degradable or is something that doesn’t degrade at all. You don’t want to harm the animals or earth here.
  • It’s probably best to cast this spell in a place where you can see as many stars as possible. A place with less light pollution. If this isn’t possible in your home, maybe take a camping trip and cast the spell then.
  • Using magical ink, war water, or body fluids to write the spell out is a good idea. Similarly, try using magical paper.
  • A campfire or bonfire is important to this spell because we’re interested in the ashes and smoke rising from the fire. A candle doesn’t generate enough flames for this spell to work properly.