Divination Methods

These are non-cartomancy tools I used for divination.  Primarily, this is used for my shop to explain a bit more about my non-cartomancy divination but it’s interesting for practitioners too! Keep in mind this is not a complete list of methods used, this is just what I do.


A pendulum session is best for yes or no questions, finding lost objects, or decisions where two distinctive options are available. Another name for pendulum divination is pallomancy (“sway prophecy/divination”)

Technically, a pendulum is anything that swings back and forth evenly without a bias to any direction but I specifically use a green aventurine stone pendulum and a custom made azurite pendulum.

Crystal Scrying

This is the world famous crystal ball reading. If selected I will use mirrors, crystals, or gemstones to scry the answers to your questions. Also known as gastomancy (“crystal divination”), lithomancy (“stone, gem, or crystal divination”,  when I speak of scrying, I’m thinking of this method. I own dozens of quartz crystals and gemstones to use for scrying, although I prefer thumb size quartz over actual crystal balls. This was the first method of divination I learned, even before tarot cards and remains near and dear to my heart.

Mirror or Glass Scrying

Also known as catoptromancy (“mirror divination”) or enoptromancy (“mirror divination”) , this scrying method is arguably the most accessible of all – your turned off computer screen can work as a scrying tool! I use both regular mirrors, black glass mirrors, silver encased mirrors, and regular glass for my readings.

Tea Leaf Reading 

The ever popular tea leaf reading or tasseomancy (tasseography, kypomancy, or pyllomancy) involves for me selecting a homemade tea designed to increase psychic abilities and visions, drinking said tea, and reading the symbols the tea leaves leave at the bottom of the cup. While any tea or teacup can be used, I have a specific teacup I use. You can also use coffee grounds!

King’s Divination

The King’s Divination is a thrown stone lots system designed by This Crooked Crown. It’s technically considered a cleromancy ([casting] “lot prophecy/divination”).

You can see a sample reading of this here.


There is no one way to use dice for divination. Each diviner has to come up with their own method. I have mine. This may also be called cubomancy or astragalomancy (“vertebra prophecy/divination”) and falls into the category of cleromancy.

Bibliomancy / Stichomancy

This is a fun and easily customized method of divination. It’s divination through books. I take a book, either of my choice or yours, flip it open, and point at a passage and type that passage up to you. I’ll even break down what I see and feel that is significant in that passage. If you’re thinking about ordering a reading and have a specific book in mind, please include that title with your questions.  While most people prefer the Bible, I don’t have a Christian background and will instead often pick a poetry or quote book to select from. Other times I’ll select profound or favorite novels.

This also goes by the names:

  • chartomancy (“[papyrus] paper divination/prophecy)
  • stichomancy (“by books, lines or lines of verse divination/prophecy”)
  • stoicheomancy (“element divination/prophecy”) which is using specifically Homer’s works such as the Illiad, Odyssey, or the Aeneid but it may also have been used to refer to the Bible, Quran, or Virgil’s writings as well although this is up for debate.
  • Dictiomancy is using a dictionary.

Water Scrying (Oil too!)
Also known as hydromancy (“water divination/prophecy”), this is a widely varied type of divination. It can vary by what kind of water I use from rain water (hydatomancy “raindrop divination/prophecy”) usually collected on a full moon to melted snow or ice, pure water from a stream, purified water, or freshly collected water from the Atlantic Ocean. It can vary on how the water is read through dripping wax into the water and reading those symbols (ceromancy), swirling water in a cup (cyclicomancy), or mixing oil and water in a basin and dropping stones in it (lecanomancy). Speaking of oil, you can scry with oil instead of water. Known as eleomancy (“oil divination/prophecy”), this is generally using a specially made divination oil but I’ve even used cooking oil to great effect. Sometimes I use cryomancy which is divination through ice.

Blood scrying

I’m what’s known as a “blood mage”. I work with and use blood in my magic, almost always my own. Blood can also be used in divination by dripping it on a table or in a basin of water. You don’t have to bleed for blood scrying. You can buy blood from the butcher’s to use and live sacrifices used blood to divine as well. Blood scrying also goes by hematomancy (“blood divination/prophecy”), dririmancy (“dripping blood divination/prophecy”), or even drimimancy “bodily fluid prophecy/divination”).

