Sunshine Protection

This is a general all-purpose protection spell. It can be cast to keep spirits out, to lessen the chances of creeps talking to you, and other general helpful protection things.

Quick verbal charms are some of my personal favorite spells. I use them pretty much daily in my own practice. This is one I wrote specifically for my own use. It’s best used on bright, sunny days where the light feels strong and warm.

This is both a targeted and location based spell. When you cast it, you’re essentially making a magic circle. Anything inside the circle, including the land itself, will also be enchanted. So that piece of land, everything you’re wearing and carrying (especially whatever the sunlight touches), as well as yourself will carry the protection spell.

It also has something of a side effect – it can boost confidence, mood, and physical health for a bit. Essentially, you’ll feel better, lighter, and stronger once the spell’s in place – but it only works for a short time.

This spell isn’t intended for lengthy protection. It’s powerful, but it’s mostly geared towards needing that extra bit of protection on the go. So if you’re about to head into a job interview or on a date, this is a great spell to choose. It usually lasts as long as the sunlight does (although, there is some lingering protection affect that go one for something like 12-20 hours after the spell’s cast).

What you’ll need:

  • Sunlight

Stand in the sunlight, feet firmly planted and about shoulder width apart. You should be at least an arm’s distance from everyone else.

Tip your head slightly up, so you feel the sunlight on your face, but not so upwards that you can’t see in front of you. Spread your arms out wide in a fast but confidence motion, holding them there for the length of this spell.

Envision yourself being bathed in the warm sunlight. If vision work isn’t for you, know that you’re already in the sunlight, so just focus on feeling the warmth of the sun on your face.

Now say the following:

I embody the sun

Touch me and you shall burn.

My power is magnified

Be gone all that would harm me,

You are denied.

Take a moment to let the sun soak into you, then go about your day.

This spell can be subtly done while stretching.