Simple Water Glass Cleansing for the Witch on the Run

So tonight I was upset by something. It was one of those things that annoyed me and I felt somewhat slighted but at the same time I knew it was petty to feel that way. And knowing that made me more annoyed.

Normally when I’m annoyed I allow myself to feel that way. I’ll watch TV, read a book, embroider, play a video game, hug a cat… you get the idea. I’ll do something else for a while. But I didn’t have time for that tonight.

I was asked by my mother to do a full day’s worth of cleaning for her as she wouldn’t have time before her guests arrived the next day. But I had my own things to do. I had several tarot readings and my own to do list and it was already past seven at night. (And, really, I wanted to play with the gorgeous new azurite pendulum Shelby Melissa over at HallowedMoon custom-made for me.) I simply hadn’t the time to allow myself to be annoyed.

So I moved right into my readings as they would be quick and I’d feel better helping my mother if I did something for myself first. (I’m selfish like that.) Shuffled and ended up pulling cards for myself. Honestly, I wasn’t even surprised. They told me what I expected (and needed) to hear but it also served as a warning: I needed to get over my annoyances so I can focus on the readings.

I didn’t have time for a full cleansing with incense and my typical body cleansing involves hopping in the shower – but I saw no point at all in showering before I cleaned the house. Then my glance fell to my water glass.

Cracked but still good!

Cracked but still good!

Let me explain. I don’t cleanse often, but when I do it involves at least one of the following components: incense, water, salt, movement. I’ll typically add things in there as well but it will have a base of one if not more of those elements. I had a cracked drinking glass with filtered water.

So I lifted my glass and poured my desire to be cleansed of my annoyance. Then I started drinking, closing my eyes and letting myself feel the fan on my face and pretending it was the window. Let the heat of the room cloak me and let the coolness of the water battle that and won. I took a moment to really just enjoy drinking a glass of water.

I felt immediately better afterwards and was able to do my readings with ease.

Now why does drinking a glass of water work as a cleanser? Well, think about it. Water is all about emotions – it can be placid and calm on the surface but be turmoil underneath. Emotions, like the beasts that dwell in the ocean, and consume and mesh into a monster. Emotions can run deep, be fast or slow, and overwhelm or soothe, like the water. It can heal and kill at the same time. We came from it, if you follow evolution, and we’re made of it. How could it not be cleansing? Taking a moment to reflect that can be a simple but effective way to cleanse yourself when you’re too busy to do more elaborate set up.

4 thoughts on “Simple Water Glass Cleansing for the Witch on the Run

  1. Allec says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I think I’m going to adapt this for my anxiety. Whenever I feel anxious while out, I’ll drink from a water bottle to cleanse that irrational worrying. Hm. I’ll try this tonight.

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