Salt Scrying
Salt is a purifying and sacred tool used in my witchcraft practice. Salt is thrown and spread over a surface and divined with symbols not unlike tea leaf reading. Also known as halomancy/alomancy (“salt prophecy/divination”)

Lots / Cleromancy / Sortilege

This is throwing a series of items and determining the future on how they fall. Dice and rune casting fall into this category but many others do as well. In addition to the aforementioned methods, I also use coins (numismatomancy “coin prophecy/divination”),

Weather Scrying

Weather divination is often casually used by diviners unless said diviner has an affinity for certain weather types. Scientifically speaking, this was an early form of weather forecasting. I use a variety of methods such as aeromancy (“air prophecy/divination”), brontomancy (“thunder prophecy/divination”), nephomancy (“cloud prophecy/divination”) anemoscopy (“wind observation”), astrapomancy (“lightning divination/prophecy”),

Theriomancy / Animals Divination 

This is divination by animal’s behaviors. Originally meant for wild animals, it’s now been adopted to domesticated animals as well. Birds (A.K.A ailuromancy, augury, auspicy, avimancy, orniscopy) are the most common but I also divine with cats (felidomancy “cat prophecy/divination”), and random encounters with animals (apantomancy “encounter prophecy/divination”).

Fire and Smoke Divination

This is a very common and well known scrying practice and has of variations. Often also called pyromancy (“fire prophecy/divination”) it may go by the name capnomancy (“smoke divination/prophecy”), lychonomancy (“candle/lamp prophecy/divination”) carromancy (“[melting] wax divination/prophecy”), cineromancy (“ashes prophecy/divination”) uses the ashes of sacrificial or ritual fire while libanomancy (“frankincense prophecy/divination”) is by smoke or ask from incense. Ash divining in general has many names depending on the fire but I call it spodomancy (soot “wood ashes prophecy/divination”). Stigonomancy (“to brand prophecy/divination”) is divination, of course, but can also double as a spell. You write something on bark and burn it.


This may use metal or wood divining rod to search for water, oil, or minerals. Also called water-witching or simply divining.

Necromancy and Demonomancy

This is using spirits, demons, and ghosts to tell the future. I don’t tend to do this often, as I prefer to tell the future myself but sometimes I’ll use it. It may also be called psychomancy (“soul prophecy/divination”).

Dreams Divination

As a seer I do receive visions via dreams but more often dreams reveal a psychological state of being. There are dozens upon dozens of names and types involving dreams and sleep. The most common name is oneiromancy (“dream prophecy/divination”)


  • Shufflemancy is using a music player of some kind and putting it on shuffle and using the lyrics or tune of the song as the divination. You can also skip a certain number of songs to select the song.
  • Videomancy is like it said on the tin. Divination by videos or films.


  • By hearing or seeing things. Known by lots of names such as transataumancy (“accidentially seeing or hearing”), alveromancy (“sounds divination/prophecy”)
  • Arrows (bolomancy “arrow divination/prophecy”)
  • Mahjong divination
  • Ouija board
  • Bones (osteomancy/ossomancy “bone prophecy/divination”) which may also be thrown as in cleromancy lots of just examined and used to pull information out of psychically.
  • Palmistry (palm reading or chiromancy)
  • Shadows (sciomancy “shadow prophecy/divination” or simply shadowmancy)
  • The Moon (selenomancy “moon prophecy/divination”)
  • Skulls specifically. Some might called it cephalomancy (“head prophecy”) but I use the bone of the skulls, not the flesh so it’s more osteomancy.
  • Numerology
  • Feng Shui
  • Geomancy (“earth prophecy/divination”),
  • Sand (amathomancy “sandy soil divination/prophecy”)
  • Eggs (oomancy/ovomancy “egg prophecy/divination). I might use the eggs themselves or the eggshells (casacrilla) for divination.
  • Arithmancy is using words with numerical meanings attached or assigned to them.
  • Pyllomancy (“leaf divination/prophecy”)
  • Dendromancy usually refers to sacred trees such as oak, yew, and mistletoe but it can and does mean any tree divination.
  • Phyllorhodomancy is using rose petals as a divination method, especially used in love divination.
  • Flour (aleuromancy “flour divination/prophecy”)