Workshop at Rhode Island Pagan Pride Day!

It’s official. I’ll be doing a workshop called Witchcraft Without Gods: Secular Witchcraft at Rhode Island Pagan Pride Day (RIPPD) this year on August 10th at 3pm at 1 Sportsman Drive/ 1 Mohawk Drive, East Providence, Rhode Island. RIPPD starts at 10am and runs till about 5pm. However, the party can carry on elsewhere, if we are so inclined.

Now to answer some questions some folks have. Answers quoted from coordinator Dayna

1) there is no entrance fee for PPD. We do collect non-perishable food for the RI Food Bank, so if those attending would like to bring a canned good it would be greatly appreciated. There is no fee for attending workshops.

2) Those attending are free to come and go as they please. Our location has a field for vendors and the workshops and an indoor space for those vending items that might be damaged if there is inclement weather.

3) We are happy to have Noble Knots selling food all day at the event and will be creating a dining area with picnic table and chairs outside. People are welcome to bring their own food and drinks. We do ask for no alcohol simply for insurance purposes.

4) Because of the indoor space, we do not have a rain date. In the past we’ve had PPD during a tropical storm and had fun!

5) There is space for people to get together and chat 🙂

6) Pets are welcome outdoors, but not in the main building. The main building does have bathrooms 🙂

Now for me to ramble on a bit.

Pagan Pride Day (PPD) is part of Pagan Pride Project which is a network of these sorts of events. You can find your own nearby event by going to the “where we are’ section of the above link. This is not the only PPD I will be attending this year. I will most likely attend at least one of the Massachusetts ones as well.

Some followers have expressed interest in coming from far away. If you do intend to come and need a ride and/or place to crash, contact me privately.

Transportation: I’ll likely make a stop at Kennedy Plaza in the morning before PPD to pick up anyone who needs a lift to the event. Alternatively, you can take RIPTA bus 60 which will drop you off in front of the side street the event’s being held on. If you’re coming in by train/plane, this can also be arranged. PPD isn’t far from Providence, about fifteen minutes away, so taxis and the like are available. I do recommend carpooling if possible. I’ll double check the location later this month but from what I recall it’s a narrow street and the building doesn’t have too much parking (I really don’t recommend parking on the Wampanoag Trail/Route 114. It’s a heavily traveled. If you intend to carpool and you need a place to leave your cars. My house is also available. I live on a corner so there’s plenty of places to leave your car, especially with the cul-de-sac nearby.

If you’re looking for crash space, my house is open to you. I only ask that you let me know ahead of time. Bringing your own food and booze is perfectly acceptable and I recommend some pocket money in case we all dine out. Remember, I have three cats so you must be able to handle being around them. Similarly, let me know of any allergies you have that I should know about (in case I make food or grow something I can warn you of). The spare bedroom is tentatively claimed, but I have two couches, two chairs, and a lot of floor available. If you’re looking to come a day or so early before the event or stay after, that’s cool too. There’s always a lot of fun things to do in the area. Parks within walking distance, beaches to visit, and if we feel really adventurous, we could travel up to Newport and hit the beaches there. Or whatever.

About the location: I haven’t been in there before but the link has photos. Bring bug repellent. There’s marshland and wetlands all along the Wampanoag Trail/114 which is the road you’ll be traveling. It’s a two-lane, heavily traveled road with a median separating both sides. There are about five turn offs. When traveling, don’t worry about feeling like you went too far. Unless you hit the big white church across from a school and the water. Then you went too far. As noted above, we can’t even decide what road it’s on. 1 Mohawk Drive and 1 Sportsman Lane are the same street. The location itself is called the Sportsman Club and there’s a relatively small white hanging sign indicating as much. It’s the street directly after the apartment complex entrance on the right. If you see the radio towers you’ve gone too far. This is directly next to Seekonk, Mass. (historically, this area has been traded back and forth between RI and MA up until the early 1800s) so don’t panic if you see signs for entering MA. I do 90% of my shopping in MA because of it’s locale.

If you are coming then let me know. We can trade phone numbers/emails to coordinate. Ginandjack will also be in attendance for sure. Don’t be afraid to show up even if you aren’t pagan. It’ll still be a lot of fun. I really hope to see some of you there!

Ahhh I’m really excited!

Plan on coming and want to connect? Need a place to crash/a ride? Contact me!