How to Make a Wish Manifestation Jar

A wish jar is part meditation, part spell work, part law of attraction. It’s a jar is used to manifest whatever you’re looking for and can be used for any purpose. You could call it a dream jar, but I actually define those two differently.

For this project, you’ll need to get some sort of vessel with a lid. A jar’s easy, but a pretty box works too. I have a ceramic lidded pot I use. Ideally, this vessel should be opaque, so it’s “out of sight, out of mind” but dealer’s choice in my opinion. If seeing what’s inside is more of a reminder to re-up the energy, then do that.

Once you’ve acquired your vessel, clean and cleanse it in whatever method you prefer. I typically use cleansing water, but do whatever works for you.

Enchanting your wish jar is the next big step. I tend to dump a lot of energy into the box and say something that gives that energy a direction – a command.

For most people, I’d recommend some sort of wording such as “my wishes manifest into reality”. I usually use “the wishes that go in this box become truths”. It’s kind of weird phrasing and you’ll need to think of exactly how you want to word any verbal chants for yourself. What kind of wishes are you putting in this vessel? Is it going to be mostly law of attraction stuff, like “Let’s go viral on tiktok”? Or is it “I invite a puppy into my life”? How you phrase your wishes will depend on how you enchant the vessel. Think about how you usually verbalize your spells. I have a fairly specific if unusual way of speaking, almost left-field nonsensical at times, so my wording is often just plain weird. 

Once you’ve got your wish jar enchanted, stick is somewhere you visit daily. I recommend the bathroom counter, a vanity, on top of a dresser, your altar, in the kitchen, or by the door. These are good place because they’re probably places you visit frequently with a bit of time on your hands.

You can pick up the vessel and pour excess energy into it, empowering all the wishes in the box. Or you can pull out the wishes (I’ll get to that in a bit) and read them over, envisioning each wish coming to fruition, before returning the to the vessel.

To add a wish to the vessel, simply write down what you want on a slip of paper. You can also open the jar and whisper your wish inside of it, but writing it down allows you to pull the paper out and reread it. I’ve also used wooden popsicle sticks with the wish written on it. When the wish comes true, you can either bury or burn the paper or stick, depending on your preference.

Ideally, you should power the wish jar every day and charge it under the full moon or celestially important events (like eclipses or days where the planets line up right or equinoxes).

BUT, let’s be real. We’re all busy people and most of us have tried looking for our cell phones while it’s in our hands, so don’t fret about it too much if you forget for a while. This thing borders on both law of attraction and chaos style magic, so if you forget about it, it probably won’t harm it much, if at all. It’s not “set it and forget it”, but it’s not “oh dear gods, I forgot my wish jar, all my hopes and dreams are ash”. Find your middle point and do what works for you.

It’s kind of a weird little witchy thing. It’s not quite a standard spell because it’s so personalized it barely has instructions. But it’s not-not a spell either, you know? I find it a fun technique and magic experiment. It’s a good way of easing the witchy adjacent and children into magic thinking. And, if you spent time focusing each day on something like this, it serves as a sort of meditation. Mostly, it’s just a bit of fun that will hopefully manifest big results for you.


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