The King’s Divination Sample Reading

Here’s a sample of what a reading using my personal divination method known as the King’s Divination looks like.

Note, all photos for your readings are personal and never shared on social media.


The King’s Divination reveals that your most immediate concern should be getting organized. You’ll want to review your schedule and make sure that you’re getting back on track. Not just because you have stuff to do but because you want to. For personal empowerment and to be able to cleanse yourself from the muck and negativity you’re surrounded by right now.

The most important aspect right now to consider is yourself. You are your most powerful tool. Your instincts, intuition, and self is key to your whole future right now. You are your best motivation and best friend. Remember to listen to yourself. Listen to your heart and spirit. It will guide you where you need to go.

Your relationships with others are very important right now. Allow yourself to trust your heart to others. Don’t lock up your heart tightly. Allow yourself to meet people and befriend those around you. In doing this, you’ll gain great personal power and enrich your life. It will make things much more vibrant and pleasant for you.

Success is possible for you, just avoid making mistakes. Allow yourself to be confident. Modesty and humility won’t help you right now. Embrace what you have and show it off.

Delusions rule over you right now. Get rid of the false illusions you allow and cleanse your spirit. You’ll want to be ready for what’s coming and separating yourself from toxic and negative things will only help you move forward.

Your life is rather split right now. There’s the relationships section of your life which is entirely separate from your success section of your life. Both hold importance to you but you are slightly leaning towards needing more people in your life. You’re probably feeling lonely or isolated right now. You’ve allowed yourself to get into that position so don’t be surprised that it’s happened. You’re responsible for your heart so take responsibility for it. Conquer those people-related fears and move forward.

The first step is with the self and on the mundane level. Follow that up with being true to yourself and you can’t go wrong.

The King’s Divination is an additional option to my etsy readings (the “cards + divination” option) and adds a different perspective on things.

The King’s Divination is also largely impersonal so it doesn’t get sassy like other divination methods do. It tells the truth as it sees it, firm and sincere but not unkind.

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  1. citrinewitchboard says:

    As someone who has purchased multiple readings from you and gotten a King’s Divination reading, I can say from personal experience that it is totally worth the minimal cost to add it onto a standard divination order!

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