Confidence Mirror Spell

This spell is to boost confidence. It’s good for events and situations where you need to be a little more confident, such as job interviews, dates, and so on. 

What you’ll need:

  • Mirror
  • Water, divided
  • Sea salt
  • Rosemary
  • Roses
  • Hydrangea
  • Nasturtium
  • Two bowls
  • Dahlia
  • Paper towel or rag 

In one bowl, mix half of the water with sea salt until the salt dissolves. Wash the mirror with the salt water to cleanse the mirror.

In another bowl, steep rosemary, hydrangea, roses, nasturtium, and dahlia petals in the other half of the water. Wash the mirror again with this water to enchant the mirror with confidence boosting. You can say the following chant or similar affirmations.

"I am confident 
I am strong 
I am blooming 
I am powerful 
I am unshakeable 
I am confident."

When you’re ready to activate the spell, flick some water at the mirror and repeat the above chant or similar affirmations.


  • Any “showy” flowers would work for this spell. Pick your favorites.


Mirror and Candle Love Spell

This is a love spell to draw romantic love to you. Someone who will love your heart and not your physical appearance.

What you’ll need:

  • A mirror you can move around
  • A red, yellow, pink, or white candle

Place the candle in front of you and shift the mirror so that the candle is reflected in the mirror but not you. Turn out the lights and make it as dark as possible without making yourself uncomfortable or creating a trip hazard.

Light the candle and say,

"I seek love. 
Someone who loves me for me
Someone who loves me for what they cannot physically see
Someone who loves me beyond what I look like.
Someone that sees my unseen heart, my unseen mind, and my unseen soul
And loves all of me for that.
I seek a love that comes to me now.
A love who will see me, know me, and love me.
I seek love."

Blow out the candle, making sure that you briefly appear in the mirror while doing this.


  • The candle really can be any color. I selected red and pink because they’re often the colors of romance. I assign yellow as  a “seeking” color – used to find things or seek them out. White was the color I originally had in mind, because this really is a seeking spell and the same method can be used with a different chant, you know?
  • A portable mirror or make up mirror works well for this kind of spell, but a medicine cabinet mirror could easily be used as well. 
  • The intention of the final glance of you as you blow out the candle is a physical connection is made at some point. This can be skipped if you’re not looking for any sort of physical connection.


Be Brave (Spell Saturday #24)

Sometimes, you just need to be brave. Gathering your courage to go and do A Thing can be hard. (Although, it’s usually gathering motivation that’s harder but shh).

Here’s a spell for when you need to stop being a wimp and Do The Thing.


Take a deep breath. Hold your hands about a foot apart from one another in front of you and say,

“Fire around me, burning bright, passionate and true,

Water beside me, flowing free, understanding and calm,

Earth under me, steadying strong, patient and grounding

Air above me, pushing past, darting and knowing”

Now imagine the energies of all four elements to be in between your hands. If you’re god an energy manipulation, you can pull energy from the elements around you.

Take a deep breath once again. Condense the energy and move your hands closer together. Press your hands and energy into your chest. Say,

“Become with me

Grant me your courage and strength

To get me through this day.”

Now breathe out and go about your day.


  • Doing this in front of a mirror sometimes helps.
  • Doing this in front of an altar can be helpful but it isn’t required. There’s usually enough elements in the area that you don’t need to.
  • Bathrooms are great places to cast this spell. There’s water and fire (lights or electricity or even candles) on hand. Kitchens are also good places.
  • You can adapt the spell to your elemental system

Happy casting!