Heart Weave Love Spell

This spell is to draw a lover to you, someone who will love you and you’ll love them, and carries specific qualities you desire in a partner. It’s definitely an arts-and-crafts sort of spell, but useful if other spells of a similar style haven’t worked for you yet.

What you’ll need:

  • A piece of bendable metal
  • String, ribbon, yarn, etc.
  • Pliers (optional)
  • Sewing needle (optional)
A piece of wire and string is all you need, but a needle and pliers can can!
Bending the wire into an acceptable heart shape is only the beginning. Note the flat ends at the bottom, making it easier to twist the ends and close the heart.
A heart made by twisting the ends of the wire. This might need a little muscle provided by the pliers. You may also need to reform the heart as it might have been bent out of shape while you were working.

Bend and shape the wire into a heart, twisting the wire together say,

"This is our foundation
Our mutual desire for love
And the love that we find in each other."
Tie the string to the bottom where the wire is twisted and bring the wire across the center of the heart, tuck it over the edge and then pull the string through the center, laying it across the top of the side of the heart.

Now, take a strand of string and tie it to where the wire is twisted together. Spread the string over the surface of the heart, crossing it over. Wrap the string over the metal and then push it through the center and cross it to another edge. Repeat.

Here the string has been tucked around the edge of the heart, pulled through the center again, and pulled across the heart to the opposite side. A new piece of string is tied on since the other one was at the end of the line.

When the string runs out, tie a new piece to the end of the string and just keep on going.

With the new string added, tuck the string around the edge of the heart and pull through like before, bringing it back to center.

As you work, list qualities that you would like in your future partner. You can just simply list them or add any kind of spell work you’d like here. This is where you get to customize the spell to your taste and to draw the kind of lover you’re looking for.

Repeat the qualities you’d like in your partner if you run out of ideas.

With the new string added, tuck the string around the edge of the heart and pull through like before, bringing it back to center.
Here the string is brought around the edge to the front, then crosses the heart’s center, weaving in and out of the strings it crosses, finally resting over the edge of the heart.
The string is tucked under the metal, pulled through the center, and crosses to a new part of the heart to begin the same kind of steps again with a new piece of string.

When the heart is full of string, use the last bit to weave the working end into your heart.

Once done, place the heart in a window facing the street. It doesn’t have to be in full view of others, but it should be located in the window. As you place it say,

"Here I place you
Where my message may take flight
And the love I put into you
Will bring a lover to my side."


  • Floral wire is really easy to use and obtain. You might even be able to get some at a local dollar store or similar location. Wire is also available in various colors, so you may be able to purchase something that’s closely aligned to color symbolism for you.
  • Yarn, embroidery thread, or ribbons are great for this. Use color symbolism to get the look you want in the spell or use color symbolism to indicate the emotions or attributes you want.
  • It might be easier to do this spell if you have an active knowledge of weaving, because even though this is basic, it can be hard to get everything taunt and pretty. If you aren’t concerned about this, then don’t worry about it.
  • It’s also useful to use a sewing needling in later stages of the spell, as it can be difficult to push through the string later on.