Item Summoning (Spell Saturday #11) (tumblr repost)

This is a general summoning spell I wrote about, oh, fifteen years ago. I wrote it down on notebook paper at school, used it a few times, then forgot about it when transferring spells over to my then-new grimoire. Due to this ask, I searched about and found it again. It's a great little spell that … Continue reading Item Summoning (Spell Saturday #11) (tumblr repost)

Ouija Boards 101 or “Are Ouija Boards Dangerous?”

Every couple of months I get this question "are Ouija boards dangerous?". The answer, in short, is no. Not any more than any other tool at least. Then I get a whole slue of questions on how to use a Ouija board safely or properly. If you've ever asked those questions yourself, this is the … Continue reading Ouija Boards 101 or “Are Ouija Boards Dangerous?”

How to Make Your Home More Inviting For Spirits

A lot of people work hard to make their home nice, safe, and spirit-free. Others prefer a little incorporeal company. Spirit shenanigans aren't uncommon in my household. Just earlier today I watched an indoor wind chime twist around, jangle loudly, and physical move for half a minute. the wind chime closer to the window and … Continue reading How to Make Your Home More Inviting For Spirits

Let’s talk servitors

I have a wide variety of spirits and beings that attend to me. I don't work with them or for them. They work for me. Some run messages and collect gossip, others protect various things, a few have specific roles, and others still run business for me on the Other Side while I'm away. I … Continue reading Let’s talk servitors